Foyer Area Design- Sticking to the statement that “the first impression is the best impression,” we believe that the entryway of a home must be designed the best. Since it’s the place where the first impression of your home starts, you need to make it best. Whether you have a broad and grand entryway or a smaller one facing your kitchen or wall of any of your rooms, what matters most is how you put the available space on work. You not only need to make the best of available space and decor options, but it’s also essential to add a few pieces that make the entrance comfortable. 

Your foyer area must be pleasing, welcoming, and classy. It should serve as a glimpse of your overall decor, and that’s why it should relate to the interior theme of the home as well. So, if you are ready to play the paint and decor game at your doorstep, here are a few good ideas to create a look that everyone will adore. 

Add A Chair Or A Bench 

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When your guests enter the home, they need something to put their stuff and remove their shoes. They might also need something to support them when they wear their footwear while leaving your home. A bench or chair will seem like a comfortable and welcoming thing to your visitors. Your first impression will now set more towards care and warmth then beauty and elegance. 

Cover The Walls With Boldness 

Best Home decor in bangalore

Everyone paints walls, and there is nothing special about it only until you make some special efforts. The best thing you can do to make your entryway seem a great idea is covering your walls with a bold wallpaper. Murals and wallpapers are never out of trend, and even if they do, you can easily remove them. Plus, the investment is quite affordable. Still, if you feel it could hurt your bank, a bold shade of color will do the job with painting itself. 

Mount Floating Shelves

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The foyer design ideas always seem more about the door. So, making it more about the interior part suggest decorating the entryway walls. The that floating shelves can be a great storage addition without occupying floor space. The shelves can also have hooks below them so that you can fill mails above and hang your keys below. The bowl-like shelves are best to sort letters.

Hang It On The Hooks

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Whenever you get back home after a heavy rain, all drenched overcoat need hangers at the doorstep only. We are sure you will wish your home to be ruined, nor will they love to bring all the water inside and feel embarrassed. So, hooks or something like that to keep overcoats and Raincoats outside will be a great thing to do. Make sure you invest in a significant number of pieces because pile on hook might make them all kiss the floor soon after you hang them. 

A Statement Lighting Fixture 

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Lighting fixtures are an essential part of the entryway. You can’t keep that area dark. It should be well lit so that even the darkest night couldn’t stop your visitors have a comfortable way. Add a beautiful lamp, a chandelier, or LED lights, or wall-mounted light that adds the glam. 

Bold Doors Speak A Lot

best Home decor in bangalore

You want to make your entryways bold, and you aren’t considering doors. Well, this isn’t possible. Doors are not only an integral part of your home but are also an essential part of your entryway decor. Have a statement piece painted in a color that shines bright. Choose a color that stands out. Lemon yellow has been a great addition to homes with white paint. Choose according to your walls and make it appear like a pop of shade if the walls seem dull. 

Bring Extra Storage If Possible 

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Home Interior suggest bringing as much storage as possible. Reason? You are never short on shoes and other stuff that belongs to your entryway. The foyer area needs a shoe rack, a table, a floating shelf, and hooks. But, the shoe rack doesn’t always have enough space, and that’s why you need extra storage if possible. You can have a sleek table with closets to prevent extra space usage. That’s a great way to manage a two in one accessory when you are short on space. 

The Check It Out Mirror 

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You are ready to go out, and then you want to have that final look. Isn’t it great to fill yourself with a lot of confidence at the door? The foyer area needs a simple large sized mirror to not only make space appear bigger but to add a useful piece in the area. Have you ever felt the need for a mirror before meeting someone’s home so that you can make sure you look good even after so much trouble with traffic and all? Well, give a chance to others, at least. 

Add The Freshness Of Plants 

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Nothing can feel more energetic than plants in the foyer area. Indoor plants have always been an integral part of interior decor, and that’s why bringing one in the foyer area is not a big deal. You can have one smaller one at the table, on the walls, or a big pot in one of the corners. 

A Carpet That Defines The Area 

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However small your foyer area is, a carpet will always define it as a separate space. A beautiful rug not only showcases your classy choice but also prevents a lot of dirt from entering your home. Keep it simple, and don’t buy anything oversized. It should cover a part of the area in such a way that it looks like a requirement more than a decor piece.