Pets are mostly available in every house nowadays; these amazing four-legged animals bring joy into life. When we have pets, there are more responsibilities more hygiene issues and such a situation creates a responsibility of maintaining cleanliness in the house. Dog hairs, cat hairs, nails and various other shedding are mostly found in a house loaded with animals. To prevent smell or hygiene issues, you need to prefer perfect flooring for your house. First of all, keep your pets well-groomed. Make sure that you use a high power vacuum cleaner to clean your house including sofas, carpet, bed and all the areas where your pets roam. There can be various floorings to fit your interior desigin like vinyl flooring, cork flooring, tiles, laminate, hardwood etc. it is always advised to not use carpet, as it may create a mess of situation which won’t be easy to clean.

It is very essential to keep your pets clean. Make it a routine to remove all the dirt while grooming your pet. Casually using pet shampoo helps easy cleaning of the pet. Do not let your bedroom in every room. Restrict the entry in Laundry room especially. Apart from this while decorating your house, make sure that you do not have hair magnet items.

While choosing a perfect floor for your cute little member of the house, make sure that you choose hard flooring. Avoid using carpeting and good quality rugs. Apart from this make sure that you do not have delicate products in your house. Children’s and pets walk carelessly; they will drop things here and there by banging themselves in cabinets and tables. If possible, have a separate dog room/pet room which will allow your pet to move freely. You can fill in the place with some toys and treats so that your pet does not feel like going around the whole house.


Vinyl flooring is durable, waterproof, easy to clean and soft as compared to others. This is a better option when you have pets at your home; moreover will fir your interior design layout. All the hairs can easily be removed with the help of a vacuum cleaner. Any wet material does not leave a trace/spot on the flooring. Apart from this when the flooring is best and can be used for years. If you want to avoid the click, click, click sound of your pet then you can prefer vinyl flooring. If you want to know more about it, just reach out to the best interior designers in Bangalore or just Google the best interior designers near me.


This has hyper allergic and antibacterial qualities, hence can be used in your house if you have pets. The flooring is durable, resilient and resistant. Well, it does not hide scratches in sports but if you choose a lighter shade of cork material then it might work. If you’re choosing cork flooring, you must know that it cannot be refurnished or polished. Cork flooring is expensive as compared to the others and the life span with pets is quite longer. cork flooring can easily suit your modern day house.


Tiles and stones are general floorings that can suit any house, even if it has pets. You do not need to worry about spots, stains, hairs, nails or any other shedding from your pet. Apart from this, if you’re not willing to make efforts in cleaning and vacuuming your house then it’s better to prefer tiles and stones. All you need to do is just broom and you are done. If you have a dog at your place, it might be a little uncomfortable for your dog to adjust on tiles and stones. Whereas if you have a cat, there won’t be any problem. Just to make the flooring comfortable for your dogs, have plenty of rugs. Do not purchase expensive rugs because, in the end, they are going to be filled with hairs and shredding.


People use laminate flooring because it is scratch-resistant. You can easily clean it with a vacuum or a mop. But then is it pet friendly? No laminate flooring is not pet friendly especially when we talk about dogs. Pets get no traction on the laminate surface that may cause serious health hazards. Apart from this, such a hard surface would not be comfortable for dogs especially. Still, if you have laminate flooring at your house, make a corner that has rugs and small cushions just to make your dog or cat feel comfortable. We being the best interior designers in Bangalore provide you will amazing services.


This is the toughest flooring in the list. The pre-finished factory hardwood flooring usually comes with several layers of tough finish that creates a protective layer. If you prefer purchasing good quality hardwood flooring, it would almost make 8-9 layers, making it strong and durable. Generally, dogs do not feel comfortable on hardwood especially when you have large breeds. Moreover, woods and Water go against each other. Urine or vomit of your pet can easily deteriorate the quality of your flooring. Not only this, but it will also create issues of bad smell. Apart from this, the wood will swell up. Having such a situation, it’s always advised to stay away from the hardwood. Hardwood flooring would suit any of your interior design layouts, not only this, make sure that you do not use hardwood in your modular kitchen.

We have seen mostly all types of Flooring. It is difficult to choose which the best for your pet is. But you can always prefer having vinyl flooring or a cork flooring as it is durable, water-resistant, easy to clean and comfortable for your pet. Even if it is not comfortable you can have small rugs to support your pets. Moreover always keep water and food in an easy to clean place, so that vacuuming or sweeping can easily clean all the spills. Teach your parents with hygiene habits. This seems quite tricky but dogs and cats learn faster. It is strictly advised to not use carpet, hardwood as it may swell up, smell and irritate people around. Laminate flooring is not pet friendly so to keep your pet in peace, avoid it. Restrict the entry of your pets in your modular kitchen, even if they enter maintain proper hygiene.

All of this does not mean to restrict your pet in a single room, snatching of his liberty to live freely. Just make some minor changes in the lifestyle of your pet. Make sure that the pet takes a bath regularly, give him some space. Space should define his world. You can have a small bed, water and food area along with some interesting toys and instruments to engage. If you have a backyard, Pets love open spaces. Design your house in a way that it pleases your pet rather than causes irritation and pain. Though these animals do not have a voice, you need to understand their needs and preferences on your own.

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