Its Diwali time, a time to cherish and enjoy with your family and friends. Diwali has always been a festival of ethnicity and culture, where people decorate their houses, prepare sweets and meet and greet people. You might be wondering ideas by which you can make your house look a little unique from others, in terms of Diwali decoration.

Well, we are always here to help you. In today’s time, where the pandemic is on the urge celebration is always a need. It is quite necessary to cherish the mood of family and friends and enjoy these happy moments. Few of the essential Diwali decor items include an amazing Rangoli design, A dose of heavy lighting, flowers and sweets.

Let’s have a look on to some of the Diwali decor ideas, which can help you make your house look different. First and foremost, the main entrance should look different and well cultured. The entrance can be decorated by toran, Flowers, lights, Diya’s and more. Make sure that you keep the look very natural, the lights and flowers should dominate every corner of your entrance. It is one of the most appealing things, which attract the eyes of people. Well, we can’t judge the book by its cover but yes, in this case, it’s something opposite. Many people prefer putting various Rangoli designs in front of their doors, just to make the entrance look colourful and beautiful. Make sure that you use bold colours and specific designs to make it enriching. You can use flowers to make Rangoli designs and also Diya’s and lights. Just in case you are curious, you can reach out to the top interior designers in Bangalore or luxury villa interior designers in Bangalore. If you are not a Bangalore person then just Google the best interior designers near me

Do not particularly focus on fresh flowers; you can also use artificial flowers for them to stay longer. Not only this, nowadays even find different types of lanterns that can be used inside houses and on the entrances. These lanterns make the look more elegant and mesmerizing. Prominently use the marigold flower, roses, lavender and jasmine to make the colours naturally appealing. Moreover, prefer flower curtains and use attractive flowers of different colours like green, red, pink, orange and yellow. Infact, you can also use flowers and make a focus point to click Diwali pictures. Not only this, you can also make a wall hanging with the help of flowers just for a change. How about the idea of adding ribbons along with flowers. Yes, it a very unique idea and you can put ribbon strands in between flowers to manage your decor.

It is better to use your fairy lights in unique ways like drape lights around the windows and doors, drape it around the furniture, drape it in form of curtains. You can also make a string light chandelier or a table lamp.

When putting up with decorations, thread lanterns are so very easy to make and are beautifully magnificent. To create the lanterns, you will need some glue-like Fevicol, a tub, balloons, cotton yarn, and water. You can insert string lights into almost anything. Grab a few mason jars and fill up the lights with them. All you have to do now is find the right spot where you can hang them.

To make a beautiful chandelier that can be hung in your living room to add the festive atmosphere to it, wind the string lights around the hula hoop randomly. This is the ideal living room decoration idea for Diwali. Both indoors and outdoors, these lights run very well. While you are at it, they are also great for fast party decor. What you need to do is get a hoop to twin the lights together. So this year, to get a glam look for your house, try this Diwali home decoration light.

Apart from all these small ideas, you can also hang flowers garlands from balloons. It is a very new and creative idea. Try hanging then with your ceiling at different levels, in flairs. Otherwise, you can drape flower garlands on the edge of your curtains. It looks amazing and is very unique.

Diya’s and candles should be a very necessary source of light, rather than your regular tube lights. Nowadays we get a huge variety of Diya’s and candles in markets along with various candle stands.

Rather than buying the old and dull types of Wall hanging from the stores, you can opt to craft on your own. To make wall hangings, it doesn’t take much stuff and time. To decorate them, you can use cardboard, old newspapers, bright papers/sheets and fairy lights. With this material and DIY technique, with the advantage of decorating them on your own, you can easily create your wall hangings.

Have you ever thought of making paper cut lights? Let’s see how these are made. On the base of paper cups, make tiny crisscross cuts and bring the lights through them. The paper cups behave like lampshades in this way, giving the lights a completely different look. This Diwali decoration idea will surely be loved by you.

For decorating tables, floors, and doors, paper coneflowers can be superb for decorating. And they’re all super easy to craft. By folding square pieces of paper around themselves to create paper cones. Glue the sharps in a flower pattern to the end of a circular cardboard cover. The paper coneflower with this Diwali interior decorating is all set to liven up your family and your home.

How about using tour creativity and quilling some unique designs? Design a special theme, get colourful quilling papers and needle to decorate your thalis. Create circular or elliptical types of quilling papers and arrange them around the light in your thali in patterns and designs. You can use these to beautify windows and doorways, too!

Well. This was all we had. Now it’s time to implement these ideas and start your Diwali decorations. There is a lot more that can be done; all you need to do is find out some DIYs. To know more you can reach out to the top interior designers in Bangalore or luxury villa interior designers in Bangalore. If you are not a Bangalore person then just Google the best interior designers near me