Interior Design is a fun experience, whether you are designing the footing stones of your new home office or you’re sketching the plan of the decor of a whole house. Although there may be some tough decisions on the course, it can never make the journey any less exciting. What could be better than, a design failing all into the right places? In many cases, it is said to bring out the satisfaction of a one-hour meditation session. Truly heavenly, out the world, a feeling you’d never want to let go off. 

The matter gets only merrier when given the chance to work on the interiors of a bedroom. A bedroom is known to be nothing less than a shadow. Simply because, every one of us spend hours, days, weeks and sometimes even years growing, weeping, laughing and living our lives inside the four walls of a bedroom. 

A famous personality once said, “Show me your room and I will tell you who you are”. As rightly said, your bedroom certainly speaks volumes about yourself. It simply acts as a mirror in most cases. Does your bedroom act in your case like a mirror? Does your room showcase your personality? Well, let’s find out, read on to know more. 

Do you feel at home whilst in your bedroom? 

Like we discussed earlier, a bedroom is more like one’s shadow. It is simply a reflection of its resident. In many cases, this may not be the case. Some of us just know it as a place to rest and house our belongings. While some of us may feel like its the only place on the earth you could be yourself. Whatever, maybe the feeling towards this room in a house, it is important we face it and deal with it. If your feeling is close to the first instance, then spend more time in your room. Find that cosy space in your room, you’d never want to come out off. 

Maybe your bed, or a corner near a window. It is important that you feel at home, while in your bedroom. Simply because no other room in a house would make you feel more welcoming than your bedroom. In the second case, however, you need to explore the world outside your room. Although, it may sound to be the exact opposite of the first point. Too much of anything and anyplace could make you lose your mind. Hence it is important to have boundaries and rules in life. 

Is the wall decor in your room designed using your favourite colours? 

Favourite food, favourite shoes, favourite holiday destination, mankind is known to have many favourites in their lifetime. It is no different when it comes to the shade of wall decor. If it doesn’t match your liking, then you’d never know what it is to live in a bedroom of your own. Simply because our minds are built to respond to a certain colour or set of colours. It may be red, maybe blue, in some cases it can be a set of colours. While it may be advised to have neutral wall decor. What good would it do to the room or you if it’s designed using a colour you don’t fancy. 

Hence even if you need to walk the extra mile or two or pay the extra thousand or more. Make sure you do whatever it takes, to do whatever is needed to make the wall decor in your room a reflection of your liking. Although it may be a task in itself to find, teal coloured wardrobes to match with the decor of your wall. If done, the smile you will welcome your day with thereafter would certainly help you move ahead in life personally and professionally. 

Is there a place for everything you own?

While some of us spend a large sum of our earnings on jackets, some on shoes, some on watches and at times it could be just clothes in large numbers. Yet if there isn’t a place fo everything that you love in your room, then sadly it isn’t your room after all. You need to Mae sure that the wardrobe you choose and the extra storage you install should be able to house all you own. 

Shoes should fit into a well built-in shoe rack, watches should have their drawer. So on so forth, everything should flawlessly fall into place. If it doesn’t, then it certainly can’t be called your room. It is just a trailer or lodges you house yourself in without paying rent for years and years. Although, if you like the room make it your own by finding a place for everything you own. 

If you can go on to add to our list, then it simply means you know the room you stay in is yours undoubtedly. All the best interior designers in Bangalore, or even in and around the world can be given the task to build your room. Yet it could still be of no good if you fault tell them what you want and not just what you need. While needs can take you a long way, wants just to complete the cycle of life. Simply because things you want somehow add up to being things you need. 

Magnon Interiors and our interior designers certainly strive all we can and more if needed. The last thing we would want is to build something you will regret owing in the future. Hence do all the thinking and planning you can, before you decide the final decor that goes into your room. Do all you can to figure out what you want as discussed earlier. If what we spelt out earlier, made sense to you then make sure you do your part to tick off those three boxes. 

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