Choosing the Right Fencing Material for Your Home 

Fencing can do a lot of jobs. It adds beauty and a sense of privacy to your room. A fence prevents children and pets from going on the road, and this way, it acts as a safety option too. A proper fence can also add immense value to your home in no time. The Home decors Whitefield suggest considering every factor from purpose to material before getting one.

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All the types of fences are meant to do particular jobs, and that’s why it is crucial to understand why you need one. For example, while chain link fences are not suitable for privacy options, a wooden split rail fence isn’t the right choice if you are looking for safety options for kids. You also have tremendous choices in artistic fences which increase the beauty of your home. Moreover, the height, the material, and the style of the fence, everything depends on your needs.

The Home decors Whitefield knows what type of fence will go with your home. They can suggest the best options depending on what you need. You first need to be sure of what you desire and then explain your requirements to your designer. They will get you the right one according to your budget.

Below are the types of fencing material:

Wooden fencing

The most common and most loved fencing material is wood. It looks elegant and is durable. However, it could not be the best choice if you live in a place where rain is like an everyday chore because wood starts degrading due to continuous contact with water. The best thing about wooden fencing is that it can be built in any style, size, and height.

Wooden fencing is excellent because it costs you relatively less plus the installation charges are also affordable. But, the fencing needs proper maintenance. You need to apply new coats of paint every 2-3 years so that water and dust don’t spoil its look.

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Apart from these benefits, wood is also an environment-friendly option. It is reusable and sustainable, and that makes it a great choice if you want to go green. Moreover, repairing and renewing wooden fencing with your kids can be a great DIY project that will be both fun and learning. You must go for pressure treated wood for fencing because these are beloved to have a longer life than untreated ones.

Vinyl fencing

The most versatile material for fencing is vinyl. Vinyl is also known as plastic fencing, and the material is quite popular as a fencing material because of its low maintenance. It comes in a variety of vibrant colors and gives your garden a new look in no time. Vinyl fencing is since made of plastic not eco-friendly, but you can reuse them for DIY projects to prevent the waste from degrading earth.

The best thing about vinyl fencing is that not only are there a variety of choices for colors, but the availability of styles is also immense. You can buy them in any color and any style. Vinyl fencing can copy the style of any fencing material, and that’s why these are most widely used.

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The Home decors Whitefield tells us that vinyl is one of the most expensive fencing materials. You can mix it with other fencing materials to reduce cost if you are low on budget.

The material is also not so durable. Since the sticks are hollow inside, they can break if you have pets and kids who could be harsh on the fencing. Installation is quite complicated, and if you are thinking to make it a DIY project, considering hiring one professional to guide you and help with some complicated steps.

Chain link fencing

It is an affordable, recyclable, durable, and maintainable material. When you have a large ground to cover, chain link fencing is great because it’s easy to install and costs relatively less. The material is considered green because it could be recycled without much wastage.

The utilitarian look might look off, but you can always find the best in everything. With some research, you can get vinyl coated fencing that’s not only beautiful but durable as well. The styles come in a variety of basic colors, and if you are low on budget, this fencing material can help you cover a large portion in a significantly less amount.

Ornamental metal fencing

The Home decors Whitefield also have the best skills to design your outdoors, and that’s why they suggest metal fencing of you are looking for something durable and decorative. It’s different in look with its traditional touch, and just like wooden fencing, it can be prepared in any size, style, and height.

Wrought iron and cast iron are only prone to rust, which could be prevented by regular oiling and painting; otherwise, they stay surprisingly good for hundreds of years. You can color them in any shade of your choice, and that’s the best part. However, you will need experienced professionals to install them.

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The look of wrought iron can also be achieved at a lower expense without worrying about rust. You can go for aluminum or powder-coated galvanized steel material. These fences at available only in limited colors such as black and white and aren’t durable. You can’t let your kids claim them.

Composite fencing

It’s another popular plastic fencing material. Since it can mimic the look of any wooden fencing but is not actually wood, it’s also named as engineered wood. The material is durable than vinyl and is maintenance-free. You can get any look and any style in the material. It’s not hollow inside like vinyl fencing, and that’s what makes it stronger.

It’s costlier than even vinyl, but since it’s stronger than vinyl, the price seems worth. The installation is quite complicated, and that’s why it’s best handled by professional installers only.

These were some of the best options. Moreover, you can also have brick or stone fencing. Mesons prepare such fencing with cement and POP in most cases.