As a building is incomplete without a roof, similarly, a home interior is incomplete without a good ceiling and lights. The ceiling design is gaining momentum in interior designing and it has become the most favored of the four walls and the floor. The false ceiling designs are being used for many years but now they are coming with different patterns, technology, and lighting.

A false ceiling is a ceiling fitted to the top that hangs below the original ceiling of a room. It’s usually suspended by either wooden or metal frames. There are several false ceiling designs that are trending nowadays. Given below details will help you to choose the best false ceiling design for the room:


  • Single-layered

This ceiling is the best way to jazz up any room. Many homeowners look for the Best interior designers in Bangalore when they want to have a false ceiling for their room. There are some people who often leave it white below the white ceiling. The interior designers help to add dimension without overwhelming the space. In this, you get the option to choose from a variety of colors, designs, and textures. This also comes with the lighting options to attract the eyes of everyone who enters the room. This is also the best trick to distract from a small space or one that doesn’t do much in terms of decor.


  • Multi-layered

If you don’t want to go for a single-layered false ceiling, try our multi-layered. The layers are a way to experiment with the versatile medium.  If you have larger rooms, then a multi-layered ceiling in the center can bring the best point. For those who want to lay them out near the edges, it is more likely to make any room look wider. This ceiling also opens up something new for lighting and shape-based experiments.


  • Coffered

They are square or boxy panels that are fixed to a ceiling. Many Home interior designers in Bangalore advise to choose them as the false ceiling. This helps to creates the illusion of higher ceiling height with the multiple dimensions in one room.

A false ceiling works best to makes the room cooler especially when the roof is exposed to direct sunlight and gets heated in the summer. It creates a space between the roof and room which provides a cooling effect. It also helps to save electricity as the air conditioner’s cooling system has to cover a lesser area. When the airflow is lessened and the electricity will be used less.

If your room has a false ceiling then all the electrical wires will get hidden behind the suspended ceiling. This will help to provide a neater look also if any kind of repair work has to be carried out. It helps to gives a separate look to the room without adding a partition. A particular pattern or color is used in the drop ceiling to create the illusion. In the false ceiling, the natural light gets enhanced and balanced up smoothly.

Types of False Ceiling Lights

You spend your time for your house choosing the right wallpaper, furniture, false ceiling design, flooring, and much more. However, if the lighting is not the best, everything in the room will fail to provide the best look. The type of lighting you choose from the Interior designers in Bangalore will let you know that the false ceilings have the power to change the look and the mood of the space. If you are wondering the types of false ceiling lights then given are some of the most common:

  • LED Recessed Lighting

These lights are the most common of false ceiling lights. They are affordable and soft. When you are looking for lights from the best Interior decorators in Bangalore, they get them installed easily. The best way for you to use this light is to strategically highlight a particular area of the room. This gives a spotlight to an area or unobtrusively put the focus on a wall.

  • Cove Lighting

Cove light is the indirect light that focuses on the ceiling. It provides a sweet illumination down the walls. You can combine it with floor lamps. They are concealed behind the moldings and give power to the room. It provides a gentle luxurious feel and decreases down harshness. They are effectively used to highlight or accentuate an architectural element. They are also used in the kitchen and you can get them from the Modular kitchen dealer in Bangalore. If your house has a ceiling and you want to highlight them, then they are your best for that.

  • Flush Mount Lighting

If there is a low-ceiling space in your room then flush lights can help to provide light to the entire room. They are sufficient to spread the light over a large area without giving a harsh look. You can use this style of lighting in any room. Whether it is a living room, bedroom, dining area, kitchen, it is an economical solution for places where hanging lights don’t fit best.

  • Gimbal Recessed Lighting

These lights are generally used when you want to hide fragile-looking bulbs. They are flexible and highly efficient lights that are enough to create drama in the room. Go for colored lights or choose subtly, you will get the best light for your room without compromising the design of the ceiling.


  • Back-lit Ceiling Panels

These panels are perfect for creating a natural glow just like daylight in a room. They are back-lit ceiling panels and always aspire to give a calm and serene space. They are also easy-to-install. They are compact and measure luminous ceiling panels to get the ultimate solution.



False ceiling and lighting depending on your preferences. Besides the aesthetic appeal, false ceilings provide functional features that are enough to improve acoustics. They help to cover unsightly wires/ pipes. They are efficiently designed. Also, the major benefit of installing them is that it works on less electricity consumption, this means you can save a lot even by providing a luxurious look.