Magnon, Home Interior Designers in Bangalore. Summers are already on the door, and it’s the best time to get your tool buddies cleaned. Be it fans, coolers, or air conditioners; you need to give them a good cleaning before using them for the first time after the chilling days. Air conditioners’ cleaning is a must to increase the efficiency of your cooling device. The modern age air conditioners are designed in a way that you can quickly clean them at home only. Without proper cleaning of air conditioners from time to time then you will not be able to get good moisturization and cooling. Dirty air conditioners may cause a bad smell, and bacteria as well. You can call professionals time to time for cleaning of air conditioners but to save money, you can do it at home also.

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Cleanliness of air conditioners is not an easy task, and most people are not familiar with this process. Since an air conditioner is an essential part of any home to chill out in those hot summer days, you need a quick trick. The interior decorators in Bangalore believe that regular cleaning of air conditioners increase the reliability of your machine and the quality of cooling. Most of the people consider it hectic, and they either tend to skip the process or end up spending a lot on the process. Here you have a detailed guide to help in the cleaning of air conditioners so that you can make the best of your cooling machines this summer.

Check the Instruction Manual

The first step towards the cleaning of air conditioners is the instruction manual which you get with every gadget. In that manual, some basic things are mentioned like how to access any part, material used for every section, how to remove or add a unit, etc. In case you do not have an instruction manual you can download it from the website of your brand after selecting your product.

Once you read the complete instruction manual, you will have an idea of what you can use to clean your machine and how you can proceed. You need to clean both the inner and outer part of the air conditioner and that too carefully. You can take help from professional if the system seems complicated and if you are cleaning it on your own, follow the steps mentioned below.

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Clean Air Conditioner Filters

The air conditioner filter catches dust and dirt from outside. Once the filters are clogged up with dust and dirt, it is difficult to get proper air from them, and that is the reason they need regular cleaning. The cleaning of air conditioner filters entirely depends on the uses of it. If you are regularly using you should clean it every week. If the air conditioner is less in use, still you should try to clean it once in a month. Moreover, the home interior designers suggest cleaning them before using the air conditioner, when you are using it after some time.

Every indoor air conditioner comes with 2 to 3 filter and is very easy to clean. Just remove them and clean with vacuum cleaner dusting brush. In case you don’t have a dusting brush, you can use any simple brush with which you can clean it properly. Wash them with warm water if they are extra dirty and dry them properly before fixing in the air conditioner.

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Clean the Condenser Coils

To clean the condenser coils of the air conditioner, you need a screwdriver which helps you to remove the outer part of the air conditioner. Once you remove the outer portion, you have access to condenser coils, and you are good to go.

Just clean the dirt and dust off the surface with a dry cloth or with the vacuum cleaner. After applying the vacuum cleaner or any cleaning solution, wash it with water. In case you find any fin bent or damaged you can fix it by fin comb. You can buy a fin comb easily form air conditioning and hardware stores, and you can also get it online from your brand website.

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Clean the fan coil

Fan coil unit of air conditioner helps in blowing the cool air into the place where your air conditioner is used. If the fan coil is not clean, the dust or dirt off it will clog up the filters again, and you will not be able to get proper fresh air. To clean this part also you need to remove complete outer casing. Use a screwdriver or some similar tool to remove other components.

For cleaning the fan coil, you need to apply any cleaning solution on the fan coil. After a few minutes clean them with warm water. Make sure the fan coil is completely clean and dry before fixing it for further use.

Clean the Outdoor Unit

Clean the outdoor unit once you are done with the indoor unit. You need to clean dust and dirt time to time so that indoor unit does not get affected by it. If there is grass or plants near your air conditioner, the best interior designers suggest you to clean the conditioner more often like at least once a week, because there are more chances of dirt in such areas.

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Get Your Conditioner Serviced

It is good practice if you are cleaning your air conditioner at your home. But a professional service regularly is also must for efficiency. The serviceman will check refrigerant gas levels, test the thermostat and fix if he finds any default.

The number of time you need Professional service depends on your choice. Some people recommend taking service twice a year while others want to make it only in case of an issue they face. If you are cleaning your air conditioner timely at your home, it will decrease the chance of fault. However, the luxury interior designers in Yelahanka advice on having at least a one-time professional service to avoid any issue.

Apart from these guidelines, you must always follow the instructions mentioned in the product manual to get a clean air conditioner without inviting any issues. A clean AC offers a healthy environment and saves lots of repairing cost and time when appropriately maintained.