Your home is not only a place to live in but also has a lot of emotions and feelings attached to it. Gone are those days when your apartment was considered as a place for shelter and survival place, now it has become a style statement. The fancier your house is; the more appealing it looks to grab the attention of everyone who enters your home. Usually, apartments come in small size, and sometimes we have to opt for apartments irrespective of our choice and preferences. But no worries, if you are staying in an apartment and are looking for clever ways to fancy your home then here are some splendid and ingenious ideas to design your home. Magnon is famous as the End to end interior designer in bangalore,Interior designers in Banashankari.

End to end interior designer in bangalore,Interior designers in Banashankari

Play with colour hues in your room

Gone are those days when people used to paint their house in a single colour from top to bottom. Nowadays you can play a splash with all colours that interest you. You can have separate colours for separate rooms and also can go in for multi colours in the same room to highlight special areas of the room. Magnon designs the best room with the super color collections and are the End to end interior designer in bangalore,Interior designers in Banashankari.

The curved style

No, no! We are not talking about getting curved walls for your boxy house; we are talking about the add-ons that you may have in your home in a curved pattern. Your centre tables, chairs, dining tables should be purchased in a fashion which has its own curves to flaunt. Those old and boring simple walls can be furnished with some style by adding on some curves in the interiors of your house.

Go bright in your kitchen

It can be boring to see dull colours every day, so you can go ahead and play with colours to brighten up the ambience of your apartment. Especially your kitchens, they should be painted in bright hues so that you have more and more light in your room. If you have a modular kitchen, then you opt for dual toned bright coloured cabinets to add a welcoming touch to your cooking space.

Go in for floating shelves

Floating shelves are the current trend and can give you the perfect storage solution. You can mount such shelves anywhere you find a place to get tons of storage space available for a stylish look.

Don it with curtains

Having beautiful curtains covering up your walls till the bottom are some excellent things that you can have in your apartment to get the eye catchy impression. These layered fabrics can add on the show of your room and add on the depth contrary to the theme of the room.


Rugs may seem like a tiny thing but can glorify your floors. Colourful and exquisite rugs can make your floors define their own sophistication and style hack. You can go in for various types of textures and patterns to bring high definition to your floors.

Beautify your ceilings

Chandeliers and pendant lights can add more luxury to your room. As soon as a guest looks at the top, the only word you should hear is a “wow.” You can play the magic on your ceilings by illuminating them with ceiling accessories to grab the architectural merit list for your house.

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