Designing Ideas for Small Living Rooms in the busy and highly populated city, most of us live in tiny little apartments or houses. Designing ideas for small living rooms A small house need not look small when designed professionally a tiny living room can be made cozy and luxurious. Paying attention to every detail will really make your tiny little room look spacious and awesome. The following are few details you have to follow when decorating your small living room. These are some of the tips our best living room interior designers follow when decorating the small living room.

Go light on furniture.

Select lightweight, easily movable and flexible furniture. This avoids the furniture from occupying the entire space. Heavy and bulky furniture will fill up lots of space and makes your room look much smaller. So for smaller living rooms, it is always advisable to go with light, flexible and easy to move furniture. This avoids the furniture from occupying the entire space. Furniture that can multitask is ideal for small living rooms.

Mirrors everywhere

Beautiful mirrors arranged perfectly on the walls, not only add great charm to your living room. They can also magically make the living room look bigger. The key is in the perfect arrangement and placement of the mirrors

Let the natural light dazzle.

Allow adequate natural light to enter the room. This will make the make the living room look more lively and spacious

Say yes to the extra storage.

Storage spaces under sofas, tables etc. will help you to keep the living room clutter free, thus making it look spacious. Items that are rarely used can be stored in this extra storage spaces.

Colors, not so colorful.

Even though bright colors add great elegance to the room. They may fail to give your small living room the spacious look. So opt for pastel colors which adds a soft, soothing effect and also make your room look spacious. You can add zing to the room by adding a colorful art to the walls and by incorporating some colorful accessories in the room.

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