A house becomes a home, only if it shadows the personalities of its owners. From ancient lamps to idols of Gods and Goddess, every family has a story that makes their house a home to the generations that follow. How different will it be from a hotel room if it fails to do so? 

As rightly said by a wise man “A home is where life begins, dreams get realised and finally where history leaves its mark reflecting on the stories that we’re scripted and relived”. 

Every room in a home can be compared to the essence of every body part of a human. While the Master Bedroom and Kitchen constitute the essence of the Brain and Heart, the foyer area, Children’s Room can be compared to the nervous system that supplies blood to the entire human body. Blood in this context can be inferred to the love that helps in creating memories. The respiratory system can be compared to the bonds that hold a family intact together. 

In that case, how do you think every room should look? 

A Master-Bedroom 

Interior Design Master bedroom

A human body with the absence of the brain is considered a corpse. Likewise, the essence a master-bedroom in a home is truly bought into the build of a home is truly important. This very room in a house is most commonly considered to be the biggest room. The palate of colours and interior design used to constitute a master bedroom is most often than not Royal and Elegant. 

Due to its large floor space white is a colour that is widely used in a blend with colours such a teal, yellow, green and blue. These colours when carefully painted on each wall, define the aura of the room as a whole. Teal, when blended in with white, reflects an aura of Sophistication. While green when carefully blended in with white reflects an aura of Balance and Simplicity. Yellow on the other hand when blended in with white, reflects an aura of Originality and Innovation. 

When it comes to the lighting in a room, you must find the right blend between Ambient, Task and Accent lights to brighten your room. A few examples of ambient lights could be Chandeliers, flush mount ceiling lights and pendant light 

When it comes to flooring, master-bedrooms are commonly designed with hardwood floors. Hardwood is not only considered to be highly durable but is also very beautiful in its finish. The decor used to design the wardrobes in this room is usually lacquered glass. Coupled perfectly with Teak wooden side tables and dim light table lamps. 

A Kitchen 

Modular Kitchen

Just like our heart beats every second to keep us alive. The kitchen in a house is ever functioning to keep hunger calls every second in check. Some of us are hungrier than ever at 4 am and some of us just want to keep loading ourselves throughout the day. The palate of colours and interior design used to constitute the build of a kitchen are warm. 

Red as a colour is widely known to stimulate emotions of creativity and innovation. Also when perfectly blended in colours such as white or grey, can perfectly blend in with the colour of kitchen Cabinets and Countertops. 

Lighting places a very role in a kitchen, it important that you to find the right blend to fit in, to avoid the occurrence of any need for it. Island highlighting Pendants, Under- Cabinet LED’s and recessed downlighting can certainly do the job for you. 

Flooring options in the case of a kitchen is certainly a plenty when numbered. From Harwood to Ceramic Tiles or even Bamboo or Concrete in the case. Although even Natural Stone can be use an option. 

The Foyer Area 

Interior Designers

The Foyer area in home now a days only consists of a shoe-rack, a portrait and a flower vase in most cases. Homes with bigger foyer areas usually have Wallpapers or wall such as yellow, white and blue in their pallet to complement the mood of the entrance to the home. 

Children’s Room 

Interior Designers in Bangalore

Every children’s room can be interpreted using unique styles of decor, in case of the Walls, Wardrobes, lighting, so on and so forth. However the design of this room, would certainly need be reworked upon repeatedly given the choice of a child or children housing in it. Hence it is very hard or at times even impossible to decide on an exact plan of action in terms of design that can be incorporated from the word go in this room. 

Likewise every room in your home can be designed and redesigned, until you feel it shadows your personality. 

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