Decorating Your Home for summers

Summers have already arrived, and it’s time to prepare your home for the season as well. While winters demand darker hues, warmer fabrics, and covered windows, summers give you the freedom to enjoy every a lot of natural and brighter things. The end to end interior designers in Yelahanka have a lot of things to suggest when it comes to updating the home for summers.

Here are some quick tips to welcome summers with swag.

End to end interior designers in Yelahanka

Wash Your Windows and Doors

You can’t get the best of any season if your home is not clean. Clean your home thoroughly to discover if there are any holes or passage for bugs and get them repaired. The cleaning process will not be completed if you don’t give a thorough wash to your doors and windows. If you can’t wash, clean them with clean water and cloth.

Get Your Lighter Textiles Out

Winter is the season of darker fabrics, but you can’t keep them on in summers as they will absorb light and make your home feel warm. Instead, replace them with light colored textiles. You must keep bed sheets, pillow covers, and other upholstery ready for summer. The End to end interior designers in Yelahanka suggests changing them after a thorough cleanup of everything.

End to end interior designers in Yelahanka

Replace Warmer Fabrics with Linen and Cotton

We can’t go for cotton fabrics in winters, and we can’t go for warmer materials like silk and wool in summers either. You must get bed sheets in cotton and linen for a cool as well as comfy feel. If you feel irritated with wool as many people do and want soft bed sheets, linen can be your go-to for winters as well. Linen is cold in summer and warm in winter.

Declutter Your Home

Decluttering isn’t the most crucial task to clean out the mess that had accumulated in the colder months. Clean your rooftops, storerooms, bedrooms, and throw away things you don’t need. If you have something that can be reused, donate them to needy people. You can also do some DIY projects with your kids in the summer holidays.

End to end interior designers in Yelahanka

Add the Fragrance of summers

Summer needs to smell like summer and not winter. Oils and candles have something more to do than you expect. Bring in the heavenly scent of orange and lemon with these two, and you will feel the freshness in the air. Ditch your old soap and replace it with lavender soaps to have a feel of lavender in your bathroom as well. Other pleasant fragrances of summer are lilac and rose.

Cheer Away Your Home with Florals

Summer couldn’t get the right feel until you don’t bring florals in your upholstery. Floral prints are not only suitable for your outfits; instead, they are equally beneficial for your home. Florals add a touch of elegance and make your house feel more lively.

End to end interior designers in Yelahanka

Extend Your Green Space

Extend your green space with more potted plants. You can have little succulents anywhere in your home. Succulents are best because you don’t have to worry about watering them as they need a minimal amount of water. You can spray water them whenever they feel dry. You can add more green plants in the balcony area where you can water your plants without any hassles. Even the kitchen area can have some greenery.

Welcome Brighter Hues

The End to end interior designers in Yelahanka suggests that summers never actually blossom until you don’t replace darker shades with brighter colors. Get your stuff in more vivid shades of white, yellow, light green, etc. that are not only bright, but also keep you fresh by reflecting light. Add a touch of brightness in everything.

Show Off Your Hardwood Floors

If you have hardwood floors, but you don’t get a chance to showcase the beauty, summers are like blessings. Say bye to rugs and let your hardwood floor impress your visitors with their natural elegance. After all, you don’t spend just to hide.

End to end interior designers in Yelahanka

Repaint Your Home

You not only need to repair the holes, but it’s also necessary to cover those repaired parts with paint. If you can afford, get your home a coating of fresh color. Paint doesn’t only make your home appear beautiful, but it also adds life to your home. Don’t forget to choose the trendiest colors for your bedrooms.

Seashell Decoration

The end to end interior designers in Yelahanka elaborate that you must have natural decoration in your home when it comes to summer. Summer is all about bringing nature in with brighter colors, flowers, fresh plants, and everything else you can do. Woven baskets, indoor plants, and seashells are the best things to decorate your home in summer. You can also use small stones to make some DIY decorating projects.

End to end interior designers in Yelahanka

Move Furniture

The way your furniture is used in summer V/S how it’s used in winters is entirely different. In one of the rooms in my house, the fan is in the middle of the room. When the bed is in the center, the whole place appears filled, but in winter when there is no need of a fan, we move the bed in one corner, and that frees a lot of space. Rearrange the furniture in the home to make the best use of available resources.

New Drapes

You want to have no air drapes in winters so that your room can stay warm. But, in the summer, you need to replace thick curtains with lighter fabrics. Have sheer and gauzy curtains so that you can have the freshness of the air as well as can use bamboo shades in your corridor for a natural element as well no sun summer.

Lit Up Your Home with Brighter Lights

While dim light says cold weather, summers want brighter lighting. While we don’t want the brightness of the sun, we still love the shine that the sun holds. Bring white bulbs for summers and you will see the magic. You can still create the romantic candle light atmosphere whenever you want, but most of the time, brightness is all you need.