While they say “An empty mind is a devil’s playground”. It is important, for us as humans to keep our minds empty from time to time. Although, the word empty in this case may not mean the same as usual. Empty, in this case, would resonate with the word peaceful.“A peaceful mind always keeps an artist on his toes.” The easiest way to help keep his/her mind at ease would be to help keep the surroundings of his/her workplace inspiring and quiet.

It is said that “Life is a movie and we are all just actors acting and reacting to its beat.” In that case, every one of us are artists. Whether you, are forever seen to be buried in the hot oils and smoke inside the four walls of a Modular Kitchen or you just lay dead in slumber, feeling the after-effects of the party you went to last night.

While we, may not have much control over what life brings us next to act upon. We sure do have enough and more control over the today’s in our lives. The today’s in our lives is for us to live and experience. While the pandemic may try its best to drive the todays from the clutches of our control. It is we, who can do whatever it takes to find that one spark of happiness and love, that can change the way we act upon the shenanigans of the God Almighty.

The first step to keeping home that we live and work in inspiring  

Know what inspires you

In a few cases, it may be just the voices in our head. Most of us, have a list of things that keeps the creative juices and the nerves in our body busy at work. Listed below are some of the commonly known elements/instruments that light the lamp into wild flames.


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What could kickstart this list any better than a lamp? As, a child we are sure to have every one of us would be told, stories and incidents of how a large sum of people in our families studied to great feet’s in their lives under the light of a lamp. While the design and usability it brings forth, may have changed over the years. The fact of it being, the most commonly known element/ instrument of inspiration, has, was, or never will be changed.

Comfortable Furniture

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Comfort is certainly a prime factor when it comes to creating an inspiring aura. Furniture over the years has been subjected to different names based on the comfort they give out. The examples to explain the same are truly numerous.  Sleeping Chairs, Couch, Easy Chairs, …. list can go on and on. Comfort in most cases can bring about an unimaginable contribution in the light of inspiration.

Wall Décor

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Although, this may not come as much of a surprise. Wall Décor indeed, plays a very significant role in the way a room is perceived to be. Colors, such as white, beige, sky blue, lemon yellow, emit waves of positivity and inspiration. These shades, keep the room warm and welcoming to ideas, inventions and creativity in any form and shape.


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Medieval or Modern, Art or Architecture inspired, an artefact certainty brings about an aura in most cases beyond belief. The examples that explain this statement are more the many that can be counted on the fingers of our hands. The aura, a painting or a sculpture by Pablo Picasso creates certainly in most cases is seamlessly inspiring.


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Though they may not yesterdays invention. A good speaker, lets out positivity and inspiration in the form of beats and lyrics. Whether you are a teenager or a grown to be old man/woman. A speaker, in any case would be the right thing to add to your bedroom, if you find yourself searching for inspiration elsewhere.

Even though, this list can go on and on. Inspiration, in a few other cases, can come forth in terms of design and usability. In other words, it can come about in the way certain things we use on a daily basis are built, designed and are useable. Although this may not make much sense, the fact of this matter in most cases is very true.

For example, a Modular Kitchen when elegantly designed inspires an aura of cleanliness. In other words, an elegantly designed Modular Kitchen demands to be kept clean all throughout the day, to look the way it is for years and years. Similarly, a bedroom to demands to be kept clean and tidy, to look the same from the day you call it your room, unit that one day you start sharing it with your wife.

While we are often told to find inspiration within ourselves. It becomes, close to impossible to get it burning within when we find ourselves scooching in between a large pile of clothes or stale or untraced food. In most cases, the right thing would be to trash it immediately. We end up procrastinating this act for days and days. Until we find, ourselves becoming guests in our bedrooms.

Although there may not be a full and final conclusion to this act, we all practice irrespective of our age, gender or educational qualification. The simple thing that can be done is to at least try implementing one or two of the points given above. If you have your own methods, you use to inspire yourself and feel like you need a helping hand to get the design of your bedroom into life.

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