Our expert interiors designers for Home renovation Bangalore provides a guide with the point that needs to given importance when you get your wardrobe design.

Home renovation Bangalore

We can’t deny the fact that most of us cant imagine our house without a wardrobe at-least in the bedroom. Small or big wardrobe has its place in every house, for making our living place looks clean and organizing. Despite of the fact that everything is not always organise behind the doors. Having a wardrobe will at-least make our room look organized and mess free. Not just for organizing wardrobe holds a very important place in interior designing. With perfect plan and detailing it adds lot of glam to the room. Many customers prefer having wardrobe customize and built for their lovely home in stead of buying ready made wardrobes. This would provide them flexibility of designing wardrobe according to their needs and preferences.


One of the most important to consider when designing the wardrobe is space, the space available and space needs according to your requirements. Height, Width, Depth each measurement decides on basis of available space and requirements.

Our Home renovation Bangalore designers suggests first customer should plan for what all they will need to store in wardrobe. Because, on the basis these factors the height of each compartment, we decides the depth of shelf. The model of wardrobe, the types of doors also needs to be decided considering the space. It is important to measure how much space the doors would occupy when open. So, before we decide anything else about the wardrobe, the first thing to consider is space.


There is an extensive range of materials available that can be used for a wardrobe, Again a lot of things needs to be considered when deciding the material for wardrobe. Our best interiors designers for Home renovation Bangalore suggest not to select the materials just by looks but taking many things in consideration. Like the durability if the material, the cost and even the size of the wardrobe , what you store in it needs to be considered to decide the material. So, it is always advises to discuss these things with the interior designer before you select the material.


Accessories adds great style and functionality to wardrobes, right from the door handles to hangers used inside the wardrobe these accessories makes a huge difference in looks as well as usability of the wardrobe. Again, based on what you want to store in the wardrobe, these accessories customizes. Shoe storage racks, belt racks, pant racks, pull out access and a many more you can add many accessories and enhance the functionality of your wardrobe. When you opt for interior designing manufactures like Magnonindia, you would have the advantage of customizing your interiors. Right from the design, material to accessories everything can customize.

The aesthetics:

Once you finalize on above things like material and size, now its time to make your wardrobe look aesthetic, alluring. Our primary suggestion would be selecting design and color that would go well with whole interior design theme of room. In fact wardrobe which occupies considerable amount of space in room would make huge difference in over all look of room. So, select the designs door handles, material that would compliment the other items in the room. For example, a small bedroom can be made to look spacious by the wardrobe with mirrors and the small detailing and the design on them would even make the wardrobe act as a focal point of the room.

Everything Inside:

Of course the outer looks matter, but how the wardrobe is designed inside matters more since the primary purpose is to store, organize things easily. Just throwing the things inside your wardrobe and closing the doors would help you keep the room clean, but, it would not help you to effectively use the wardrobe space and can let you experience a treasure hunt game when you search form something every time. So you should decide on how your wardrobe sections should be partitioned, the type of drawers you need, the extensions you want. The more you plan before deciding the inside design of the wardrobe, the more usability and flexibility you can achieve when using the wardrobe So, our expert best interiors designers for Home renovation Bangalore at Magnonindia suggest to emphasize more on the inner functionality of the wardrobe.


There is many types of wardrobes available based different aspects. Mostly considering the types of doors used or size or shape of the wardrobe. A wardrobe can be the combination of these types when you gets customize. For example sliding door wardrobe, dream walk in wardrobe, hinge door wardrobe, L shaped wardrobe and many more. Again, the type you need decides on the above factors like space, functionality, storage requirements, and maintenance requirements and most importantly the budget.

Home renovation Bangalore

So, as we agreed earlier it’s an undeniable fact that wardrobe plays significant role when interior designing your home. And also, it can make or break the entire look of your dream room. Paying attention to small details like above would add great value to the resources you spend to build your home and make your home and interiors sparkle with elegance for years. Investing in quality interiors would also save you money in long run. If you are looking for best interior designer architects in Bangalore to design your home or apartment interiors affordable costs. Then, contact our design experts at Magnon India.

Home renovation Bangalore

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