A Smart Guide to Interior Designing Your Home with Linen

The soft and smooth fiber, linen is our first choice while buying clothes. It stays cool in summers and keeps us warm in winter, and that’s a complete win-win. Linen is known for its antibacterial properties that mark it as the best fabric. Linen, as the Home Interior designers Jayanagar mention, have been used as an interior decor textile since Egyptian times, and that makes it quite a popular choice. Linen is traditional, elegant, and has the exotic touch and modernity that many age old things lack.

Home Interior designers Jayanagar

The fiber comes with several benefits, and the most important one is its durability. While it’s impressive in appearance, the strength stands it apart from all other materials. Even when wet, it softens and makes it easy for you to clean. Since it’s easy to clean, care, and maintain, it can be effortlessly styled for most of your decor choices. The last but not the least thing is it’s completely natural, and it not only saves you from a lot of allergies and bacterial infections but also makes you environment-friendly.

Home Interior designers Jayanagar

Everyone loves linen for its benefits, its charming look, and softness, and everyone wants to flaunt it in their homes. But, not everyone knows the best ways to rock the fiber. If you are also looking for some smart tips to add linen to your decor, the below article surely belongs to you.

Start With Bedding

A cozy bed is all that lazy people want. No doubt, your bed sheet must be soft and above all hygienic so that you can rest assured of allergies and other infections. Linen, as mentioned above, has amazing antibacterial properties, and that’s why it is best to use as bedding.

Linen bedding is not only soft and natural, but as much as you wash them, they get softer and shinier. You might feel that the wrinkles look bad, but that’s the real charm of linen that looks really gorgeous, especially when you have designed a quite messy kind of bed.

Home Interior designers Jayanagar

It is advised to refrain from drying linen excessively as it shrinks less when tumble dried. The bedsheets if handled carefully can stay well for a good time. Moreover, just like your high-quality mattresses, linen bed sheets serve dual purposes by staying warm in winter and cool in summer. You don’t even have to change the side of the bed sheets because its natural effect that works.

Your Upholstery

The best thing about this excellent fabric is that neither it stretches nor pills. The material is an excellent addition as upholstery because it resists dirt and stains, and that makes it needs less laundry job. Linen also resists wear from abrasion, and that’s why you should always invest in linen textiles for your sofas and pillow covers. Linen is way stronger than cotton plus stays shinier even after multiple washes while cotton tends to fade. It is used in upholstery because of the antistatic properties it holds.

Home Interior designers Jayanagar

The Home Interior designers Jayanagar suggest linen more because there are no harsh chemicals to fight static friction. Don’t worry about the wrinkles, either let them slay the way they are or iron the fabric when it’s still a little wet. However, you should not give massive what treatments to linen because it can break the strands and make the material stretchy and worn out.

Treat Your Windows with Linen

The aristocratic elegance and the flowy texture, linen is the best choice to be used as draperies. As curtains, linen will stay as good as new for years; the only need is proper care. It can be both dry cleaned and water at home as per your convenience and the instructions issued by the seller. The natural luster of linen shines more in the naturally available colors that are ecru, ivory, gray, and tan. If you want pure white color for curtains, the heavily bleached fabric will serve the need. The best thing: it allows air flow through it without compromising privacy. And that’s what makes it the best choice for bedrooms.

Headboards and Linen

It might sound surprising, but linen headboards look as good as linen upholstery. The softness adds more comfort when you are sitting. The Home Interior designers Jayanagar use linen in headboards to create a simple and clean look. Why linen serves this purpose is because the charm of linen is sufficient to add elegance without going overboard on designing. The clean and appealing look compliments minimalism and everyone irrespective of their genders fall in love with the beauty.

Even Wallpapers Can Be Of Linen

Now, this is surely going to surprise you but the Home Interior designers Jayanagar have actually surprises people with such out of the box ideas. When you are following a linen theme, the fabric can add texture when used in wallpapers. Still, in doubt, give it a try.

The Placemats

The stylish and the delicate, linen is best as table placemats. Not only the fabrics conserve the finish of your table, but also bring a lot of attention to your design style. Believe us; these placemats are surely going to steal the attention from everything else.

Flaunt the Natural Look of Linen in Tablecloths

The natural wrinkled look of linen has never got its real worth until it uses as a tablecloth. Formal tables accepts them long ago, and they did a really great job. The comfortable and organic look can serve as a casual touch. The relaxed style will add a sense of peace and happiness. The soft beauty will feel good, and you will surely enjoy the wonder it does.

The 18th-century Napkins

Linen use as napkin because its lint free. The fabric becomes softer with every wash, and that’s what makes it a wonderful option. Linen napkins came into existence in the 18th century, but these were used a bit differently at that time. The napkins were not launder at that time and instead stored. A napkin ring used to hold all the napkins where they served the purpose of the identity of the user.