End to end interior designer in bangalore, are you looking for some great ideas to turn your small space into a stylish, functional, and space efficient bathroom? Playing with colors, textures, and tiles will make the room appear bigger. Interior Decorators and Interior Designers in Bangalore  can add charm to even the smallest area without making it seem overdone. Don’t think that if you have a very little space, you can’t get a stylish bathroom because the real talent appears in the hardest situations.

End to end interior designer in bangalore

Here are some fantastic interior designing ideas for small bathrooms.

1. Multi functional furniture

The best way to make your small bathroom more functional is adding freestanding and multi functional furniture. Freestanding furniture can be moved out when not in use, or you can put it in the unused area. You can also use it outside the bathroom and take in when you need. With freestanding seating, you can change your scheme whenever you want, unlike fitted units which stay like that forever.

2. The tiles trick

Interior Designers in Bangalore use this trick to make a space appear bigger. When your bathroom is a small one, you don’t want it to look like that, and that’s why this tile trick is for you. Same tiles on the floor, walls, and bath area boundaries makes it tough for eyes to find the end and the start of the walls and floor. The reflection in similar tiles generates an atmosphere of openness.

End to end interior designer in bangalore

3. Tiered storage

Tiered storage can work as freestanding storage for you. It is easy to take in and out and therefore if space doesn’t allow, you can keep it in the bedroom when not required in the bathroom. It covers less area and provides adequate space for placing necessary things. Lotions, wash bags, and towels can be kept on to make them easy to see plus from a tiered storage things are easy to grab also.

4. Wall hung are space saviors

There are several benefits of wall hung units. First, they let the floor free which prevents the room from appearing overcrowded and small. Second, it is easy to clean when the floor is empty. Third, the area below the hanging units can be used to put other heavy things. If you are hanging the basin area, the floating unit gives enough space underneath to place baskets containing essentials.

End to end interior designer in bangalore

5. The color magic

Most of the people prefer white bathrooms, and it looks good too. Still, a pop of color can awesomely change the things. With full white paint all around, you can add grey or brown furniture for a difference. Home interior designers and Interior Designers in Bangalore also suggest adding a dark and happy color at the top to attract the attention from floor and surroundings which make space appear bigger.

6. Accessories and accessories

What if space is small, accessories can add the charm you want. Coastal, floral, and monochrome, all are in trend. Choose any theme that you love and accessorize the bathroom. From lighting to mirrors, and small baskets to furnishes, the theme you choose must maintain consistency. Accessories are suitable to decorate every place, but for compact spaces, they work wonderfully. Still, make sure you don’t overdo, because it will make your room appear even smaller.

End to end interior designer in bangalore

7. Wallpapers are love

When the size is small, but you still want to make it appear big, distraction is the only way to prevent that feeling. Wallpapers can turn any place into a beautiful statement then why let the bathrooms stay boring. The trick here is to choose the wallpaper wisely because the print says a lot. Use good quality wallpapers so that they last longer in a wet area like the bathroom. A sheet of perspex can be used as a splash back to prevent the wallpaper from getting wet and damaged.

8. Simplicity goes a long way

Simple accessories, furniture, and designing can also make the bathroom stylish. Since you can’t afford to make it look even smaller, the best thing is to keep it as clean as possible. You don’t have specs, and so you don’t need to add everything. Put only essentials, and say goodbye to clutter. Clean lines in furniture and accessories evoke the feeling of calmness, and the room appears spacious.

End to end interior designer in bangalore

9. Mirrors can also do the trick

Now, while decorating interiors own self, a thought comes to everyone’s mind that is “what Interior Designers in Bangalore and interior designers near me are experimenting with?”. Mirrors reflect light and make a room appear brighter and spacious. Hanging a mirror on the wall is quite a simple thing which everyone can do. Also, mirrored tiles are a wonderful option to get a big looking bathroom full of light. All the designers near and away from you do the trick, and now, it’s your turn.

10. A shelf is always a good idea

An inbuilt shelf is an excellent option to place small things so that that floor remains free. It eliminates the need for space-consuming storage in the bathroom. You can either directly put the required stuff there, or small baskets can also come in handy. It can also be made a floating one to build cabinets underneath. Small decorative accessories can also be placed there to add interest to the room.

End to end interior designer in bangalore

11. Sunken bath and corner shower

When space is small, we need to think smart. Installing a sunken bath can give a luxurious feeling to even a tiny space. Also, a corner shower will solve the problem of finding space for the bath as it takes a minimal area and looks quite fascinating. The doors of these baths are of sliding type which again prevents the need of specs. Shower enclosures can be designed at any available space.

12. Use even the smallest space

The space beneath the caves should also be used to smartly. Toilet and basin can be fitted where the heights are low to make better use. Moreover, you can even install a bath by opting for luxurious enclosures that fit anywhere. It the area is not square, the corners can work as a small shelf to put necessities by installing the bath near it.