End to End Interior Decors in Bangalore,  kitchen is the place of the house where maximum water is used. From washing dishes and vegetables to cooking food, modular kitchen manufactures in Bangalore and they are the End to End Interior Designers in Bangalore, everything requires lots of water. None of our work will finish smoothly without water and if we want to do our work conveniently in future, we must save water. Here are some smart and simple ways to save water in the kitchen.

End to End Interior Decors in Bangalore

Use low-flow faucet

Higher the flow of kitchen faucet, greater will be the wastage of water. A faucet that lets less water to run through it can limit your water use in the kitchen.


A leaking tap is the biggest reason for water wastage in the kitchen. The small number of water drops falling from the faucet can lead to wastage of a large amount of water in a year. Repair the leaks and save water. modular kitchen manufactures near me and they are known as the End to End Interior Designers in Bangalore.

End to End Interior Decors in Bangalore

Rinse the vegetables

Washing vegetables under running water can seem easy but it wastes a huge amount of water. Fill a large bowl or plastic tub with enough water and use a vegetable scrub to clean the vegetables thoroughly. Even if you use water two times in rinsing, it will be still better than washing under running water.

Steaming is better

Not only steaming keep nutrients saved in the food, it saves water too. Steaming uses a very small amount of water in comparison to boiling. Steam food, save water and eat nutritiously.

End to End Interior Decors in Bangalore

Repurpose water

Unsalted water left after boiling veggies and other things can be used to water plants. The water is full of nutrients and is good for your plants. One thing to keep in mind is that the water must be cooled before using in the garden.

Use dishwasher

Hand washing leads to wastage of very large amount of water. Make use of water-efficient dishwashers, fill them with water and you are ready to wash dishes in less than 1/3rd water than washing under running water.

End to End Interior Decors in Bangalore

Rinse dishes while hand washing

If you have a double sink, use one to rinse dishes. You can also use a big tub.

Don’t defrost under running water

You can defrost food in the microwave by changing settings or make a plan and let your food thaw in the refrigerator overnight. Defrosting frozen food under running water uses a large amount of water which could be otherwise used for a number of other purposes.

End to End Interior Decors in Bangalore

Start using tap water for drinking purpose

A large amount of water is wasted while manufacturing plastic bottles. Using a filter to clean your drinking water will help you save both water and money. The wastewater from the filter can be used for other purposes and it costs very less in comparison to bottled water.

Chill water

Are you habitual of running tap until cold water doesn’t arrive? Change the habit and start chilling water. Keep a bottle or pitcher of water in the refrigerator and let it cool. You can then drink chilled water whenever you want. Modular kitchen designers in Bangalore and End to End Interior Designers in Bangalore. You can also use earthen pitcher cool water outside the refrigerator. The water cooled this way is safe to drink.