Leading Home Decorators in Bangalore – Each house has an alternate zone utilized for various reason. One of the critical territories in any house is a zone of serenity which is known as a pooja room. As per vastu, this zone is best appropriate for pooja (supplication) room. This is a spot that conveys us closer to our Creator. It very well may be considered lifting one’s psyche and heart to God. Here we can converse with God about the ordinary things of human life, about our delights and distresses, our requirements and needs, our failure and joys. Supplication and how an individual implore is frequently molded by religious convictions.

Leading Home Decorators in Bangalore

Universe is one of the best manifestations of nature and everything stands alive in the spotlight of truth. Much the same as each subject of human angle is represented with guidelines, acts, comparably the craft of loving has certain key factor standards to accomplish every one of its advantages.

While arranging a house, because of the space requirements, numerous individuals will in general overlook a different pooja room yet we should not sideline the need to make a place for GOD. Therefore, by making a space for loving, we are making a space to get accused of positive vibrations each morning and that vitality will empower our condition, brain, body and soul. Our work productivity will increment thus the advancement, flourishing and harmony.

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Pooja room is where we love God for harmony and flourishing. Ishanya or north-east is represented by God and is an incredible area for pooja room. Finding ‘Pooja room’ in north-east brings success, great wellbeing, riches, satisfaction and significant serenity. North-east is promising for different reasons. In morning sunrays fall straightforwardly from north-east and give us certain vitality.

Area of Pooja Room

North-east is an incredible area for Pooja room. Pooja room in north quadrant gives great outcomes. You can select east, north and north-east for pooja room. Stay away from different bearings if conceivable. Uncommon pooja’s can be performed in Brahmasthana (focus of house). In enormous plots, pooja room can be in Brahmasthan (focal bit) of the house. Pooja room ought not be inside bed room. It ought not be made above, beneath or by kitchen. It ought to be on ground floor, not on first floor or in storage area. Maintain a strategic distance from Pooja Room under the stairs.

Leading Home Decorators in Bangalore

This room ought to be structured cautiously in light of the fact that when you do contemplation, you should pick up the positive energies and after that you can feel charged. In the event that it is in misguided course, at that point regardless of how much reflection you do, you won’t feel charged. There are sure principles which one must pursue before the beginning of structuring a pooja room.

Arrangement of everything in your home or working environment is of incredible incentive in Vastu, as everything gives out positive or negative vitality. Pooja Room is one of those few things that ought to be dealt with as indicated by Vastu as it is one of the real wellsprings of positive vitality. The right situation of Pooja Room with Vastu brings positive vitality, however it additionally helps in thinking and unwinding.

Home Decorators in Bangalore

Much the same as everything else, revering has a few standards and guidelines to pursue. A straightforward purpose behind this is creating positive vitality by helping up the lights in the Pooja room, by offering blossoms to God, or illuminating Camphor or ‘Karpoor’ and incense sticks ‘Agarbatti’, following different customs. Through Prayer one can invigorate ‘Ajna Chakra’ for information and insight and ‘Sahasra Chakra’ for illumination that is near god.

Symbols of God ought to be kept in north-east segment of pooja room. The symbols ought not confront each other and the entryway of pooja room too. The two icons of same god ought not be set in pooja room. The icons ought to be 1 inch far from dividers. Water body also referred as Kalash is in North or East of the room. ‘Deepa’, light and ‘Agni’ kunda are in south-east. We should confront East while adoring.

Leading Home Decorators in Bangalore

Abstain from keeping overwhelming symbols in pooja room. Jumbled and broken icons ought not be put in pooja room. Maintain a strategic distance from photographs of dead individuals in pooja room. Keep pooja room clean and mess free. There ought to be one pooja room in a house. The room ought not be utilized for different purposes like stockpiling or other room.

Vastu Tips for Pooja Room

• These directions – North, East or the Northeast side of the house will be suitable for placing the pooja room in the house.

• One should look towards East/North while revering.

• Ideally there ought to be no symbols in the love room. Be that as it may, on the off chance that one wish to keep, the stature of the icon offered with flowers and agarbati with the pleasant music inside the pooja room.

• While loving, the legs of the icon ought to be at the chest dimension of the individual venerating relying upon the position, in the case of standing or sitting.

• A Pooja room ought to never be made in a room or on a divider contiguous the restroom divider.

• One will not go into the pooja space for any reason without washing his legs and hands. Cleaning the feet by scouring them against one another is precluded. The left hand should be clean and the water must be poured by the correct hand. In pooja room, copper vessels just will be utilized especially where water is gathered. Triangular example of any God ought not be attracted the Pujaghar.

Leading Home Decorators in Bangalore

The shade of dividers of pooja room preferred to be lemon or light blue, white and the marble utilized with white. The Agnikund is preferred to be in the southeast heading of the room. The consecrated contributions to the flame ought to be made with the face towards the east Lamp stand ought to be set in the Southeast corner of the pooja room

We need to deal with the accompanying focuses while contemplating about the vastu of the pooja room. Vastu discussion of pooja room includes intensive examination.

Home Decorators in Bangalore

• Correct place of the pooja room in the house

• The Entrance to the pooja room

• The placement of the windows

• The position of the God place

• The place of the almirah containing pooja stuff

• The shading plan of the room

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