Design is an art and when formulated by a team of architects and interior designers, blossom into something special.These professionals of design transform stone age structures into pieces of momental art. 

Buildings today, wouldn’t have been considered to be wonder of the world, if there was no synergy between its architects and interior designers. As they say “A team can move a mountain while a one man army can’t even move a stone”. Likewise, the skillsets of an Architect and an Interior Designer, helps in building a plan on paper into a dream home. 

Yet there are a few skillsets, that either of these professionals posses that make the exclusive to one another. May it be , in projects involving the building of a house as a whole, or it could be just to built a kitchen. If either of these professionals are ignored they design wouldn’t look the part. However one cannot be replaced by the other. An architect can study to be become an interior designer, an interior designer on the other hand may not be able to blend in with the competencies of an architect. 

So what is the Role of an Architect? 

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An Architect as a professional would look into the nitigrities in terms of design of a building as a whole. He/she  would be the one in charge, if there was to anything build for a commercial or public project. Architects work with contractors, line men, painters , so and so forth who work on the exterior of a building. They work on the fundamental structures of any given building. 

An Architect is trained to access every pin and needle development that has been incorporated in the construction process. Safety and functional issues will be ticked off in their daily work books. Which makes them responsible if there was to be a situation when the building was to fall apart. 

Every material added to in the process of the construction, would be signed off finally by the architect.  An architect is a genius when it comes to blending in aesthetics and functionalities in a building. He could be considered nothing less than an artist. 

Architects are mathematically trained geniuses, who posses the skillet to plan the geometric plan  of a number of homes if needed. 

Role of an Interior Designer 

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An interior Designer plays the role of a bridge, between an architect and a contractor. When the architect and the contractor works on the exteriors of a building, an interior designers chalks down a plan of action on how the interior of a building could be created to blend in. 

While an architect would take into account several parameters of design of the whole building. An interior designer would look into the nitigrities of every small space in that building. Bulbs to wall hangings, furnishing options to wall decor. 

From the design of individual rooms to living rooms and Pooja rooms. An interior designer, specialises in making a house a home. 

Likewise an architect, an interior designer balances aesthetics and functionality in a given home or any given specific area in a home. 

However different their job descriptions may be, a team with the both of them working coherently would blossom any given project into a team come true. The mathematical proficiency and the design experience of either of these job owners, help with homes, rotes and all other structures standing tall on the surface of the earth. 

At Magnon India, we believe a good designer, needs to be a good salesmen too. Hence all our designers  today are also considered to be good salesman. A good salesmen, can understand the need of a home owner and if also found to have the competency of an interior designer would do wonders to bring the need, want and desire of a home owner to life. 

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