Designing our home is a relaxing job. We feel happy when we purchase little things for our home and see them enhancing the beauty of our interiors. We decorate every part of the house with passion. Every inch is occupied with the love and warmth of the family members. A home evolves into a cottage full of love when the family members devote their time and effort in styling it. Just like every other part, walls are also an integral part of your decor bucket list. Most of the time, the biggest concern related to walls is considered as paint. Once the paint color and patterns are selected, we mark the job almost done. But, it’s not done until you don’t know how you will be accessorizing the paint.


The interior designers in Bangalore suggest that wall decor plays an essential part in enhancing the beauty of your walls. Not only it adds extra charm, but also hides mistakes in the paint, if any.  You must accept it that wall decors make a room appear filled and inhabited. The empty wall generates a feeling of loneliness. Though, too much must also be avoided. Are you also trying to figure out some ideas to decorate the walls? We have collected a few great ideas below. 

Woven And Beaded Wall Hangings

Beaded artworks have always been a part of Indian homes. These handmade crafts look elegant and evergreen. They bring in traditional as well as modern vibes with ease. You can have a colorful beaded painting kind of thing to display on your wall. 

Another thing you can hang is a woven wall hanging. Woven artworks are fun to prepare if you try at home and look amazing in your interiors. You can have a flat woven fabric combined with geometrical shape for a modern touch. 

Interior Design

Interior Design

The Spread Of Color 

A craft room or the walls of a kids room will look great with this idea. Choose some beautiful colors and print them on square or round sheets. Frame the sheets and hang them on the walls. The colors must be subtle as well as bold to create energetic vibes in the interiors. Make sure you form perfectly parallel grids and maintain enough distance for the colors to leave the desired impact. 

Interior Design

Interior Design

Framed Items 

Frames are never out of trend. If you are looking for some ideas to do a home renovation in Bangalore, framed stuff can help create the look. After the renovation, if you throw everything old, the walls will appear empty. Buying new things takes time, but you can use old frames which are still intact. You can also frame some unusual things such as a vintage scarf, a recipe, or an old certificate. 

Interior Design

Mirrors On The Show 

Mirrors have been in trend from ancient times and don’t seem to be going anywhere in the upcoming years. These shiny objects come in a large variety of shapes and look so damn good. Mirrors are also considered good options because of their ability to reflect light and make space appear larger than it is. 

Interior Design

Interior Design

If you are trying to find a small piece to hang on your bedroom wall above the headboard, a round-shaped one will look great. The oval shape can also be a great choice is space is vertically large. 

Oversized Photos 

We all have those classic clicks which we want to put on the show. Sometimes, smaller pics couldn’t create as much impact as an oversized piece can do. You might be thinking to create a gallery wall kind of thing. But if you don’t have that much time and resources, a big black and white photo with your kid or your couple click will easily do the job. 

Interior Design

Something Unexpected 

The boards that have grandma’s corner, tea point, and railway crossing signs created on them are sometimes the most exciting things for some people. If you are also one of those, creating something like that for your interiors won’t do any harm.You can create boards like crafts nook, read without a blink, and other such boards for different parts of your home. You can create a collection of your grandma’s recipes and create a grandma’s taste corner on the wall. 

Show Your Nature Love 

The Home interior designers in Bangalore suggest adding beauty on the walls with plants. You can create a living wall with a bunch of little indoor plants planted in multiple trays. Succulents can also be hanged on the walls. These are low maintenance plants, and that’s what makes them a perfect fit. You can water them occasionally plus they don’t require much extra care. 

Vintage Background 

Whether you frame a portrait or bring back those green chalkboards in your living rooms, the vintage effect will never ditch you. Those classy lines will lit up space, and a sophisticated look will be created. Look for brass frames and paintings that look a bit older and used for the purpose. 

Interior Design

A Calendar That’s Too Big

A big calendar might not interest you until there’s really a calendar that’s too beautiful to be kept away from the gorgeous walls. A big, colorful, and fun calendar surely deserves a chance if you haven’t made your mind on something else. It’s best to have in your home office or kitchen. 

Interior Design

The Chunky Bicycle Decor 

Boys room are hard to decorate. You don’t know what pleases them. If your boy is an athletics fan, you can try mounting bicycles on the wall as a big decor item. Not only such things look unique, but these those wooden mounts also add a sleek and chic effect. 

Walls are the most versatile places to decorate. You can try anything, and that will look good if you don’t overdo it. Be smart in your choice, and you will surely make it better. Use the simple fashion rule here: decorate everything and remove one when you are all done. Everything will appear perfect.