Movies form an integral part of our lives. Starting with our favorite character to our favorite destination. Sometimes these characters dominate our cupboard, stationery, accessories and a lot more. When we take inspiration from my favorite characters, why not while designing our house. Houses in movies look like a fairy tale puzzle, elegant and classic. Everyone dreams about having a house which is perfect, without a flaw and here we are to help you find amazing ideas to make a lookalike of a house in movies. This work cannot be done alone; you definitely require an interior designer to help you out. You can go for the best interior designers in Bangalore.

Cinema has dominated our culture. Starting from the graduate where the iconic room of Taft Hotel was made a major point of attraction with sleek and modern style setting. It included a black leather sofa, bar chairs and a lot more. Then came The Great Gatsby, depicted a lavish house with dazzling interior design and decor. This became a trend; people started using furniture and decor inspired by the movie. The movie used furniture inspired by American society. It had chandelier on the ceiling, mahogany oak contrasted velvet curtains, massive oriental rugs and other vintage accessories. Apart from this it also had huge mirrors, silver-plated in the living room. Not only this, the movie it’s complicated had a magnificent house that bought in the trend of having modular kitchens along with the dining area merged with the living room. The kitchen played a very important part of this movie, where all family members enjoy the moment of laughter. The movie was inspired by Belgian interior decor. The movie emphasizes more on the stylish and modular kitchenbecause Jane had a bakery and a designed modular kitchen with rugged dining table. The kitchen had a room size pantry along with the refrigerator. The marble-covered Island flawlessly complemented with the kitchen. Marie Antoinette, a great movie that showed the importance of glided mouldings, or needs wallpapers, that gives a glimpse of luxury and royal world.

Still, if you are unaware of what makes you feel good. First of all figure out which layout suits you best. Some people are attracted to a rustic and traditional layout whereas some people prefer modern houses. Most of these movie houses have Palace like look, huge windows, doomed doors, and attractive colours like Fuchsia pinks, marigold yellows, bold reds, purples and orange. These houses even have to maintain a cohesive look with a limited colour pattern including not more than three colours. The list doesn’t end here, you can have disco mirror balls, paintings, candles and flowers and a lot more interesting elements.

Bright colours

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Be generous with vibrant colours, bright colours have always dominated in every movie, especially in Bollywood. Either it be the bright yellow flowers or the amazing cherry cushion covers. Always make sure that you use a perfect colour palette that has neutrals along with bright colours. For example using Red, Golden and beige makes your room look like a huge royal palace.

Solid Dark Wood

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You might have noticed that most of the furniture in movies is made up of solid dark wood. This not only looks amazing but also brings a pinch of nostalgia. Especially in Indian movies, to make them look more traditional people use solid dark wood chairs, dining table, center table and a variety of furniture. Prefer using wooden chests, birdcages and jharokhas have dominated the trend.

Informal space

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Having an informal space in your house is a must, where a family can spend most of the time doing things they want? A place, which is not meant to be organized always. This place is generally known as the living room, where the sofa can be messy, things can be scattered and you and your family can enjoy a moment of happiness. At this place, you can have low settings, stools, high chairs, swings, or any other interior decoration that makes you feel comfortable. If you are unable to figure out one, just Google the best interior designers near me.

Art and Architecture

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Small elements make a difference; you can have wind chimes, bell hangings, flower vase, candleholders, and Clay pottery, leather puppets, and crockery, decorative pieces made up of marble, metal and sandalwood. To make a room look different from others, have printed walls. If you are a person living in India, much attached to the Indian cultures you can have a folk art form on the wall. This looks amazing because Indian art form changes after every 50 km. starting from Warli paintings in Maharashtra to Madhubani art in Bihar. This will give your house a movie-like look because most of the movies have such designs.

Modern themed wallpaper

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If you’re not interested in the traditional style then you can have Harry Potter wall paintings, any movie wall painting that you like. You can have themed rooms. If you are a fan of Marvel, you can have a marvel wall, Marvel action figures, textured accessories, marble cupboard, and a lot more.

Marble flooring or vinyl flooring?

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Flooring plays a major role while deciding the appearance of your house. The flooring should comply with the walls. You can either have marble flooring or vinyl flooring because these are much more inspired from movies. Not only this if you might have seen Bajirao Mastani, but it also had a flooring inspired by the mandala art. Does that seem quite interesting and amazing?

Elegant lighting…

Lighting also plays a crucial role, have Decent yet elegant lighting in your room. Avoid having the traditional tube lights, change the trend and have some amazing ceiling lamps, table lamps, fairy lights etc. you might have noticed a scene from twilight that gives you a glimpse of various lamps and patterns. Nowadays we have a wide variety of hanging lights in different shapes and figures, which can be hung in your balcony to make it look awesome.

Pleasing balconies…

How can we forget about balconies? Movies have the most pleasing balconies ever. These balconies are decorated with green plants, foot stools and coffee tables, easy and comfortable chairs along with colourful portraits and paintings. Yes, you can definitely have this look for your balcony, all you need to do is just have the best colour combination and make it look more green and attractive. Always try to change your interior design, to make your life interesting and stylish.

Retro and Modern bedrooms

Coming back to movies, Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara, iron man and down with love had some amazing designs that inflicted retro and modern bedrooms. A mix of a classical and modern look makes the best combination ever. You can also opt for a bedroom like this, you can have accessories and furniture of modern appearance whereas the ceiling, curtains, flooring, lamps can give you a traditional Glimpse

The bathrooms, how amazing do they look in movies. Having glass walls instead of a cemented wall, 3-D picturisation of waves, sea animals and all the watery creatures. It’s always advised to keep the bathroom very simple and Royal. You can have minimal feature, with accessories kept in decorative places. Having a glass room for the bathing area as it becomes a point of attraction. So now these were some basic ideas that can be implemented in your house to make it look like as shown in movies. If you want an exact copy of a house shown in the movie, just contact an interior designer to help you out and get the house of your dreams

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