Home Interior Designers in near me, shoes were discovered to protect our feet from damage. Since we humans are great in experimenting, the varieties in shoes got on increasing, and today we have unnumbered types of shoes. We buy new shoes when something new comes into the trend, when we love a pair so much, when we have to get something matching to the party dress, and when you want something just because you didn’t shop for a long time. So, basically, everyone has a number of shoes which needs to be protected from dust and other effects.

Home Interior Designers in near me

When it comes to placing your shoes correctly, the idea of shoe racks comes to our mind. When managed nicely, these storage cabinets prevent shoes from damage and getting dirty.  You can get one from the market or ask your Home Interior Designers in Bangalore and Interior Decorators to design something in your home. Today, we are listing the top trends in shoe rack designs to help you get the best one for your home.

1. The wooden and hidden

Wooden shoe racks are very common. These are easy to clean and look good. The cabinet-like shoe racks can be closed to hide your shoes. These modern pieces can be matched with your furniture, and the upper part can be used to put little decorative stuff. Overall, it won’t look like a shoe rack.

2. The side table style

You can get a number of forms in this type of shoe cabinets. Below, there are cabinets for shoes, and on the upper side there is a drawer to put some everyday things like keys and all. You can also keep shoe cleaning essentials in the drawers to make it your all in one shoe stop.

Home Interior Designers in near me

3. Feminine vibes

Since women are crazy about shopping and especially, when it comes to shoes, there is no limit. They also love to showcase there best pairs, and that’s why shoe racks with glasses and some cute feminine designs are perfect. You can make it look more beautiful by arranging the shoe properly in the storage. There are some shiny chic style shoe racks in this style which are sure to tempt you in the very first look.

4. The gentleman special

When there is something special for women then why not for men. Though Home Interior Designers in Bangalore will suggest buying something simpler as these types of shoe racks can occupy some specific shoes only. But if you want to invest in separate storage for shoes of girls and boys in your home, this one is perfect.

Home Interior Designers in near me

5. The luxurious piece

The larger closet like pieces looks fantastic in both offices and homes. There is nothing like shoe racks, and that’s why you can put some other things also. What makes them luxurious is their greater functionality and beautiful appearance. The hidden cabinets give you a chance to store all your shoes without worrying about organizing when you don’t have time.

6. The mini closet

For master bedrooms, the mini closet style shoe racks are the best addition. There are shelves and parts to keep different types of shoes of different persons separately. They look like a design near the wall when closed. For more exciting look; you can decorate the upper side of the closet according to the theme of the room.

Home Interior Designers in near me

7. Glass doors

There are two benefits of these types of shoe racks. First, you can quickly decide which one to wear while sitting on your bed. The second one is they help you showcase your whole collection in one go. A girl can easily understand the benefit when she buys a new pair and can’t wait to show it to all.

8. The personalized one

The personalized or say family shoe racks are really cute. Like other simple shoe racks, there are multiple cabinets, and the difference is each cabinet is given to a persona by writing his/her name. The shoe racks make it easy to arrange and find the shoes because most of the time we are searching our stuff in a wrong place.

Home Interior Designers in near me

9. Behind the curtain

These shoe racks are primarily designed in the home at the time of preparing furniture. According to  Home Interior Designers in Bangalore, it is tough to fit them in afterward. These are bigger ones which are hidden by either a curtain or a board which enhances the beauty of the room.

10. Pull me out

The slim shoe storage which will go inside making the wall appear flat are best for especially smaller rooms. They prevent the place from looking overcrowded. These shoe racks are long and slide out when pulled. These are easy to manage, and look so clean. These are very functional when you use them smartly. For example, put shoes that you rarely wear in the upper cabinets to avoid the everyday hassle of suing a stool to pick up your footwear.

Home Interior Designers in near me

11. The simple and classic

These shoe racks usually look like a closet. Small hidden cabinets are made to place multiple shoes. The best thing is, there are open shelves in the below part where your guests can place their shoes. Even you can slide your daily wear shoes in them if you feel lazy to put them in the upper cabinet.

12. Slide out

The shelves of these shoe racks slide out making it easy for you to pick up and put the shoes. Home Interior Designers in Bangalore says that these shoes are best when it comes to maintenance. The best thing about this storage is that they can easily fit into smaller rooms.

Other than these are numerous other types of shoe racks which you can consider. For a better selection, check out all the online portals. But, what you must consider while choosing the right one is your needs and space. Don’t buy a big one if you can’t use that because it will use extra space. Also, for smaller areas, some small but extra functional shoe racks are available, so don’t invest in bigger ones to use ample room.