Home Decors in Bangalore, if you want to decorate your existing home or planning moving to a new house where you want a perfect room with awesome style, the curtains are important things to consider. Magnon is known for their uniqueness and famous as Home Decors in Bangalore. They are commonly used to dress windows for privacy and warmth. The curtains must compliment the paint, the decoration, and even the style of decoration and that’s why you need to do some efforts to choose the best one. Curtains chosen wisely will give you fabulous atmosphere and feel like personal heaven. Top interior designers advice you to spend some time to choose right curtain for your space from a number fabrics, patterns and styles. In this blog, we are giving you a few tips to make to choose the right curtain.

Home Decors in Bangalore.


Home Decors in Bangalore: The Unavoidable factor during curtain selection is fabric because the functioning of curtain depends on it.  Various fabrics like polyester, cotton, silk, velvet’s, Linen are available in the market for curtains. Choice of fabric completely depends on durability and affordability. Among lightweight cotton, heavyweight velvet’s and medium weight brocades you can choose curtains according to your budget and space.

The amount of sunlight also depends on the fabric of curtains. The decor of the room also plays a vital role in looks of curtain like traditional room looks awesome with heavier fabric and the minimalist room looks different with sheer fabrics. Magnon known for Home Decors in Bangalore, Interior design architect in Bangalore.


Before choosing the color of curtains for your house do have a look at colors of walls, floors, carpets, and furniture. If you choose a contrasting color with walls of your space it will give an ideal look.  Solid color curtains can give classy look to every space. White color curtains are also in trend for warm and cool effects that depends on the shade of curtains like the dull and bright. If you are thinking to grab the printed ones then matching with the shade of your wall paint will make it pleasing. Magnon is famous for the Home decor in bangalore,Interior design architect in bangalore. 


Lengthy curtain gives an informal look to the room but are not appreciated when there is an issue of the window seat and burring. Curtains that are around half an inch above the floor give classy and formal look to the room. Whereas for the romantic effect you can choose the curtains that extended by a length on the floor. If there are small kids then above the floor curtain is the best choice for you. So, chose the curtains carefully too as both too shorter and much longer curtains can destroy your décor. Magnon known for the best Home decor in bangalore,Interior design architect in bangalore

Trims & Accessories

Accessories are just used to give the perfect look. These are used to decor your curtains and the best of two you can use are the tieback and holdback. Tiebacks are the awesome pieces that are used to hold the curtains back from the window. Attractive color and prints give a classy look to the folded curtain. Moreover, the holdback is also used to hold curtains from the backside but with a different effect.


If you are looking for a professional look in addition to long life, add lining to your list. The lining will keep the curtains safe from moisture, damage. Also, it controls the amount of sunlight entering to your room. You can add lining according to the fabric of your curtain that gives the desired effect. Professions Home Decors in Bangalore also appreciate the use of lining for an impressive look.