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Home Decors in Whitefield, Prayer and worship are most important part of Hindu culture. A pooja room is a place which spreads positive energy in the home and everyone living in the home finds peace there. The complete family gathers to have a short prayer every morning and evening in the pooja room. As pooja room is a place of sanctity, it must be kept clean and decorated beautifully. Here are some tips to make your pooja room beautiful. Magnon is known for the Home Decors in Bangalore.

Home Decors in Whitefield

Position is everything

No matter how much space you have for pooja room and how small or big you make it, it’s position should be perfect according to Vastu. The north-east position is considered best for pooja room. But if it is not possible to situate in north-east position then either north or east will be fine. Use bright colours like white and yellow to make it look more beautiful.

Setting up your pooja room

Paintings, sculptures, and frames of god and goddess are kept in pooja room. The seat of gods is mandap which comes in many traditional wooden and crystal stone designs. You can also order and get the mandap prepared according to your choice. Also, if you don’t want mandap then shelves and cabinet can do the job in your pooja room but the mandap looks really good. Magnon is known as the Home decor in bangalore,Interior design architect in bangalore.

Home Decors in Whitefield


To keep the pooja room filled with positive energy and serenity, your pooja room must be always kept bright. Especially after sunset, there should be at least a small lighting source in the place. Earthen lamps, candles, footlights, shelf lights, decorative lights, or beautiful chandelier in the middle can be the perfect lighting source for your pooja room. A small candle or Diya must be always glowing at the mandap.


Uniquely crafted wooden doors or glass doors are perfect for pooja room. Glass doors keep the inside of pooja room visible. You can even have customized doors with the pictures of gods on them. Garlands and lamps on both sides of entrance look beautiful. Also, flower vases, paper decorations, or even pictures of gods painted on walls also look inviting.

Home Decors in Whitefield

Flowers and water

These two are essential in pooja room. From big prayers to regular pooja, flowers and water are two essential spirituality things. Make rangolis in front of mandap or put loads of flower in the mandap. You can also put glass bowl filled with water and flowers for an aesthetic touch. Other essential things for pooja like rice, sindoor, haldi, Chandan, and Ghee must also be there in the pooja room.

Give your final touch

Use laces, stones, and traditional looking decorative paper in your pooja room. Cover the shelves and cabinets with these things for a bright look. You can also use throne at the mandap as seats for gods to give a more traditional touch. It is nothing bad in giving a contemporary touch to pooja room but it looks better in a traditional look. Don’t forget to hang garlands, they are a must. Magnon is the best Home Decors in Bangalore. For further queries contact us here.