Chic Ways to Add Gold to Your Decor

The home interior designers in Banaswadi believe that gold is a timeless trend. Some of you might think that we have limited ways to add gold to our decor, but that’s not true, gold can fit well with everything, and that’s why it offers better opportunities to designers. We have always appreciated metal in our decor because it not only adds glamour but defines a room better. Metallic accents like copper are our all-time favourite, but with the resurgence of all the beauties from the nineties, we are stepping ahead on gold.

Home interior designers in Banaswadi

It looks great with glass, complements wood, shines elegantly on wallpapers, and the beautiful colour rocks in textures. Golden patterns, textures, and tints, everything is so mesmerising that we can’t wait to see it flourishing on our walls.

If you are also a gold lover, the home interior designers in Banaswadi have got you some exciting ways to add gold without making everything too glittery. Here are 15 chic and sleek ways that add the glitz in style and make the golden touch beautiful.

Gold in bathrooms

You can add gold in bathrooms in multiple ways. The ring to hang your towel and even the tapware will look great in golden. Whatever is metallic can be made golden, and you will be surprised with the way they turn out. The golden outline on the mirror will add a beautiful shine to it.

Home interior designers in Banaswadi

Mirror and Gold

Mirrors do a lot to your home. They scatter light, make your home appear stylish, and add space. What more it can do? With golden lining and designing, it can add the most beautiful thing to your decor. Combined together, gold and mirror can create such a significant impact.

Golden Pendants

Pendant lighting looks excellent, and when you do it with gold, it becomes a wonderful addition to your room. You can also go for a golden chandelier to make everything beautiful.

Statement Golden Pillows

The softest and the cutest, pillows are such a lovely thing to accessorise your room. These little packs of comfort seem better when covered with golden covers. The home interior designers in Banaswadi suggest adding several pillows in shades of golden. Match the sofa cushions with that golden rimmed photo frame on the table, and you will love the combo.

Home interior designers in Banaswadi

Add Gold to Greenery

Nature is a beautiful way to decorate your home, and with the increasing awareness for trees, we are turning more towards greenery. The greenery in your balcony also deserves some shine, and you can do that in multiple ways.

Regal Dresser

A golden dresser will always look regal. Gold is underrated in the sense that it adds maturity and glamour. But, when you see a cute looking dresser in gold, it always resembled the barbie home. Simple mirror with golden lining and a lovely golden chair will surely make you feel like a princess.

Gold in Kitchen

The kitchen can sometimes be harder to decorate. You can use golden pendant lights in the kitchen for a vibrant look. Moreover, a golden printed rug with glass and golden furniture will add more beauty to your dining area. Golden utensils, golden handles of cabinetry, and golden taps, everything is so easy to bring in the effect.

Home interior designers in Banaswadi

Desert Trend

The desert trend is driving us crazy with its stunning look. The leafy green cactus placed beside a golden side table makes the best combo. Green and gold could be considered an odd combination, but whenever we bring them close smartly, they shine beautifully.


The best part of a home for lazy people is a bed. When you are going golden in everything, then why leave bedding. You can go for creamy bedsheets with a blanket that has golden foil prints. Foil print will also look great in pillows. Find some smart prints such as lining, geometrical prints, and something cute like hearts.

Moroccan Inspired Bedroom

The combination of gold and silver is sure to shine your room. Whenever you have to choose colours in textiles, creamy and beige shades go great with golden. The Moroccan inspired bedroom will also appreciate a white headboard that has golden carving. And the golden lamps on both sides of the bed will lit the whole atmosphere.

Home interior designers in Banaswadi

Glass and Gold Furniture

Though you can easily add golden with wood, in form handles, nothing can beat the magic it does with glass. The home interior designers in Banaswadi suggest golden edges with glass for that dreamy appearance.

Golden Painted Side Table

Your side table should also compliment the decor of the whole room, and that’s why we suggest painting your side table in gold. It will be hard to purchase everything new, and that’s why you should go for paint wherever possible to reduce the extra expenses. Use spray paint for better effect.

Home interior designers in Banaswadi

A Wallpaper

Wallpapers have stayed one of the most important parts of every home since ages, and the charm is still exotic. Now, you must be thinking that what is the connection between gold and wallpaper.

Since you love to have wallpaper and you want to add gold too, blending them is sure to surprise you. A wallpaper with golden lining or prints will look amazing in the home with no significant expense. You can also frame a simple wallpaper in a golden-edged photo frame.

Golden Bar Cart

A bar cart is something that adds luxury and is a valuable addition to every home. You can buy a table like a glass bar cart that has golden edges. If that doesn’t seem the best option, replace glass base with the wood or go for a whole golden one. Something that has cabinets below so that the top can serve as a table will be of double benefits.

Home interior designers in Banaswadi

Lamps and Sconces

Table lamps, sconces, pendant lights, and every type of lighting can add sufficient gold to your decor with the least effort. White and golden lamps will look amazing plus whole golden sconce will add a dramatic and shimmery touch to your living area.