Furnishings and Decor Accessories

A sheltered oasis of your happy place, a home is forever a place of comfort! A calm place that reflects with relaxation and allows you to be yourself. This is the reason why it clamors for adding a run of your customized style, a characteristic vibe.

A peaceful life begins at home! Staying in a well-crafted home with exquisite interiors is something that every person dreams of and makes everything possible to turn that dream into reality. Because yes, the look of your home truly signifies your personality.

If you are looking for some of the coolest interior decorators in Bangalore who will understand your home decor needs, you are indeed at the right place.

Decor Accessories play a great role in paying off & completing the designs. This is exactly where we bring out the client’s personality; understand the desired shapes, textures, colours, and all that is needed to complete the decor. Because Magnon India understand that having no decor will surely making you feel totally dressed up without putting on the jewellery or makeup.

Getting your walls painted perfectly is one of the major aspects because the look of your furniture and decor accessories will totally be dependent on that. Without proper artwork and painting, the walls would look barren, dead, and unfinished. Also, the shades of strain on your wooden flooring play a significant tool when it comes to the flow & warmth of your place. Because without having an astonishing rug the seating arrangement is just not grounded and lacks in room personality and colours. The side tables of your room are totally functional and when selected properly, they add an exquisite style to the design. Adding a beautifully styled lamp to the side tables will give a great look to your room.

We at Magnon India, promise our clients to be the best interior designers in Bangalore where we don’t add elements just for the sake of it. The art of accessorizing is very well crafted by our expert teams where you’re beautiful and space is not just cluttered with objects but tailor-made with a lot of interest, balance, function, and, texture. The creative accessories that are placed appropriately help to identify the space.

For example: adding an exquisite, and trending upholstered bench with the right combination of colours and fabrics will emphasize a foyer and define its function. Behind the sofa, playing a console table can help to outline the sitting arrangement. Adding a couple of lamps with a candlestick at the top and placing cube ottomans below it will definitely layer the function and add an extra touch of cutting-edge style.

Planning everything from the initial stage by setting a budget aside, shortlisting interior decorators in Bangalore and selecting the most promising one is one of the best ways to make sure that your project gets done accordingly. It often takes time for allocating the right mixture of designs that the clients will be keen and excited about. Scheduling a session with the clients for collecting important family items to understand how it will fit the designed space is also one of the major aspects. Focusing on the other items that will augment the feel & look that the client thrives for is also one aspect that is followed by our team of experts at Magnon India.

Accessories are something that fit into most of the planned budgets, because yes the good designers perfectly understand the importance of cutting costs and crafting them according to the set budgets. Our team at Magnon India sets the personalized plans depending on the overall set budget and the priorities of the clients and make sure they spend less on unwanted things and focus more on the essential aspects of the decor.

For example, a client can insist on having all the authentic artwork on the walls which would be important for them and they have set the budget according to it. While other clients may enjoy having framed prints which comparatively are budget-friendly and provide immense visual imagery. These are a few ways to cut down on costs in every category when it comes to, tabletop decorations, window treatments, furniture, side tables, rugs, chairs, lamps, and decorative pillows.  This is a very careful process of weighing the pros and cons, and all these things are very much important to be considered when it comes to budget, look, and quality. If you try and cut down the corners everywhere, it will definitely be visible to all. The trick here is to address the visual mix and understand when it is feasible to cut down on the budget without giving up the overall look.

Getting yourself a professional team of designers is a very significant step to ensure that you get the most out of your beautiful space to make sure that your furnishing and decor accessories make your space look more alive. Decor accessories are something that cannot be ignored or overlooked. They are the things that will make or break the complete look of your space.

The Importance of Accessories

Without having exquisitely designed decor accessories, your space will not look alive no matter how beautifully you have furnished or decorated your space. Decor accessories are more like icing over the cake that offers nothing but best visual interest.  If you perfectly source all your accessories at the initial stage of the designing process, your space will surely signify the look of completion.

Accessories are one of the most powerful tools and here’s the reason why.

  • They put life into your spaces with added texture, pattern, form, and colour.
  • Accessories are not just candy to your eye but these objects can be functional in the forms like books, bowls, vases, etc.
  • Accessories pull your design scheme together.