Professional Interior home designers , Home Interior Designers in Kamanahalli  know how to display your house’s strengths, hide its shortcomings, and make it appealing to visitors. We are giving you some tips for freshening up your home’s interior for free.

Home Interior Designers in Kamanahalli.

1.   The Front Door

If you want your house to make a great first impression, paint the front door a fun, glossy hue. Red is a lucky colour in many cultures. A red door meant “welcome” to weary travellers in early America, and on places of worship, it represents divine. Two other hues gaining favour: orange and yellow. Both colours represent joy and warmth. Screen Door is outdated so it must go. Get rid of it or replace it with a storm door with full-length glass that can be switched out for a screened panel. Magnon is known for Home Interior Designers in Kamanahalli.


On the first floor, especially in the foyer and living room, it is advisable to stick to colours like beige or grey, where the flow is important. You might want to minimize transitions that are jarring. Neutral walls give you the greatest decorating flexibility. It allows you to easily change your accessories. And if you have two small rooms that are next to each other, painting them the same neutral colour makes them feel larger. Move the paint strip up or down a shade or two for a subtle variation from room to room.

Home Interior Designers in Kamanahalli


We all like lobbies of 5+ star hotels. Imagine a nice hotel lobby: The furniture is arranged in groupings that invite conversation. When arranging the furniture in your living room, go for a similar sense of balance and familiarity. Your sofas and chairs should talk to each other. To put it in simple words. conversation area that has a U-shape, with a sofa and two chairs facing each other at each end of the coffee table, or an H-shape, with a sofa directly across from two chairs and a coffee table in the middle, is ideal and will look fabulous. One common mistake you should avoid: Pushing all the furniture against the walls. People do that because they think it will make their room look bigger, but in reality, keeping the furniture away from the walls makes the room feel larger.


When it comes to heavy, outdated drapes of curtains, a naked window is better than an ugly one. Ideally, window dressings should be functional and elegant: Think sheers paired with full-length panels. If your room gets a lot of suns, you should opt for light colour drapes that won’t fade. The most recommended lightweight fabrics for panels are cotton, linen and silk blends because they tend to hang well. Sunlight has Feng Shui effects on your home. For small bedrooms use balloon shades for windows, they are less expensive


Mirrors can make space feel brighter and spacious because they bounce the light around the room. If you place one in the wrong spot, it can be almost as bad as not having one at all. Put mirrors on walls perpendicular to windows, not directly across from them. Hanging a mirror directly opposite a window can actually bounce the light right back out the window. If you want to brighten up your room, then hang it opposite the windows. You are unique and so is your home. Your mirror should reflect that. Magnon helps design the best mirrors in the room and are famous as Home interior decors in Bangalore,Luxury interior designer in Bangalore.


There are few things more ridiculous-looking than hanging puny art too high on the wall. The middle of a picture should be hung at eye level. If one person is short and the other tall, average their heights. Also, take a measurement of artwork into account; for a large wall, go big with one oversize piece or group smaller pieces gallery-style. For the small wall, don’t space the pictures too far apart; a couple of inches between them usually looks the best. If you don’t have an artwork you can hang up a scarf, frame a fabric or wallpaper sample or wrap a cute fabric around a rectangular or square piece of styrofoam or wood and pin it at the back.

7.Layered lighting

Every room should have three kinds of lighting: ambient, which provides overall illumination and often comes from ceiling fixtures; task, which is often found over a kitchen island or a reading nook; and accent, which is more decorative, highlighting, say, artwork. For a living room, you should have at least 3 watts (42 lumens) per square foot. One visual trick that surely works is using uplights. Place a canister uplight or a torchiere in the corner. It will cast a glow on the ceiling, making your room seem bigger. A three-layered lighting accentuated the beauty of spaces, especially ‘island kitchen’.

Home Interior Designers in Kamanahalli


Follow these basic rules for an area rug: In a living room, mostly all four legs of the sofa and chairs in a furniture grouping should fit on the rug; the rug should ideally define the seating area. At the very least, the front legs of the sofa and chairs should rest on it. Even living rooms with less than generous proportions usually require an 8-by-10-foot or a 9-by-12-foot rug to properly accommodate a seating area. If you too small with the rug size and everything will look out of scale.


The longer you live in a house, the less you see the mess over time. Sometimes you need a fresh pair of eyes. You can hire an organizer for a few hours (expect to pay him the hourly wage, depending on where you live) or call a friend over to tackle bookshelves and closets, which stagers say are often packed with twice the amount of stuff they should hold. It’s better to whittle down what’s on your shelves by 50 per cent. Then mix horizontal stacks of books among the vertical rows and intersperse decorative objects, such as bowls or vases, among them.



If your ceilings are on the low side, paint them white to make the room feel less claustrophobic. Hang curtains higher than the windows, to trick your eye into thinking the room is taller. Most standard curtain panels measure 84 or 96 inches, allowing you to go about 3 inches above the window casing before the length gets too short. If you want to hang them higher, you’ll have to order custom drapes. Love patterned panels? Try vertical stripes; the lines visually elongate your walls. Leaning a large mirror against a wall can also make a room seem taller. Magnon is known for Home Interior Designers in Kamanahalli.