How to Make a Dark Room/House Look Bright

The positivity and energy associated with brightness can always be felt when you have an ample amount of natural light entering your room. The sun rays filled with vitamin D boost our mood and make us feel alive and happy. The home interior designers in Hebbal suggest that you can even double and triple the amount of light entering your room. The fact is proven; we have seen so many people abruptly increasing the amount of light with some little efforts.

Home interior designers in Hebbal

Natural light is vibrant and lively. It not only spreads positivity and happiness but also reduces electricity bills. When you have a sufficient amount of natural light, you don’t have to keep artificial lights on, and that saves a significant amount in your electricity bills. Moreover, if the focus is only on making the rook brighter no matter, it’s with natural or artificial lighting, you have unnumbered options. Here are some easy tips to help you make your room brighter in no time.

Know How Much Light You Need

Analyze the amount of light you need. In a bedroom, you might want less lighting as compared to the study room. Explore every part of your home and understand the lighting part. You can’t use the same number of and the same type of lighting in every room.

Home interior designers in Hebbal

Add Light With Mirror

Mirrors are best known to reflect light and fill your room with brightness. Not only they add brightness, but also look good as decor. You can have a round, rectangle, or oval shaped mirror in different sizes. Small circular mirrors will look beautiful as a chain. You can also use a decorated mirror on the empty wall above the sofa. The best interior designers also appreciate a big free stand mirror in one of the corners facing window or light source.

Treat Your Window Treatments Right

Creamy curtains are so in the nowadays because of their versatility. They are elegant, attractive, and go well with every style. Replace your heavy drapes with lightweight and light shade curtains. Light shades scatter light plus don’t act as a barrier in the path of light. Make sure you don’t apply this trick in the bedroom; darkness has a cozy effect in the bedroom. Even a guest room should have dark curtains to maintain the sleepy feeling which soothes us and makes us feel comfortable.

Home interior designers in Hebbal

Go Transparent

Transparent doors are the best to welcome a massive amount of light. Use glass doors wherever possible. If you think glass doors will steal your privacy, we have some better options for you. Go for tinted or frosted glass doors, and you will save both light and privacy. Moreover, you can go for shapes and designs according to the theme of your home to make it go well with your decor.

The Light Paints

White paints evoke the feeling of coldness. Then why do you have to go for white only? We have plenty of light shades such as creamy and off whites, pastels, and many more. Moreover, white colors are known to reflect heat making your home feel colder in the hot summer days. The villa and apartment interior designers in Bangalore have observed that a warm area like Bangalore must use light paint shades.

Home interior designers in Hebbal

Glossy Ceiling

You should have light colored walls with a matte finish to reflect and spread light in the whole room. Ceilings need to add interest when your entire room is matte and have nothing shiny in it. Glossy ceilings look beautiful and help in reflecting light. You can go for shades that aren’t too dark or light to balance out the color combination on walls.

The Contrast Rule

Contrast plays a significant role in making the whole space appear lighter or darker. When you dark colored cabinets, litter finishings tend to glow out. Especially in the kitchen, where the need for lighting is more than any other place, you need to make sure that at least the finishing is light. Moreover, you can’t just rely on this factor to add sparkle in the kitchen; you might also need some artificial light even in the day time even if you have a window. Use pendant lighting in the kitchen to make the best use of light because, in the kitchen, you want something that glows just over the stove.

Home interior designers in Hebbal

Moreover, the contrast rule should be followed in the bedroom. Here, with all the dark shades drapes and intense paint hues, you can balance out everything with light colored blankets and pillow covers. You will be amazed at the results.

Light Wood Floors

Wooden floors are love, but you might tend to avoid them because of the tendency of dark colors to absorb light. But, we do have light colored floors that look as good any other and make your home stand out. Even painted wood in lighter shades is in trend, and that sounds so amazing. Moreover, if you are living in a hot area, light-colored tiles will serve as a cool option.

Metallic Artworks

The interior designers in Marathalli suggest that a little bit of metallic shine is good for every room. You can either have metallic shelves or metallic artworks to fill the void. Not only it adds beauty, but also adds might with a glare. You won’t believe until you get it, but the glare is not that eye pinching one, it’s calm and smooth.

Let Your Windows Breathe

Your windows need to breathe out the heat and bring in fresh air and light. First of all, clean the windows thoroughly once a week. Make sure that the trees behind the windows are well trimmed and don’t cover your window. If you fear of mosquitoes while opening the windows, install mosquito nets.

Home interior designers in Hebbal

You can also go for glass windows made of tinted or frosted glass to have light and privacy together while ditching the hotness of sun. Last but not least, move your bookshelves perpendicular to windows if they are opposite. Bookshelves tend to disturb the lighting from windows.