One of the most ignored parts of a home is a hallway. We often don’t spend much time decorating this area. But, we all know that the first impression of our house starts from here only. If you don’t spend time on your hallways, your first impression starts from the living room, but you can stay ahead of the trend by styling your hallways. 

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Lighting is a crucial thing for every part of your home. You need it less or more everywhere. While home offices require ample light, bedrooms feel relaxing in dim and the mood changing the lighting. Just like other corners, your entryway nook also requires sufficient lighting to keep it comfortable to pass through in the darker hours. The Home interior designers in Jayanagar always come up with stunning lighting ideas that not only illuminate the area but also put your decorating taste on show. 

Most of the people are always on the lookout for something edgy but don’t find anything that could do a fair job. To help all those decor lovers, we have collected a few great lighting ideas for hallways. 

Add Glamour 

Lighting is the best thing to add glamour with. It can add that glow and shine, which is hard to achieve with other stuff. If the ceiling is sufficiently high near hallways, the best thing you can do is hang a chandelier. The classy piece is sure to add elegance in the area without requiring too many pieces to illuminate the space completely. 

If you have white interiors, a blush pink chandelier will bring all the starts down in the hallway. Have some glass accessories to complete the overall look. Your visitors will find it so attractive and luxurious. 

A Warm Welcome With Table Lighting 

Those who hire interior decorators for full house interiors in Bangalore always ended up making the best choice for hallways. The decorators suggest you such welcoming ideas for your entryway that you can’t refuse at any cost. 

A table or even a wooden ledge will serve the purpose if space is narrow. Tables lights create soft yet glamorous lighting in the area. You will love the ambient glow and the aesthetic feel that draws when you pair symmetrical views over the shelf. 

Light Up According To Available Space

You can’t design over convenience. The interior decorators suggest considering your space before opting out for any design. Make full use of whatever you have. If the area is too narrow, consider ceiling lighting, putting the high ceiling on use. If the ceiling is also low, wall-mounted, and ceiling-mounted fixtures that are dug inside the wall are best. 

When you have enough space, you can decorate it with some seating. You can add some chairs or anything that could fill the space and prevent it from looking too open. At that time, you can add lamp lighting, chandeliers, and all those big pieces that need ample space. 

The Statement Entrance 

Statement ceilings have been a trend for a long time and are known to transform a space in no time. When you don’t have an idea, but you want your entryway to stand out, look at your ceiling. 

You don’t need to change your paint and designing; you can make a statement choice with task lighting. It’s not only beautiful but also makes sense. You have a lamp hanging near the mirror so that you can have a quick look at your dress and accessories.

Ceiling light above the shoe rack so that you can find your favorite pair of sneakers when you are going out for a morning walk before the sunrise. 

Mix And Match

You have a lot of lighting options and isn’t it a good idea to mix and match everything to create an interesting hallway. You can add a distinctive personality to your space with a different type of lighting for every purpose. 

A pendant lighting for that spread glow in the whole area and warmth added with lamp lights placed on the table or console. 

Find the most beautiful wall lightings from the Home interior designers in Jayanagar if the ceiling height is restricting the use of pendant lighting. 

The mounted fixtures are so elegant and simple that you need at least one in your hallway for that sophisticated look and ambient glow. 

Put Your Architecture On Work

When you spread the brightness, let the architecture involved. You can successfully win the best lighting awards if you play smart with the proportions of the hallway. When you have ample space to add lighting, a big piece is not the only choice. You can also create a cluster of beautiful and colored lights that not only look good but also add drama to space. 

Take the benefit of the color shade and choose your lighting color wisely. Go for multiple shades on white, and lighter nude shades on darker paint. 

Do It With The Walls 

Wall lights will never ditch you. Whether you have a mole space or you are running short on the area to add lighting, the downlighters will always manage to fit in. 

These exquisite wall lamps not it add beauty, but also work well with all types of decor. You can choose from a wide variety of lights depending on your decor type. 

The luxurious looking lamps will go well in a beautiful home with soft decorations, and those vintage kinds of lamps will do justice with modern decor. The luxury interior decorators in Hebbal suggest choosing the lights wisely because they make a significant impact on your decor. 

Contrasting Lights

It’s day time, and you notice that the lighting that does wonders at night time doesn’t seem to be pleasing in the daytime. Why? The answer is you didn’t make a smart choice. 

Choose contrasting lighting according to your decor so that it looks good even when the actual purpose is not on. Golden pendant lighting looks good on blue shades, metallic shades slay best on white background, and grey paint embraces black metallic light like nothing. 

You can find several other ways with the help of your designer accepting to your interiors and decor theme. 



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