“Im coming Home 

Tell the world that  I’m coming home 

Let the rains wash away , All the pains of yesterday.”

All of us have these tunes we catch on to when we define home. It may a tune of a leaf from the Classic Collection of Kishore Kumar songs or a romantic tune from a collection of A.R. Rahaman Songs. While the artists may differ, the feeling that it pumps into our veins would certainly be the same. What is ours we hold on to today, will no longer be ours when we bid goodbye to this world. All we can hold onto our heart is a few fond memories and few tracks that help connect to the wonderful times we reminisce about. 

What is our home today, would eventually become a house to another. Let’s make today’s count and do whatever it takes to make it last longer. We at Magnon believe in creating memories and long-lasting chapters in a families life. Every element of design, whether it may be our raw materials or our wall decor combinations. Each and every aspect works towards achieving the same. We believe the value of a home can never be weighed numerically, but can only be weighed emotionally. Years may come and years may go, the memories created and enjoyed under the roof of a place you call home, will stay on forever. 

Home Decor as an industry has been able to connect people to their past and present its designs. It may be with the help of Contemporary Wall Decor or Wardrobe Designs or Modular Kitchen or simply effective lighting. By and large, in most cases, it could be taken to be a flawless blend of all the above mentioned. 

Listed below are a few subtle changes Home Decor add-ons that could bring into your home, to make it look more futurist in design, yet truly timeless in its build. These designs not only bring about an aura of sophistication but also add an attention to detail in terms of room to room cemetery. 


Home Decor

A Mirror or a set of mirrors, not only adds a pinch of selfness to a given room but also blends in perfectly with its theme. Also, a mirror seamlessly acts an illusion of space. If you feel a window is unnecessary in your room, then a mirror can flawlessly appear to be a very simple substitution. Furthermore, it also acts as a perfect light reflector. All in all, a mirror adds a good sense of value to any given room. 

Ceiling Lights 

Home Decor

Ceiling lights are available in three types, namely Flush lamps, Drop lamps and Recessed lamps. A lit-up entrance not only guides you into every nook and corner of a home, but it also adds a sense of warmth and texture to a room. While seen in the basis of functionality, it serves to be more economical in terms of the rays of light being spread in and around the room. 


Home Decor

An old vase or simply a piece of classic art. The sophistication, an antique brings into a room is truly magical. Furthermore, it also adds a sense of pride and individuality to the decor used to furnish the room. Wooden wardrobes look exquisite when are glassed with antique vases and pieces of art. 

Window Treatments

Home Decor

As they say, no man is an island, a window on its own bring about an aura of loneliness and uncertainty. Hence it is high time you start adding drapes, blinds or even shutters to welcome positivity into your room. Furthermore, with the options they exist in it is sure that they can blend in seamlessly with any Wall and Room Decor. 

The list can surely multiple into number far more bigger. However, the aspect of these elements adding to the aura of a room stays true to the word. Every room, just like the person residing it, should scream out its own character. Taken as an example, a musicians room should emit the vibes of the same. It should elements of art and music that scream out his personality and the love for his passion. Similarly, a kids room should depict the same. The antiques, ceiling lights, window treatments and so on used should bring out an aura of playfulness. 

Every room should stand out in any given aspect of design. A living room should scream out an aura of togetherness and love. While a kitchen should inspire the culinary genius in you. A Bedroom should bring out an aura of cosiness and comfort. While a Pooja room should seamlessly inspire and aura of eternal peace. Wardrobes shouldn’t stand out when placed at a given space in a room. 

Home Decor

All these above-mentioned Home Decor add-ons help to achieve the desired mood in any given room. Having said the same, it is important that they placed in the right places. A mirror if placed near a window, would do no good in any given case. Similarly, an antique placed in a bathroom could add no element of sophistication. Also while deciding to incorporate these add-ons it is important for you to analyse whether it goes well with the build and furnishing of your room. 

As said before, At Magnon we believe in creating memories and chapters in the lives of the customers we cater to. Every home we design, if analysed closely, would have one constant wall decor and interior design. When there come may a need to add in add-ons, we keep it simple. We believe, every room is, was and always will be built keeping in mind a cemetery. Anything and everything added to a room should fall in line perfectly with the same cemetery. 

The need for these add-ons came into existence when individuals started wanting to add a part of their own to their rooms. This not only brought about an aura of individuality to their rooms but also went to act as a theme in fallen in line with for any given Wall and Room Decor.