A Hindu family home is incomplete without a temple; irrespective of the home’s size, a temple, big or small or a puja room (if permitted by the space) is installed in a household. A home temple or the puja room is considered to be an integral part of the family as it plays a major role as the center of religion, belief, traditions and congregation. It is also the basis of Hindu Dharma. Magnon Interior Designers will help you design your Puja Room at its best with all the important information related to the Vastu and they stand as the Famous Interior Designers in Bangalore.

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When we bring home a temple or make room for our gods and goddesses, it is generally far removed from our daily activities. In some homes, multiple small temples are built, each one for different gods and goddesses. With a temple at home, one has to perform daily puja rituals just like it is done in a bigger temple.

Generally, we avoid negative thoughts in prayer. We use only positive thoughts to get results. So, the room gets charged with positive energy, over a period of time. In that room, we generally keep pictures of Gods and Mahatmas. Even though we believe in one God, we keep the pictures of many deities. We light a lamp and worship the Lord. We burn incense in that room. Smelling incense while experiencing the calm silence of the puja room can be a powerful tool for the mind to experience peace of mind. All family members worship God in that room. Parayana (reading the scriptures) and special pujas are always done in that room. We should make “communing with God” the specific purpose of the room.

While designing a house one should take care of Pooja Room. This is only place in a home from where all positive energies flow in the entire house and makes everyone feeling relaxed and fully charged. Now days due to space constraints people have started ignoring the importance of Pooja Room in a house. But this should not be done. We should make a place for GOD for ourselves, our family and everyone whom we love.