Doors are installed for security purpose. They keep you and the stuff in your home
safe and secure. The front door is the very first thing that gets attention when
someone visits. Though the door is mostly ignored, styling it the right way can
surely add more beauty to your home. 
Since a door is for security purpose, it must be sturdy and durable. Many people
think of installing transparent doors to make their entryway make a statement.

top interior designers review in Bangalore that your front door must be able to
hide the interiors. It should also secure your privacy. If you want a glass door to
keep an eye outside, consider installing heavy curtains to keep it covered when you
aren’t eyeing the outdoor view. 
A front door is usually large and expensive. It is a significant investment, plus you
get one that follows your decor theme. Now, what’s the use of installing a door that
doesn’t have a good life. Front doors come in a variety of material choices.

are the top materials you can choose from. 

Wood Front Door

The most beautiful and natural choice for door material is wood. The colour of
wood adds sophisticated elegance to your home. The best thing is wood goes with
all kinds of decor schemes. It looks good with every interior design trends whether
you go contemporary, modern, industrial, etc. 
You can choose wooden doors in a number of natural polished shades as well as
paints. The only thing you need to consider is quality. The quality of wood must be
excellent; otherwise, it will degrade over time. 


The durable and shiny material steel is a great choice for the front door. It’s sturdy
and has a great life if you choose quality material. Steel has also got satisfying
insulating values. Surprisingly, the cost of steel doors is sometimes even less than a
steel door, and the chances of twisting or bowing are rare.
If not maintained properly, steel doors can dent. You need to keep the doors
covered with good quality paint so that the steel doesn’t get rusted. So, if you want
your door to last longer, maintain it carefully. 

Fibreglass Front Door

Fibreglass, as suggested by interior decorators, is a gate material for door
because of its maintenance-free features. It has excellent insulating values. The

best thing about fibreglass doors is that they can mimic the look of wood doors
without needing the wood like maintenance. The doors never rot or swell, and
that’s what makes them a better choice than wood. 


An engineered material, medium-density fiberboard (MDF) is a commonly used
material for front doors. The material is quite stable and doesn’t twist like wooden
doors do. It looks really similar to wood with minimalistic detailing. The doors
made from the material are incredibly beautiful. You can paint them, and there
would be no wood grain popping out since there is no wood. 

Aluminium Glaze

The doors made of aluminium and glass panels are highly durable. Though these
doors are used less for domestic purpose, the doors are quite safe. They are hard to
break, twist, or bow. The glazed glass is hard to break, and that makes it even more
The doors look amazing if the theme of your decor is simple. It’s the best choice if
you are looking for something transparent. 
The front doors come in a variety of types. Depending on your comfort, you can
buy a style that suits your theme and meets your requirements. Here are the best
door types, as suggested by home interior designers in Jayanagar. 

Sliding Doors 

The steel rollers are fixed to shutter made of steel, glass or wood. These doors slide
fixed in track provided at the top and bottom. The number of sliding shutters
depend on your requirements. The doors are like windows on buses. One sliding
part slide behind the fixed part to open the entrance. These types of doors are
prevalent as front doors. 
Mostly they come in glass and metal sliding. The doors are best when you have a
wide entrance. 

Panel Doors 

It is the most common type of door used for main entrances. There are two flips
that are hinged on both sides. The doors come in 2 panels, three panels, four
panels, and so on. These doors are highly durable and can be prepared with any

kind of available material. The doors are simple to open. The flips sometimes open
one side and sometimes they are made to open any side you want, making them
appear more like swinging doors. 

Swinging Door 

If you are looking for a door for the outside entrance and you have another door for
the home to maintain security, these doors look classy. The doors are fixed with
hinges on one end are allowed to rotate about their vertical axis. The two flips of
doors look elegant for a garden entry or something like that when you keep the
height of the door short. These doors in short height are usually hinged in the
middle to give a beautiful look.
The full-length doors in this type are used as the front door of your building part.
Choose in wooden look in bright colours, and you will see the door adding so
much value to your home. 

Flush Doors

These doors are among the most common front door types in the present time. The
doors are easy to open. The maintenance and cleanliness of the doors are quite
flexible. The door is hinged at one side, and that’s why it’s really easy to clean it. 
It’s a simple door and a great option when your entryway is narrow. 
These doors prevent your narrow entryway from looking weird and give a
sophisticated look. The luxury interior designers in Hebbal suggest using the
flush door as the front door only if the entrance is narrow. Otherwise, you will
spoil the look of a broad entryway. 
You can find a variety of styles and designs according to your theme in the above-
mentioned materials and shutter options.