The home interior designers Yelahanka say that nautical style designs help you feel like you are sitting near a beach every day. Nautical style interior designing creates a soothing and relaxing atmosphere in the home. The beauty of oceans, the music of waves and the smell of wet sand and water make the house a better place to live. The overall look of the home is completed with simple furniture beach inspired tiles. The decor is nautical, the theme is nautical, colors are nautical, and this particular design trend inspires even the furniture and flooring while you are designing your home. Here are some of the ways you can create nautical style interior designing and other things about this trend.

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The Nautical Colors

While designing the home as per the nautical styles, the colors must also be related to the ocean and the sandy shore. All shades of blue from the pale aqua to dark blue will go great with your theme. Moreover, you can use white color to highlight the designs and the shades you have used. Different shades of white like subtle and brilliant white can be used with varying shades of blue.

Nautical Furniture

Furniture has a vital role in interior designing because no home is complete without furniture. The home interior designers in Bangalore suggest buying timber furniture for your nautical inspired home. The sitting in your home, shelves, and tables can be painted blue, brown, being, can also be whitewashed for that special appearance.

home interior designers in Yelahanka

Focus for Nautical Style Interior Designing

Every room looks good only when it is designed around a focus. This theme also demands a focus to evolve around it in the whole place. We have so many types of decor elements in nautical designing, and that’s why it’s not a big deal to choose a focus. The real job starts after selecting the focus because you can’t stuff everything you have when you have made the focus on one element. If the room decoration is focussed on a fish-inspired frame, the whole room must follow. If you tend to use other decor items, the room will appear crowdy. The most used thing for the focal point is a telescope, steering wheel, and a ship’s anchor.

Use of Map

Sailing maps and vintage charts give an elegant look to your home when used smartly. Visit nearby thrift store and buy some to get them framed. You can’t directly paste them on the walls plus getting them painted on walls is also a tedious job that may or may not look good. So, it is better to fit them into beautiful frames, and they will enhance the beauty of your beautiful ocean walls.

home interior designers in Yelahanka

Sea Creatures as Decor

Sea creatures are all linked to nautical interior designing, and nothing can make your home as nautical as they do. These are the most natural elements to add to your room. Sea creatures like starfish as easy to use in the place. The starfish and other sea residents look great both on walls and shelves. You can also get them printed on your bedsheets for a more natural and inspiring room. The interior decorators say that this type of decor can be used both in bedrooms and bathrooms. In bathrooms, these elements help you create a seaside look.

Nautical Stripes

Stripes are in trend for everything, and when we talk about nautical style designing, these beautiful lines were never out of the trend. The most suitable ones are striped blue and white. You can use them on curtains, rugs, or in furniture accessories. Striped textiles are natural to find and easiest to use, so don’t waste time to try your hands on them if you are a nautical designing lover.

Shine the Nautical Stars

The nautical stars are a symbol of protection and guidance. As a decorative element, nautical stars can be used in any part of the room. The stars look great when mounted on walls making the whole house shine.

Bringing the Nautical Feel with the Decor

The luxury interior designers in Bangalore suggest you have a nautical focus. The curtains and rugs can be made striped with white and blue. The sea creatures, maps, and nautical stars can be put on to be used as decor elements. Moreover, sea chests, sea stones, old ropes, model ships, and rowboat oars can also be used in the decor.

Something for Each Corner of the Home

Every part of a house can be designed on the nautical theme. Though you can’t use anything in any room, something is there to fit each corner. Here are some ways to decorate all the rooms in your home.


The blue and white ocean inspired walls of the bedrooms feel airy and fresh. The bed can be covered with sea creatures printed or striped bed sheet. The blue blanket on the couch will surely make the whole room appear so beautiful. Whether it’s a nursery or a child’s room, the themes are endless for little champs. Similarly, for adults, something suitable could be found easily.

home interior designers in Yelahanka


Nautical styles to kitchen seem something weird to hear but are extremely easy to implement. The nautical colors on walls, textiles, and floors can immediately achieve the desired look in the space. Whenever I see a blue and white painted kitchen, I feel relaxed. The colors are so relaxing and keep your kitchen feeling fresh.

Living Room

With sufficiently less furniture and a marine blue carpet, your living spaces will rock the nautical designs in no time. Add accessories like ship models, nautical stars, starfish-shaped watches, and others to the living room to complete the look.


Paint the walls of the bathroom like an ocean with tides, and you will see the most amazing walls. White, blue, and sea green tiles make space appear so bright and beautiful. An ocean life board can also be displayed in the bathroom with sea creatures being placed in the showcase.