Home Renovation South Bangalore, colors are an essential part of interior designing. Whether we talk about the paint or the colour of the furniture, following the latest trends set your home apart. While vibrant reds, statement black and modern metallic’s rocked the previous year, interior decorators are coming up with some mind-blowing shades this year. The year is going to be full of life, and we can easily see that in the colours we are going to see the most. With the release of new paint shades of the year from renown brands, we are more sure about the fact that natural and lively colours will be back to the limelight this year. If you are also trying to figure out the best and the latest trends of the year, the below article is something worth reading.

Home Renovation South Bangalore

The latest colour trends in interior designing are here:


The pinkish and orange sides of coral are something you will be going to use to energise the room this year. The colour is optimistic and lively which makes it a perfect fit for kids room. You can go for stripes or lines of its shades to add style to your walls.

Woody Woodlands

Nature has always been the best inspiration for everything, and interior designing is no exception. The mushroom greys and fern-inspired shades have taken over the trend this year. We are shifting to woodlands, and that’s why these shades are inspiring us.

Home Renovation South Bangalore

Saturated Shades

The deeply saturated hues are a smart choice if you want something to turn your bad mood. If not for paint, you can spread the colour over your cabinetry and built-ins. The colours are going to rock like a rainbows does in the sky when you offer abundant light in the space.

Hunter and Forest Green

Green has always been an interior designing colour. We have entertained all its shades enough. Two incredibly refreshing shades of green are hunter green and forest green. While both are soothing eye colours, the later has an extra benefit of adding life to your room. The colours are dark, glossy, and influencing.

Home Renovation South Bangalore

Pale Pink and Dusty Blush

Believe it or not, the generation is obsessed with these shades. Pale pink has a natural effect, and the best thing is it goes well with plenty of colours. Other awesome shade in our pink pallet us dusty blush that makes your walls blush with beauty. The colour is relaxing and has a spiritual influence.

Digital Inspirations

The home interior designers in Bangalore believe that high-intensity colours compliment the artificial lighting in the best way. This strangely familiar combo is going to be highlighted more and more this year.

Home Renovation South Bangalore

Arise Optimism with Yellow

Have you seen the furniture in yellow and orange colours? Actually, this inspiration comes straight from the furniture store where we found optimistic colours covering the cosy couches. The colour yellow in the bold shade makes a perfect combo with colours like aquas, beige, pink, etc.

Misty Blue

The dark blue shade ruled the market for years, and it’s time for some change. The blue covered with mist and haze has an aesthetically pleasing look and feel. The luxury interior designers in Bangalore say that the little greyish touch to this colour makes it so moody and vibrant.

Home Renovation South Bangalore

Off Creamy and Rusty Cream

Cream shades rarely reach the walls because the off-white and white hues give a prettier look. But, this year, these two shades are going to beautify your walls. Off creamy is a minimalistic colour that has a clutter-free feel. A bit darker and most beautiful shade of this year is creamy rust or soft terracotta.

Electric Citrus

Lime green, citrus orange, and bright yellow have the tendency to reflect enthusiasm. These electric colours flow the current of energy to your home and leave a powerful impact on your minds. The colours show attitude, energy, and enthusiasm.

Home Renovation South Bangalore

Almost White

All white was never out of trend and will never be. But, we are proudly switching to almost white from pure white because it the warmth it adds in comparison to the coldness of sheer white shade. The colour goes with various shades, stylish lighting, and can adopt different types of furniture with confidence. This minimalistic yet dynamic shade is just wow.

Aqua Shades

Aqua is known to induce power, and the beauty of this colour induces happiness. We love the boldness of this colour and its tendency to change its impact when paired with different shades of pinks and pastels. A bookshelf in this colour will induce interest and power, a front door will give an energised welcoming, and as an accent wall will be fun and amazing. See it turning up the heads of your visitors in 2019.

Home Renovation South Bangalore

Muted Purple

Violet is such a beautiful shade that we couldn’t come out of its charm till now. But, this year we will be trying our hands on another gorgeous shade of purple that is muted purple. Though, the year will start with purple and its grave will be continued till the mid of the year. Half the year, we will enjoy ultraviolet, and purple and another half will be ruled by muted purple. The colour is rich in energy and its the versatility at its extreme.

Home Renovation South Bangalore

Reds with a Berry Twist

Red with a better twist will give your living room the bar like feel in no time. Berry reds deeply influence the space with its energy. The beautiful colour is comforting, and its cosiness makes your mind feel free and thoughtful. This red is not arrogant like blood red, but there you find calmness. The colour comforts your body and soul.

Gray: The Colour of the Year

We are seeing grey everywhere with the start of the year. We have seen it in dresses, home decor, and many more things. The apartment and villa interior designers in Bangalore believe that grey undertone reflects your smart choices. Even purple and brown with grey undertones have the mind of living impact about you.