Home Renovation in Bangalore — Guests bring new words of happiness to our home. Our kids get new friends to play and share their stuff with. Even the adults get a company to spend some good time.

Home Renovation in Bangalore

Guests give us a reason to cook something special, plan an outing, and create some good memories. They disturb our busy schedules for better and give us a chance to break the monotonous routine into parts of joy. 

Our designers observed that most of the people change their guest room with Home Renovation in Bangalore. The reason is, they want to focus more on making the space comfortable for their lovely visitors. Making your guests feel welcome is a vital task. While the smallest step from your side makes them happy, a little thing gone can also be disappointing for them. 

Have some guests who want to join you soon? Don’t worry! Welcoming your guests isn’t a mathematical equation. Don’t know what to do? We have sorted things with the tips below. 

Prepare Their Room

Room is the first thing to start with. Nothing feels more welcoming than a comfy bed. Soft mattresses covered with linen bed sheets will give an elegant look to the room. The bed will feel so comfortable that your guests will have the best feel. Keep the place clean and arranged. Make sure there are none of your personal belongings in the room.

The guest room needs to have a bed, a table with chairs, and a dressing, or at least a mirror to style. Also, spread rugs in the room for a warm and comfortable feel under feet. 

Black Blinds

Guests are often tired and need good sleep to wake up fresh. While preparing their room, you must have encountered the need for window curtains as well. Curtains are not only required for privacy purposes, but they also work as a part of your decor. 

Though it’s advised that curtains must match the decor, going black is a great way to add comfort as well as luxury. The best interior decorators in KR Puram suggest opting for darker shades like black to block all light. Even if your guests arrive in the daytime, they can have a night like sleep with dark curtains. 

Stock Up And Prepare 

Your guest room must have everything your guests might need. Make a list of things your guests will require once they step in the room. Keep a towel so that they can freshen up. Place an empty basket to fill dirty clothes. Add some beautiful scenes and keep the shower ready. 

Also, stock up every bathroom accessory. Keep extra bed sheets on the bed so that they can cover themselves if required. Also, turn the AC on when they are about to arrive if it’s hot there. 

A Coffee Table 

A coffee table is an important part of a guest room. No matter how close your kitchen is to the room, it’s better to help them prepare their tea in the room itself. Add all the tea essentials on the table along with a kettle. Also, don’t forget to add some snacks so that they can have some whenever they feel like. 


As per the Top Interior Designer Reviews in Bangalore alarm is a crucial part of every guest room. Even though you want your guests to have a good sleep, letting them wake on time also adds as good hospitality. Add a clock that doesn’t tickle too loud to disturb their sleep and let them sleep without worrying about getting up late. 

Make Them Feel At Home 

Your guests could have stayed in the hotel, but when they chose your home, it’s your duty to make them feel at home. Don’t make your home feel like a museum to them by running behind them putting cushions in place. If you have something in your home that could be broken by kids, keep it on higher shelves before they arrive. Let them live freely and indulge them in your regular activities once their travelling tiredness goes away. 

Plan An Evening 

Make them feel special by planning an evening to greet them. You can schedule an outing or prepare something at home. If you don’t want to go out, create a home theatre and create a movie moment. Or you can play some indoor games to have fun at home. Ask your guests and prepare something they love. You can order food from outside if there is no one to accompany them while you are preparing food

Give Them Some Space 

The guests are living in your home, and you want to make them feel at home. But, if you try to be too close to them, you might be disturbing their personal space. Give them some space and let them do some things on their own. Don’t sneak into their room again and again instead arrange everything beforehand and ask them to ping you when they need something. 

Know Their Favorites 

If they are close to you, knowing favorites isn’t a big deal. But if they are not, try to understand what they like in snacks and meals. Knowing their preferences will help you greet them better. Also, make sure you know about their allergies from certain foods so that they can actually feel at home. The Interior Decorators in Yelahanka suggest asking them directly about these details so that you don’t miss out on anything. 

Do Something For Kids

If the guests are coming with kids, make sure you have arranged something for the little champs as well. If you have kids at home, ask them to share their toys with them. If not, being in some video games and toys to keep the children busy. Also, cook something favorite of kids, and you will be the best host ever. 

We all welcome our guests in the best possible way, but things don’t go planned always. These tips will help you in keeping check of everything important. So, follow the tips and be the winner of the best host award! 

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