Choosing the Right Kitchen Sink for Your Home

The Home interior designers in Jayanagar¬†suggest buying a kitchen sink that is not only multifunctional but fits your kitchen too. You can’t install bigger sinks in a small kitchen because that will cover so much space that there will be no area to chop vegetables. Choosing a sink requires you to go through various steps so that you don’t regret buying a piece. A wrong sink is not only expensive, but reinstallation can also spoil the look of your kitchen, which will be even more costly to recreate.

Home interior designers in Jayanagar

Kitchen is the heart and soul of every home. When a kitchen is well equipped, it makes the cooking process more comfortable. The sink is an integral part of every kitchen because no cooking will be complete without water. You can use filtered water for cooking the food, but can’t use it to drain vegetables. Moreover, washing dishes is comfortable in the kitchen plus you can arrange them along with washing without any headache.

So, if you are also trying to buy a sink, but don’t know how to choose one, the below guide is for you. Here, we have mentioned types of sink and their specifications.

Home interior designers in Jayanagar

According To Size

Though the size of the sink depends more on the shape, we have two types of sinks. According to the space available in your kitchen, you can go for either a smaller sink or larger sink. There are various dimensions in each type. If you have a small space but need two sinks, smaller ones will work better. So, you must check out the available space before proceeding on to buy a sink.

Home interior designers in Jayanagar

According To the Number Of Basins

There are mainly four basin combinations that you can choose from. The dimensions of the sink can be selected as per the available space, but you can’t find smaller dimensions in large sinks.

A large kitchen sink

These sinks are most common in smaller kitchens because a single large sink provides ample space to soak and wash dishes. However, it’s hard to wash vegetables, and you need to do a lot of juggling while rinsing cooking items.

Home interior designers in Jayanagar

Two different size basins (60/40)

The combination of a small and large sink is best because you can store dirty dishes in one and use the smaller one for washing vegetables. The best thing is it saves space with one smaller sink.

Two same size basins (50/50)

If you love symmetry in design, two sinks of the same size will work best for you. Though you need some extra space, the issue could be resolved by buying both basins in smaller dimensions.

Three Basins

There are two sinks of the same size and one small garbage disposal in the mid. These type of sinks cover extra space but make dish cleaning so much easier and comfortable.

Home interior designers in Jayanagar

According To the Shape of the Basins

The luxury interior designers in Banaswadi tell us that if you have a smaller space, even the shape of sink matters. Moreover, if you have ample area, you can go for any size and any shape.

Round Sink

Round sinks look wonderful plus these are the most versatile basins. These sinks can hold dishes of all shapes and that too, without making it seem overfilled. The sinks are chic and give a stylish look to your home.

Home interior designers in Jayanagar

Farmhouse Sink

Farmhouse sinks are known for their vintage vibes. They are pretty, versatile, and simple. Farmhouse sinks look rectangular from upside but are slightly curved at the edges from inside, and that makes it easy to clean the basin.

Sink with rounded sides

These type of sink have rounded edges which give a different look to the basin. The rounded sides also make the cleaning process easier. Since there are no corners, there is no issue of anything sticking in the corner.

Home interior designers in Jayanagar

Sink with built-in drainboard

These sinks are wider in size and will only fit if you have ample extra space on the countertop. The sink is excellent as it offers a drainboard that also allows the fruits and vegetables to dry after rinsing.

Home interior designers in Jayanagar

According To the Material

The material of sink plays a vital role in choosing the right one. You can select the material as per the theme of your home, plus some materials are less durable than others. Moreover, it also helps in finding an easy to clean and maintain sink.

Stainless steel sink

These are the most common types of sinks. The material is durable and extremely easy to clean. You can even clean it with your dishwashing soap. The metal can scratch over time plus watermarks are also a problem if you live in an area prone to hard water.

Home interior designers in Jayanagar

Porcelain Sink

If you want to play with color in your kitchen, porcelain is the best choice. The home interior designers in Jayanagar suggest that porcelain can chip. Pans can leave scratches that will be hard to clean. Though the sink is an excellent choice because of the vintage look, it offers.

Natural stone sink

If you are looking for something that can exactly match your countertop, natural stone sink will serve as the best option. The material is quite expensive plus required special cleaning products and care to prevent scratches.

Home interior designers in Jayanagar

Granite composite sink

These sinks are made of granite and polymers. The best thing about these sinks is that they don’t show water spots. The material is scratch resistant. If you wish to get a light colored sink of granite, extra maintenance will be required to keep the stain free.

Home interior designers in Jayanagar

According To Installation Type

As per the installation type, sinks are of three types. Upper mount sinks, undermount sink, and flush mount sinks. Upper Mount sinks are fitted in a pre-cut hole, and these are supported with rims. The sides of the sink are visible from outside. The top interior decorators suggest that these are the most common types of sinks. Undermount sinks are fitted deep inside the countertop. The top of these sinks levels with countertop. Flush mount sinks are complicated and expensive. There are no visible ages and are manufactured on custom orders.