10 Sofa Styles for Your Home

The most comfortable place in the world is our home, and the most convenient part of the house is a bed. The only thing that is as comfortable as a bed is a sofa. These comfy pieces add glamour to your home and complete your home. The end to end interior designers in KR Puram suggest that sofas can add luxury to your home with minimal effort. The best thing about modern couches is their versatility. We have a daybed, which becomes a bed at night and works as an excellent addition for little homes.

End to end interior designers in KR Puram

The sofa has become a necessary addition in today’s time. Since it’s a significant investment, you have to be smart while choosing your piece. It should be of good quality, must go well with your decor theme, fulfil your needs, and should be elegant in design. As the most significant furniture in your living room, a sofa needs to be a complementary piece. So, it’s better to be sure of what you need according to your taste and needs. You must be sure of two things before stepping ahead, which are size and colour.

End to end interior designers in KR Puram

If you are thinking to purchase a sofa for your living room, but aren’t sure about the types of sofas available in the market, the below article is for you. Here are the top 10 types of sofas.

Mid Century Sofa

Mid-century is known for its fantastic design movements and the designs of that time are still as warm and trendy as they were then. The sofas usually have square shaped low legs. The use of organic shapes and geometry is enough to introduce you to the organic effect of mid-century pieces. The couches are soft, and the comfort level doubles up with cute pillows.

A Daybed

The end to end interior designers in KR Puram suggests that if you have a small home and have space for just one piece between sofa and bed, a daybed is your go to. Moreover, the couch is a comfortable option for those who regularly attend guests and don’t have enough sleeping space. The daybed will turn into a full bed at night when opened and will serve as a sofa when added pillows. They do have side rails or armrests, and that’s how they become a sofa in the day.

End to end interior designers in KR Puram

English Roll Arm

The warmth and modernity of the couch are enough to steal the attention from everything else. Soft and right back, legs on casters, recessed arms, and amazingly soft pillows signify the beauty of this fantastic sofa. The best piece of contemporary decor is this and this only.


With a borrowed name and slightly different look than other sofas, a tuxedo is the first choice of the best interior designers. The glamorous arms of the couch are as high as the back. Pillows can be added with the sofa for extra comfort. The best versions of the furniture have exposed legs with a single row of tufts. The arms are a bit higher than other types of sofa, and that’s why cushions are added for elegance and comfort.

End to end interior designers in KR Puram


This sofa from 18th-century designer Thomas Chippendale with arched back gained too much popularity. The arched back rises more in the middle and relatively less on ends. The couch has square or rolled arms. Like many of the great sofa designs, it has no cushions. Though you can add pillows for comfort if you want, the arched back serves as exceptional comfort. Exposed wooden legs add a beautiful charm to the sofa.


This cushion less sofa holds a sophisticated charm. The furniture piece was specifically designed to prevent suits from getting wrinkled. Sounds interesting? The couch is made of leather and has tufting that gives willed effect to the leathered sofa. The back of the couch is the same in height as arms giving the sofa a sophisticated look. It has rolled arms, which is another beautiful part of the furniture. The sofa dates back to the 18th century, but the elegance it holds is still the same.


Though it’s used as a secondary sitting option, the cuteness and elegance hold its position in the list. Usually designed for two, this little couch is also known as love sofa. With a shallow seat, high back, simple smaller than back arms, and legs made of wood, the couch is an excellent addition if you want to combine something with the beautiful chairs in your living room.


A vibrant piece in terms of colours, styles and materials, Lawson sofa, is the favourite of many. It has arms lower than the back, and the arms are sometimes square and sometimes slightly rolled. The traditional Lawson has only three cushions, but with experimentation with the model, you can see various sofas in the same names. The couch comes in leather and textile finishingspl, s it could also have embedded metal or wood. The base is slightly higher from the floor and even touches the floor sometimes.

End to end interior designers in KR Puram


The sofas surely got their real life in the 18th century because this legendary age has so much to gift us. The beauty and the intricate charm that the piece from the 18th-century hold is something worth praising. The cabriole legs are quite a significant aspect of the century, and that’s why cabriole sofa is special. The gentle ‘S’ shape of the legs outward curving in the upper portion and upward curving in lower part makes it look unique.

End to end interior designers in KR Puram

The sofa has slightly lower arms than the back. The wooden frame is exposed for a sophisticated look. The couch generally characterises lines and has no cushions. But, you can do cushioning for comfort because wherever the End to end interior designers in KR Puram did, they won a big thumbs-up.

End to end interior designers in KR Puram

Sectional Sofa

The realism of the modern age paved the way for functional, and that’s why the sectional sofa has looted so much of attention. These sofas are great at filling large spaces, plus these are the best option for joint families for an ample amount of space for the whole family. Small interiors can’t hold such sofas as the beauty will become a hurdle in small areas.