Selection of handles and knobs for your bedroom or any other room serves as an essential unit to customise your room. There are various types of handles and knobs with different styles and designs available in the market. Either you have a paneled door, boarded door, painted door or veneered door, All of them require handles that match with your home finish. First of all figure out how many handles do you need, and for which room you are required to handle. Apart from this, you must know the different types of handles or knobs available to fit your house.

There are two types of handles/knobs

Door knobs

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These are one of the most preferred handles, they vary in material, design and style. These look very attractive in modern and contemporary houses.

Door lever handles

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These are best for gripping, and have acted durable. These are also available in different designs and textures. They appear more modern as compared to doorknobs.


Lever handle on the black plate

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This is a very simple and classic handle; it looks amazing on a traditional House. It is made up of polished chrome, polished brass or satin chrome. It mostly has a 95MM handle, suitable for all types of rooms. The handle has a sleek and elegant finishing, making it easy to use.

Lever handles on rose (circular)

Again a simple but versatile handle that is used quite a many times. The end part of the handle where the handle connects the door is circular which makes it look modern and minimalistic. These are also made up of polished chrome, burnt nickel and satin chrome. Generally, the length of the handle is 124MM.

Traditional mortise door knobs

These look quite traditional, also known as the beehive design. It is made up of antique brass, or polished brass or satin chrome or polished chrome. This design has a circular knob connected to a circular structure popularly known as a rose design.

Modern mortise door knobs

These knobs are elegant and sleek, with a smooth finish. They are mostly used in a contemporary modern setting on glass doors. The design is similar to traditional Mortise doorknobs that have a circular body connected to a circular structure connecting the door. The handle can be made up of polished chrome or polished brass or satin chrome depending upon the quality and material of the door.

Matt black door handles

This is one of the best and unique handles available, it comes in matte black color. The compliment with a modern and contemporary house or even a house with an industrial design or a bohemian design. This handle has defined edges, is rectangular and has a circular or rectangular back plate.

Antique finish

These handles are unique, because of their antique look. They have different patterns and textures made upon the back plate as well as on the liver. They are mostly available in golden color, to give a rustic appearance. The shape of these handles and the back plate is unique and customized as per choice and preference. The patterns on it are general or can figure that reflects a meaning.

Clare/ D-pull handles

These handles are prominently used for commercial doors, they form a semi rectangle or a semi-square with no defined edge. These are sleek and satin finish. Clare handles are connected to a circular back plate, or directly to the doors.

Recessed pulls- Have you ever seen sliding doors, this is the same. This is a utilitarian and simple design. It is suitable for a kitchen which has loads of stuff. Having a recessed pull makes it easy to open and close the doors, without anything popping out.


These door handles are available in five ships including oval, round, angular, classic and contemporary.


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These handles are tubular with no defined edge, these are smooth and curvy. They have a sleek finish and are made up of polished chrome or satin chrome. The handle length is almost 120 mm.


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These handles look similar to magnets, they have a sleek, smooth and circular body. The round shape of the handles makes them look perfect for a modern house. These types of handles are backed with a round plate.


These handles are symmetric, have defined edges and angles. The shape reflected is a rectangle or square with a square back plate. This also suits your modern house.


Handles specifically for archaic or vintage houses, because of its old and traditional look. It usually comes with the oval back plate and Seamless body, with no specific edge. These are generally made up of brass.


These handles are cylindrical along with a circular back plate. They are used as a style statement nowadays in most of the modern houses. They are available in different colours including black. Having contemporary handles may suit a space with a minimalistic and simple setting.


Choosing a perfect handle for your room or a cabinet depends upon the material of your cabinet/door. Generally, you get handles and knobs made up of bronze, nickel, steel, iron, aluminum or wood. If you have a wooden kitchen cabinet, then you would prefer a wooden knob. But if you have a modular kitchen made up of a different material, you may also use aluminum handles. All that matters is the design of the cabinet handles, you can have various designs depending upon how the house looks. If you have a vintage-looking house, you can have a vintage-looking handle also. Shape and size of the handle also matter, especially when choosing for kitchen cabinets. All the handles and knobs differ in color, style, comfort and pricing. When choosing handles for kitchen, you can prefer to hit up hinges, for your upper cabinets. These handles open with the slightest push and remains there in a static position until closed. Such handles comply with your stylish contemporary designed kitchen.

These were few of the handles and knobs that can be used in a kitchen or a bedroom, in a cabinet or a door. These handles can be modified as per the appearance of your house. Just like you can use matte finish handles for a luxurious house especially when you have glass doors. In the kitchen, you can prefer using recessed pull handles because it helps you stuff more groceries and items without making them pop off.