A Luxurious residential complex, built on 18 spacious acres of land, that houses homes in style. The property, was constructed keeping in mind every rule from the book of Vaastu, embodying it to be truly Vaastu complaint. In addition, this Godrej property is also known for its widespread and luxurious amenities, location, its soothing landscape views and state of the art clubhouse. The number of the advantages, of owning this property is only going towards the north.

Amenities at this Godrej property

A Well-equipped Gym, Indoor Badminton court, a Mini-theater, a gaming arcade only covers the brim, when it comes to the number of amenities, this luxurious property presents its home owners with.

Interior designer in Bangalore


The property is strategically positioned, in one of the most happening areas in the city, Kanakapura Road. This Location, indeed keeps the home owner, dually in contact with life on both sides of the coin. On one side, one can see enjoy subtle things in life, like the sunrise, sunset and all the works of art by nature. While on the other side, the homeowner will stay connected with his daily luxuries, such as low traffic while driving to work, close proximity to shopping malls and movie theatres, food joints, so and so forth.

Transportation, will never be a problem, given the services by Metrorail and also a number of Cabs and local and Private buses. No destination, will feel any further than normal, given the time at which it travels and the reach the metro rail has in the city.

Given, everything that this Godrej property brings to light. We at Magnon Interiors feel, luxury is a state of mind, one can never want any less off. Over the past a decade and half, as one of the best interior designers in Bangalore, we as a team have been able to add a pinch of our magic to over 1500+ homes, across a wide range of homes by Godrej.

Interior designer in Bangalore

What is see what you get and what you dream is what we design, build and install. A team of, over 200 qualified and trained employees, help in building house into homes. At this point in time, if you are looking to own a home at this property, we at Magnon suggest you also drop into our experience centre, located on the way to the property. To pick and choose designs by the best interior designers in Bangalore. Contact us on 8880646464, to learn location and also, to discuss designs and more on call.

We are located just a stone throw away from Godrej Eternity.

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