Building a modular kitchen, from sctarch is almost a dream come true in many cases, with most of the stunning features and awesome decor. It’s not difficult, to build a modular kitchen, all you need to do is just have various elements like cutlery organisers, pullout baskets, tall units, corner cabins, rolling shutters, smart fridge or a kitchen planner. The list is never-ending because there are many other factors and features that can help your kitchen to be modular. 

When it comes to the modular kitchen, we must think about optimizing space and making it more efficient and effective to use by having various functional accessories. These accessories will make your kitchen clutter-free clean and much organized. These kitchens are well known for their quality, durability and accessibility. Now here are some interesting esseantial accessories that you can have in your modular kitchen.


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We have dozens of cutlery pieces in the kitchen including pots and plates, spoons and forks, cup and saucer, large containers and boxes etc. instead of stuffing all this in a white drawer, all you can do is have cutlery organizers which specific partitions and sizes that can accommodate all these kitchenware material. Especially when it comes to organizing silverware, these partition trees are mostly used.


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These are different sized baskets that are a lookalike of drawers. These are mostly deep so that you can store large vessels, containers, plates and ports. Apart from this having a pull-out basket it’s much easier than picking up things by getting in the cabinet. These baskets do not easily get damaged with excessive weight and are durable. Not only can this but you also have small baskets for storing vegetables like potatoes and onions, just for simplifying your use.


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Bottle pullout can be made in a very sleek and slim space, it is tall and having very less width. You can accommodate large and small bottles of vinegar, oil, sauce, pickles, Jams etc. into these pullout drawers. These doors are mostly made up of stainless steel; hence do not get easily rusted.


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Tall unit is one of the most beneficial when it comes to organizing space in your kitchen. A tall unit can organize most of your groceries because it has various shells and baskets. You can add supplies like sauces, flour, rice, pulses, tissues, flakes etc. it also has small cabinets on the doors so that you can fit bottles and small stuff in it. The stall unit can also be used as a pantry to store all the excessive items in your house. Another way of making a tall unit is to store pots and containers. You can have a tall unit with almost 4 or 5 shelves. In each shelf, you can store bowls, pasta trays, baking trays, saucers and pans, large vessels etc. 


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Most of the people do not consider using corner units effectively. These units can be made much more accessible with pullout, rolling, L-shaped or U-shaped drawers and cabinets. It would be interesting to know that corner units have much more space than other units. People avoid using it because it is hard to reach spot. 


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Most of the time, space below the sink is kept neat and clean without any shells and cabinets to store stuff. But what you can do is have stainless steel baskets to store liquid wash, detergent, and other washing items. Below the sink area is prone to get dirty easily, make sure that you have a solution to clean it regularly. You can also install a dustbin holder inside the cabinet to store all the garbage instead of creating a mess.


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Having a kitchen chimney is extremely essential because while cooking Indian food all that is created is lots and lots of moisture humidity and smell. Nowadays various types of chimneys come with innovative designs, are much easier to clean. Chimneys are Scratch-resistant and of high strength. 


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When it comes to redesigning or making a modular kitchen, we cannot forget a smart fridge. Having a smart fridge means customizing most of your work. A smart fridge can make ration list, it can predict which food is getting worse, helps in storing the food for a longer period. It has specified cabinets for different types of foods. Not only these nowadays smart fridges come with various smart features like Alexa, who can play music, control your house and even provide you with recipes for all the items in your fridge.


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This is the cooktop which has the induction as well as Gas store. This is very essential when it comes to having a model a kitchen. Because most of the people prefer having a gas store or an induction, both of them together form a perfect combination.


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Generally there are traditional cabinet doors, which bang in your head Every time you open it. Having a lift up cabinet door is a perfect solution, which looks much more trend year and fabulous. These doors open upwards and are much safer to use.


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Using rolling shutters in your kitchen is another good option because these are easy to use; it makes your work much more simplified. Instead of having huge doors and cabinet that occupy a lot of space, you can have a simple rolling shutter that stores your appliances. It also prevents all the appliances from being dirty and also protects them from any water spills, splashes, grease and oil.


So here was a list of some essential accessories that you may require if you are on the verge of considering a Modular Kitchen rennovation . All these accessories including tall units, pull-out, cutlery organizers, and lift up cabinets are much easier to use, as compare to a traditional kitchen. All of this comes down to a single principle that you need to organize space perfectly even if your kitchen is small.

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