More than a dwelling, a home is one’s castle where one spends quality time after a hectic day. In this connection, home decor plays a key role in shaping one’s mental health.The home decor of an individual’s home determines what lies in the space confined by its walls. Apart from an individual’s comfort, it also boosts up the comfort zone of other family members and guests who stop by it.The interior home designing, to a large extent, not only provides the benchmark of a home’s appearance but also the taste of its inhabitants. It is as important an element as proper ventilation and lighting. If done correctly, it complements the overall experience of cosiness and comfort.According to most interior design buffs, a high contrast home decor is the secret to making one’s residence a memorable space. It is one of the reasons why darker shades are gaining traction as an important element of home improvement these days. This post will outline the preview of high contrast home decor. Plus, the post will also highlight how it can make a difference to the ambience of your home, both in the eye of a homeowner and others.

High contrast home decor makes a difference

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Choosing the right colour scheme is important for the right balance between the colour of the walls of a room and other objects in it. It is all the more important if one or more residents of a home or guests who visit it are partially colour blind.

Such people experience visual difficulty with lighter shades. On the other hand, darker shades fare much better in helping them overcome distractions to their sight of vision to a certain extent.

If you wish to be inventive with the spaces in your home and remain struck to your style, colours with higher contrast would be the right choice for you to go with.

Do you want to create dramatic spaces in your living room or other rooms? A darker shade as an element of your home decor will enable you to achieve this feat with finesse.

To get a better idea of how dark walls work in conjunction with an open design, check out the exciting and trendy high contrast interior design ideas below. 

Inventive high contrast interior design ideas

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One of the most popular theories of interior design is that of the opposite shades. It says opposites always attract one another. 

In line with this principle, you must choose furniture with lighter texture if you have made up your mind to go with darker walls.

Also, most homeowners and designers have the notion that sunrooms must be painted in lighter shades.

While there is no harm in embracing this concept, using a darker colour instead can leave you pleasantly surprised to see what happens when the sun’s rays meet the walls of your sunroom.

Read on to discover more such ideas.

1. Replace beige with a darker tone in your room

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Unlike in the past, most rooms have cooler shades of furniture these days. As such, it is important to get rid of a beigey look as it is likely to conflict with the overall ambience of your room.

Though this may sound a little unconventional on the surface, you will get to see it after applying a beige and butter and other similar shade to the walls of your room.

You can make your space appear more cohesive by going bold with a darker tone. While a lot will depend on the pieces of furniture, you have kept in your rooms, this is a safer bet compared to other conventional options.

Your eyes will meet a pleasant sight as everything in your room will pop out. You can rest assured that the result will be dramatic. What’s more, you will earn praise from whoever visits your room.

2. Choose a contrasting colour combination

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The contrasting colour combination adds more personality to your pace if you have walls and objects with contrasting shades.

Want to explore the idea of using contrasting shades? The doors of the rooms of your home are an obvious option.

Does the overall ambience of your living space show up a bright white trim? If yes, then black doors against them would be a perfect choice. And of course, you can top it up with a piece of photography based on a similar concept.

For best results, consider going with a piece of photography involving both black and white shades. Also, focus on the undertones of the former in the rooms that are adjacent to the one with photography.

3. Go dark with your cabinets

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For some compelling reasons, the majority of dwellings have kitchens with lighter shades. Though not conventional, some people also do not hesitate to show a preference for white walls.

Do the walls of your kitchen involve this arrangement? If yes, you can be inventive without much effort or investment of time and money.

All you need to do is pair up the wall of your kitchen room with darker cabinets. You will thank yourself for this decision after seeing the results.

4. Bring more delight to the floors of your room with darker carpets

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Last but not least, carpets are an integral element of home decor. If you wish to lay carpet in a way that it covers the length and breadth of the entire floor, you do not need to worry much about your floor.

It is safe to go with darker coloured carpets, regardless of whether you have dark or light walls. It will fare well with both.

Final thoughts

While darker shades are popular for winning the hearts of homemakers, the larger part of it remains unexplored. Given above are some creative or inventive ideas on how you can utilise darker shades wisely in the interior decor strategy of your home. Follow them to make yourself as well as others happy with the right choices. Going with the trend is good, but sometimes going away is even more interesting.