End to end interior designer bangalore, What is the simplest home theater according to you? Choose any room, add a TV and you are done. Do you like the idea? I guess no. We all love the feeling that exists in theaters and a room with tv is nowhere close to it.

A home theater is a place that gives you the pleasure of watching movies in the theater without stepping out. So, creating a private theater is not a big task because we all have the required things at home. The talent is assembling the stuff in such a way that the whole atmosphere turns out to match your hopes. While Best Interior Designers in Bangalore can also help you in designing your home theater, here are some tips by following which, you can create it yourself.

End to end interior designer bangalore

1. Discover the perfect visual spot

The visual spot is the most critical part of designing home theater. The location the room which is suitable for everyone. You must discover a place which is comfortable for the eyes of the viewer. Here goes a simple math trick, measure the diagonal of the screen and multiply it with 1.5 to 2.5 and you get the location of seating. Also, the screen should be big enough to let you feel better than TV. You can use a projector screen to create the similar effect.

2. Make proper arrangements for sound

You won’t enjoy the movie if the sound is not perfect. The modern TVs have a great sound effect, but if the room is big, the sound will seem low. Even in smaller rooms, the cinematic effect needs some extra sound systems. The soundbar is a great option to generate sufficient sound impact in smaller rooms. Spread speakers in all parts of the room to prevent noise at one place and make the chamber equally musical in all corners.

End to end interior designer bangalore

3. Play hide and seek with small speakers

Small speakers can generate a good sound effect. To create the theater feel spread small speakers in the room. Now, the trick here is to hide them to different locations so that the sound seems like coming from different locations. Hidden speakers generate a better cinematic effect because of that little echoing of speakers. The best places to stow them are bookshelves, beneath the table, behind the curtains, and any corner where they are not visible.

4. A corner for Bass

Don’t you think that the theater feel will be missing without the vibrating sensation? Don’t worry; the bass comes as the savior here. Bass is a type of speaker which is specially designed to produce that vibrating effect which makes us feel the audio. Home Interior Designers and Best Interior Designers in Bangalore suggest not putting bass in the cabinets. The vibration caused by them in the cabinets will produce  disturbing noise which you are going to hate. Clear a corner for the bass, and you are done.

End to end interior designer bangalore

5. Complex is best

The full surround sound system is the most complex audio setup, but looking at the advantages, it is the best one too. It is a combination of six audio channels in total which are placed at different positions. One speaker at the center, one on the left, one on the right, one subwoofer, and two speakers for the rear. The problem comes in fixing the rear speakers when you don’t have shelves on the right location. If you have the shelf, you are good to go, but if you don’t have, mount the rear channels on the upper part of the wall.

6. Check angles to avoid the glare

Glares on the screen can spoil the whole fun. Set screen at an angle such as the glare falls neither on your eyes nor the screen. If you need to drill holes to place the projector or the TV, double check the location. Try two-three times but sitting in front of the screen to make sure that your viewpoint is perfect. Luxury Interior Designers in Bangalore and Best Interior Designers in Bangalore suggest moving the screen upward, downward, left, and right in front of the seating to find the right spot. Changing location entirely will leave you confused.

End to end interior designer bangalore

7. The smart curves

The two major issues one faces while managing a home theater are glare and bad angles. But when there is a problem, the solution is invented. A curved HDTV is the perfect solution to get over both these issues. The curves that bend screen on both sides makes viewing better, which eventually solves the problem of bad angles. The curves also reduce glare by spreading the light falling on the TV screen.

8. Comfort seating for a 3D movie

Slouching can ruin the 3D effect in no time. There are always some 3D lovers in the home and taking care of their choice is your duty. Moving your head while watching a 3D movie will let you feel irritated. Arrange seating that restricts lounging and slouching. How about adding all the chairs with a stiff back? These are comfortable, and best to view everything. Position the seating just in front of the screen facing forward.

9. Prepare your fun menu

If you are planning to watch any specific movie, then it’s okay. But, since you might not have created this home theater just for a single film, make use of it in a better way. Make a list of movies you love, or new movies that you haven’t watched yet. Add all the shows, videos, and other content in the playlist to make your fun menu ready. Now, whenever you feel like watching something, you are prepared to go without worrying about managing the content.

End to end interior designer bangalore

10. Comfortness is the only trend

The recent headphones have made it possible for you to sit wherever you want and have fun. You can sit on the last chair in the last row without worrying about the fact that the cord will not reach you. The Best Interior Designers in Bangalore and Interior Designers near you can tell you about all the recent trends, but no trend has the right to disturb you when it comes to comfort. And that’s why the new products in the headphones market are helpful for you.