Types of Curtains for Your Home

Curtains one of the most important things your home needs for a clean, well-arrange as well as secure look. They add beauty and complete your interior design. Though it is expensive, it goes well for years if you make a smart choice. The home interior designers in Banaswadi suggests that curtains is not only essential to prevent dust and excessive light. Furthermore, it adds privacy to your room.

home interior designers in Banaswadi

Magnon, curtains is most of the times misunderstood with drapes and blinds. Both curtains and drapes come in pairs. The difference between the two is of material. The curtains generally come in sheer fabrics, whereas the fabric of drapes is thick as well as stiff. Curtains and drapes cover full window as well as hang below it and sometimes even touch the floor. Drapes means to block all light for a cozy feeling in bedrooms while curtains is best for kitchen and living rooms.

Blinds is quite different from the two. Blinds is made of hard materials like bamboo, wood, vinyl stats, and aluminum. These can come in various lengths and can be bought as single pieces. As well as, blinds have a cord to open and fold.

home interior designers in Banaswadi

Likewise, curtains come in a variety of types depending on the material, colors, and length. There is a rod over which curtains hangs. The rod can be made visible and even hid with wooden or metallic panels. You can find a variety of materials in rods with or without any decoration.

So, if you thinks to buy curtains for your home, we have a list of all the types of curtains you can choose from.

Box pleate curtains

These curtains gives a tailor room to your room. Width of the curtains doubles for the windows, and the deep folds inward on the lower end offer a clean and luxurious look.

In addition, curtains is long, and the vertical lines on lightweight fabric give a sleek look. As well as, the curtains line up in such a way that creates a box-like shape on the upper end.

Similarly, these curtains is best for formal rooms like the dining room, study room, etc.

Case heading curtains

Also called rod pockets, these are one of the most widely used curtains. These curtains are made of delicate fabric like the net and other lightweight materials, and that’s why these are used in spaces that are used less frequently.

And also, the curtains can tear apart if used more often, and that’s why guest rooms and formal sitting rooms are the most common places for these type of curtains. These curtains are easiest to hang with the availability of pockets. The rod of the curtain slides through the pocket, and you are done.

home interior designers in Banaswadi

Pinch pleate curtains

With a beautiful decorative finish on the top, pinch pleated curtains are elegant. These are best if you want a bit of decor and interest to your formal spaces, plus the best thing is you can have them in any fabric.

Pinch pleated curtains are stitched based on the number of finger pinch pleats. There can be two, three, four, and five finger pinch pleats. The amount of fabric required increases with the number increases.

Pleats are stitched a bit below the rod, and that gives a swirled fall to the curtain, which offers a nice flow to the curtains. Every group of pleat has a ring which is used to hang the curtains. The curtains give a formal yet traditional look to your interior.

Tailor pleat curtains

Magnon, home interior designers in Banaswadi suggest going for tailored pleat curtains if you want curtains in thick fabric. Though you can also get them stocked with a lining under lighter materials, these look best in substantial fabrics only. The pleat in these curtains starts from the top of the curtain giving a more styling and casual look. These type of pleats are also known as euro pleat. They also have rings on the back of the pleats and look like the end of a cone on the top with the flow on the floor.

home interior designers in Banaswadi

Goblet pleat curtains

The home interior designers in Banaswadi suggest that if you want curtains for your big traditional room with a higher ceiling, Goblet pleat curtains is yours go to. With wadding inside the curtains, the shape of the curtains is like a wine glass.

They look like round gas filled cylinders from above with a pleat that makes them look like a wine glass. The flow below the end of the round shape is a bit similar to that of tailored curtains.

Eyelet curtains

Eyelet or Grommet curtains are made of light and medium weight fabrics. The curtains have rings in the material to pass through the rod.

Grommet curtains are easy to maintain, and that’s why we uses in the kid’s room. The curtains is easy to handle and use as well as you don’t need to worry whether your kids will be able to manage them.

These curtains is also ideal for lounge and living rooms when uses a formal fabric. The design is simple and contemporary, making them a perfect fit for every room.

home interior designers in Banaswadi

Tab Top Curtains

Tab top curtains gives a folds and repetitive look that looks simple yet elegant. The curtains is more like eyelet curtains with fabric rings on the top. The curtains hangs on a rod as well as there is no other way to style them. Any type of fabric, whether lightweight or not, uses for making tab top curtains. Home interior designers in Banaswadi suggest getting them if you love the evenly folds design at the top.

Pencil Pleats

Pencil-like successive pleats makes on the top three inches of these curtains. Evenly distributes design looks great with rings on top through which the rod weaves.

Usually, these curtains have three horizontal strings that have various sizes of hook. You can choose one according to the size of the rod in your room. As well as, these curtains look great in living rooms and bedrooms.