The wardrobe is one of the prime furniture pieces in a bedroom or home. Everyone has their different needs, and all of us desire for the perfect closet. So, there are many choices which can satisfy our requirements of organising, aesthetics and storage. The luxury interior designers in Bangalore suggests that well designed modern wardrobe can double your space utilisation and give your home a modern and stylish look as well. To satisfy your home’s modern look, combat your needs, and stand appealing to your visitors, we have created a list of wardrobes that will match your personality and the theme of your home. 

Sliding Door Wardrobe

This kind of wardrobe is different from the classic styles of Almira. As per available width, sliding door wardrobe can be designed with two, three or four doors, but there should be at least two. The sliding doors gently glide on track.

The sliding doors can be designed according to your budget and choice with the great variety of material available in the market. The design book has endless possibilities according to your preferences and desires. It couples less space because we don’t need to push or pull the doors to open it. These kinds of wardrobes are best for bedroom use, especially when there is little space to install a wardrobe. You can also add an overhanging loft to store large size stuff like luggage/suitcase and other that is used for once in a while. It is an ideal choice for a complementary look that goes well with everything.  


L-Shaped Wardrobe

This kind of wardrobe is also known as corner wardrobe because it only fits in the corner of a room.  It properly utilises the corner space, which is generally wasted.  The sliding doors are complementary for these wardrobes because it provides convenience and stylish look and massive storage capacity that makes it a perfect choice. The experts of home renovation in Bangalore can offer you a significant number of ideas if you have any corners, left unused. 


Hinge Door Wardrobe

These are the most popular and traditional type of wardrobe. It is effortless to use and opens with a hinged door, but one can decorate it according to their choice and preference. There is a wide variety of colours, size and other material which can be used for manufacturing such clusters.  As the rooms are getting smaller, the inconvenience of opening doors has increased, because it needs more space to open, that’s a significant constraint in the use of such wardrobes. Otherwise, you can count them as a great choice. 



Walk-in-wardrobes are the dream of most of us, but only a few can have them because these are so expensive as compared to other kinds of wardrobes. It comes with a high storage capacity for clothes and many other accessories. The wardrobe is considered a great choice by even professional interior decorators because they offer great organised space. 

The wardrobe offers separate space of everything that one can think of putting in their wardrobes, and that makes it an excellent choice for those who don’t want to explore multiple Almiras while getting ready. A perfect walk-in closet has hanging and storage space on all three sides. It is designed the best when we have a separate room as a dressing room where the closet can be built. It becomes an ideal choice for the fashion-conscious people who love to collect a variety of items and can spend the extra marginal cost for It as well. 


Sloped Wardrobe

Sloping wardrobe doors are an ideal choice for sloped ceiling rooms, attic bedrooms under stairs and other areas of homes which usually got wasted. They create a versatile space for storage. E.g. the area under the stairs is the most wasted space of the house as anything hardly fits there. It costs the same as an ordinary wardrobe. Everybody can choose their wardrobe in terms of colours, designs, space, and other choices without worrying about space. How to build them in your area is the job of your home interior designers in Hebbal. Since it involves the utilisation of useless space, its design makes it different from other types of wardrobe and an ideal choice for unnecessary space to put that on meaningful use. 


Wardrobe With A Mezzanine Loft

Because of the slanting nature of mezzanine loft roof, it is quite challenging to find an appropriate wardrobe design for a loft or attic room. But with the modern Innovation one can design wardrobe under loft roof with the styling of a sliding door which can fully utilise the dead space of the mezzanine loft to offer excellent storage capacity and proper utilisation of space. This idea is future appropriate for the mezzanine loft rooms. It costs nearly the same as regular wardrobes with sliding doors in addition to providing convenience. It occupies less space and gets easily fitted in the loft ceiling room, and that makes it an even better choice.  


Freestanding Wardrobe

It is a traditional style of the closet and one of the most prevailing methods, allaround the world. It is not entirely attached to the wall, and that’s why we can quickly move it from one place to another. It is available in wooden, metal and plastic body in the market. We have many choices regarding colour, size, shape, and design. It is readily accessible in the market at reasonable prices. 


It occupies an ample space to fit in but has less space for storage which is probably a down point for those who can’t fit multiple wardrobes in their homes. It is an excellent choice for those who do not want to spend a high amount of money, but have ample space and don’t need much storage space as well. Wardrobes can add beauty and style to your room without standing useless. With mirrored doors that can be covered with curtains if you don’t prefer facing a mirror in the bedroom, you get a complete dressing nook with a stylish closet.