I remember my mom calling up Carpenter to renew the 15-year-old sofa kept in the living room of my house. We wanted a sofa that matched with the impressive layout of my house. We told Carpenter to make a modern sofa with a very unique design. The carpenter almost took 45 days and completed the work in an almost huge amount of money. Yet in the end, my mom wasn’t satisfied with the quality of work done. The carpenter made a traditional sofa, not a modern one. In fact, in between, she also told him to fix the long kitchen cabinet and make a walk-in pantry. He refused to say that he had no idea of how a walk-in pantry is designed. we couldn’t order him to do more because of the insecurity that he would leave the work unfinished.

 Apart from this my neighbour also hired an interior designer in Bangalore for the same work and got amazing designs at a cost higher than the carpenter, with flawless work. Not only this she also ordered the interior designer  in Bangalore to renovate her whole house because he was excellent with his job. He finished the soft in just 5-7 days with no insecurity at her end.

Have you ever wondered why people prefer hiring an interior designer in Bangalore rather than a carpenter? Well, most of the times a carpenter and interior designers are being termed as similar. Let’s get deep into it, carpenters or persons specially confined for woodwork including the creation of Almeida, drawers, wooden cabinets, housing frames, chairs etc. Interior designers are specialists who help in planning and designing of your residential or commercial house. They bring in functionality and aesthetics along with minimum space utilization. Both of them are additions but have a different skill set. We can say that interior designer in Bangalore may hire a carpenter for some of the construction work, but we would not appoint a carpenter to redesign and plan the residence.

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A carpenter reads blueprints, sketches and drawings for further construction purpose. He takes measurements according to the calculations, to figure out the material required.  Contributes to cutting, shaping, smooth lumbering Furniture according to measurements.Carpenter cuts, fabricated and installs all the wooden structure. He remains the only person who has a good knowledge of wood properties and strong carpentry skills. Has a responsibility to build doors, window frames, staircase, and furniture using the long-lasting raw material. Whereas an interior designer works on how space is to be utilized in the house. He inspects and services different buildings and maps. Interior designer is the person who appoints, negotiates and supervises other specialists including Carpenter. 

Interior designer must be creative and imaginative so that he can showcase his skills. He must have an eye to present a clear picture of his thinking to his clients. Interior designer in Bangalore have good drawing skills along with IT skills. You must have a degree in 3-D design, fashion designing, textile design, graphic design, fine arts or architecture. It must not be a problem, to design homes offices, shops, restaurants, historic buildings, public places, vehicles etc. He is the person who selects schedules for the projects, play with colours and designs. Most of the interior designers in Bangalore use CAD efficiently. They have a perfect knowledge of colours, designs, patterns and material.

Moreover, many people prefer Carpenter in Bangalore over an interior designer in Bangalore just because of an interior designer cost loads. There is a need to view things from a broader perspective; a carpenter has limited skills with limited ability to do a particular work. On the other hand, an interior designer is skilled, qualified and has a good set of responsibilities. Even if you pay more for an interior designer, it will be worth it because all you need to do is just place your set of ideas in front of him what you require in the house.

Apart from this if you hire a carpenter, you are the person who chooses all the colours, take care of the furniture, and keeps a check on the work. All of this increases the stress level and decreases the time for other works.  An interior designer has qualified certificates, testimonies of past clients with a huge vote base whereas a carpenter just has carpentry skills with specifications. This doesn’t mean that you’re not supposed to appoint a carpenter at any point of time in your life. A carpenter can be appointed at times where there are repair works, construction of chit bits in your house.

Interior designer knows about the taste and choice of the clients, you can read their minds to draw a map full of imaginations. On the other hand, a carpenter is more empathetic on the traditional arena of work with Limited designs and ideas.

Interior designer Carpenter
·      Space planning ·      No space planning.
·      Theme base concepts ·      Sometimes, carpenters may follow a particular theme. Most of the time they work without themes.
·      Detailed layouts & follow industrial trends ·      There is no detailed layout not they follow industrial trends
·      The ambience is an essential feature of the designer to plan and model the house ·      They don’t need to consider ambience while furnishing
·      They are experts ·      They are self taught
·      Strong commitment to finish work in a prescribed time ·      No Commitment, there is no security that the carpenter will complete his work.
·      Interior designers are afforbale and industry experts ·      He is affordable

Benefits of hiring an interior designer

There are dozens of benefits. Starting with the first one, that it saves money. Appointing different individuals/specialists for a different set of work, you can appoint an interior designer in Bangalore . He has a good skill along with proper budget management and systematic planning. An interior designer can easily collaborate with other workers and provide you with the best quality service. They are reliable and highly experienced. This will save you time and energy. You can have trust in interior designers, rather than claiming them to be expensive.

In contrast, a carpenter is a person with unique skills in working with woods. Similarly, a contractor is someone good at managing people who build. In short, a carpenter is constructing, and running a contractor. A carpenter can be appointed especially when designing a small area or a small room only. But when it comes to dealing with large projects, renovating the whole house then one feels the necessity of an interior designer. Now that we have explored the benefits and the setbacks of either. If you intent to pursue professional guidance in  building your home up and running in terms of the interior designers in Bangalore and their work.

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