Lets learn it right, every girl doesn’t like pink. This may be hard to believe, owing to all the racist comments we have been giving our ears to since our birth. We simply still fault understand, the fact of pink being just another colour. Every time, we think of buying, creating or designing anything for a girl. We end up getting it done in pink. 

As explained very simply in a very famous blog. There certainly is no, free size solution when it comes to designing your teenage daughter’s bedroom. In fact, the design and development of this room can eat up a large amount of time. 

While some girls may, fancy the decor in their room to bright coloured in terms of wardrobes, lighting and over all room decor. A few on the other side, may want it to portrait an aura of artistic brilliance and simplicity. While some may, want to look lot like Barbies paradise. A few may just want it to look more functional and futuristic . 

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Every mind is built differently. So is the choices and preferences. In this case, there is no account of how wrong or how right your choice is. Surely enough ,we at Magnon India don’t judge you either. Each girls bedroom we design, in the end channels out to be truly unique in the design and decor. While some rooms may look super girlish, a few on the other hand would appear to be classic pieces of art. 

Hence whatever may the choices or preferences of your daughter. You need a plan, to fit it all in one room. Whether it may be, full size poster of barbie or the super long and spacious shoe rack, in which she preserves her endless, count of heals, sneakers, boots and more. It is to be noted, that this is not just another room. It is an area in which, she will go on to blossom from a child into a responsible and respectful woman. 

As a testament to the same ideology, we at Magnon take great privilege in presenting you a few steps, you can refer to while building the decor of your daughter’s room

So what are they? 

Step 1 

Keep the Colours of the wall decor neutral 

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While colours such as violet, pink, red and yellow may seem like obvious options. They don’t really, bring out the life in a room individually. Yet while, blended in with a neutral colour, becomes the star of the show. Besides, neutral colours can be used to make a room look bigger and also seamlessly brighter. When coupled, with the right wardrobe and in built study, can look fearlessly State of the art. 

Step 2 

Give her the choice don’t just choose it for her 

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This step however rudimental and commonsensical it may sound. Is not used in most cases. If your daughter doesn’t, want that clock or bed lamp in her room, don’t force it into her room. Let her be the judge of her chooses, however good, bad, horrendous it may seem to you. If she wants an era drawer for her make up and more, provide her with it. 

Step 3 

Empower her with options let her choose the design of her wardrobe 

Skirts to palazzos, short tops to tank tops. A girls wardrobe is nothing ocean of clothes.They choose, they mix, they match every outfit with one and another. Matching shoes to matching eyeliners. The contents in a girls wardrobe is truly unimaginable. All you can do to help, is just empower her with options and let her choose the storage space she would need. 

Step 4 

Showcase her achievements not her insecurities 

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Provide her enough space to showcase her awards, achievements and trophies. Don’t judge her for the space she demands or compare her with the neighbours children. Let her explore her journey into her life, while you stand tall as she makes you proud in every turn she takes in her voyage towards her destiny. 

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