Home is beautiful when it gets finishing touch of beautiful furniture. Without furniture the Home is like a half-painted room.

Magnon India Interior designers are one of the best Home interior designers in Bangalore you can trust to make your home to what you have seen in dreams.

Home Interior Designers in Bangalore

Most of your dreams are just going to be dreams if you don’t get the expected from the interior designers. 

Interior designer is said to be fine when he’s able to draw the sketch of the dreams of your home.

But Interior designer is said to be perfect when the designs are more than what your dreams has shown.

Providing the design which is much more than what a customer has being expecting?

So, that is what Magnon stands for one of the best home interior designers in Bangalore.

Top interior designers in Bangalore

Magnon Interior is a pack of experts in the field of the Interior designing. 

Our experts always do a double check-up on the service we are providing.

As our primary motive is the cheerful smile of our customer. 

As we know the smile of our customer is the result of our hard work.

Our group of experts are having a 10 plus years of experience in the field of Interior designing.

We are always trying to make your home entirely different from the work done in past so that we make our unique in latest style.

Varieties of Sofas

 Varieties of sofas is been availed in the market for making your furniture look great. 

Here we are introducing to some of the 21 most popular models of Varieties of sofas in the markets.

Ottoman – Also known as footstool. It is mainly used as coffee table in most countries. 

It is named as ottoman as it trace back to Ottoman Empire time.

Armchair – There is lots and lots of varieties of armchair model sofas available

And even armchair with built-in function of massaging is also now available in market.

Loveseat – This is almost same old Sofas, which can be also classified on the basis of seating capacity.

Modular Sofa – It can be also called as sectional sofa.

It is a combination of sofas creating an ultimate living room seating arrangement. 

It’s useful for a family having large members to occupy in a single room.

Some modular sofa in today’s world is able to increase and decrease their size. 

Home Interior Designers in Bangalore

Sofa Bed – The name itself depicts the meaning sofa with bed. This is a multipurpose sofa which is not mostly for welcoming guest as it is having sofa attached to bed.

Classic Round Arm Sofa – Also called as grandma’s sofa. The name itself shows there is a classic touch in the sofa.

Usually a linen or neutral fabric that gives classy looks to it.

Retro Arm Square Sofa – Also called as contemporary sofa, another timeless look for sofa.

Adding a skirted slipcover and creating a different look and feel to the sofa.

Hard Wedge Arm Sofa – Higher back accompanied with a lighter feeling by tapering and angle of the sofa arms. 

Attractive details providing a bit more formal touch to it which is most suitable for family rooms.

Round Wedge Arm Sofa – It is another common sofa, but much more unique than classic round and square arm sofas.

Sloped Arm Sofa – It is also one of the old models of sofa available. Its trends have now been trying to coming back. 

The gentle slopes with comfortable arm making the sofa unique from other sofas.

Belgian Roll Arm Sofa – speaking sofas’, here is a sofa that probably represents that Belgian style of design in their sofas. 

The hybrid construction of a sloped plus round arm sofa, slipcovers would be slightly more difficult to make for it.

The English Roll Arm Sofa – Another classic sofa, this sofa that hard to slipcover, but if there is existing template for it then it shouldn’t be much problem.

Sofa with no arms – Mostly it cannot be recognized as sofa but while we are comparing all types of sofa we have name this too.

If you just want easy access from the sides or just a minimal look on sofa then it is the best one to choose. These sofas are simple in style.

Sofas with wooden arm – Some type of simple sofas can also be timeless, such as sofas with wooden arm.

Most of the cushions comes upholstered and in leather.

Coming to next sofas, these sofas are classified on the basis of the style of back.

Home Interior Designers in Bangalore

Straight back sofa – it is also known as tuxedo sofa, the backrest of the sofa is levelled with the height of arm rest. 

It is one of the common sofa, it was one’s popular among parties and people wearing tuxedos which may have given this name to the sofa. 

High Back Sofas – It’s a Simple sofa having backrest that is not levelled with the armrests.

Round Back Sofas – it’s not much seen. It’s less common in shape to that of other basic sofas.

Camelback Sofas – It is considered as an antique piece but is quite popular in modern days too with a history of 300 years.

One of the problems with the camelback Sofa is that it needs to re-upholster or it may get dirty.

Wingback Sofas – it is one of the classic sofas which can be found in many of the luxurious homes, although its trend is diminishing in the modern world.
Barrelback Sofas – A much straightened sofa type that aptly named as such since the curvature of extends all the way to the arms.

Entirely it looks like a barrel.

Rollback Sofas – this is another classic sofa which is tricky to slipcover, it is gradually being phased out by square looks.

Mostly the sofa is accompanied by round arms.

These are some of most common sofas which are available with us. 

Top Interior Designers in Bangalore

After all, every sofas to be established in your house, you should have a good idea on the space available. 

To make it much more beautiful you should cope up the sofa to that of the colours inside your home.

Magnon interior are one of the best Home Interior Designers in Bangalore for your home to feel beautiful contact our experts.  

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