A gallery wall is an integral part of modern home decor. It is an elegant and creative display of your photos, quotes, and artworks. A gallery wall is a place where you can show your hidden talent by showcasing one of your best recipes, your certificates, or an old newspaper cutting that makes sense.  It is not just a display of what you own, but it also says all about you. Your interests, hobbies, profession, and many more things reflect from your gallery wall. A classy gallery wall creates a better image of you in the mind of visitors and isn’t that what our heart craves for.  The latest trends have always emerged as a result of the experiment. Whether you talk about the elegant quirky accent walls, everything slew so well in the first try that the designing industry had it over heart and soul in no time.  A gallery wall is not a new idea, but the way you style it can emerge as a new trend. From collecting only the pictures of family members, then adding quotes, certificates, news cuttings, artworks, and then finally switching to unconventional pieces such as slippers gave made it so experimental over time.  Have you got an empty wall that needs some decoration to make the room feel inhabited? A gallery wall will be a perfect solution if you don’t consider covering it with a simple mural or wallpaper. Here is how you can create a gallery wall that catches every heart. 

Pick A Color Theme

Home Decor The color theme is an integral part of every decor style. Keeping color balance in the gallery wall theme is crucial to enhance the beauty of the wall. Whatever you want to display on your wall must follow a specific color theme. For example, if you have got white plane walls, your gallery items must add a pop of color to it. Your will suggest you several color themes depending on the color of furniture and other things in the room. Add metallic frames along with colorful items to create a dramatic look.

Know Your Style

Home Decor There are several choices when you are creating a gallery wall. From your family photos to the pictures of your favorite stars and their sayings, you have a hell lot of options just in pictures. Know what you will like to put on display. A cute pillow, some of your beach clicks, a beautifully framed certificate, family names, small teddy, and much more can be a great addition to the lonely wall.  

Have A Central Attraction

Home Decor If you are not thinking to keep a color theme, consider options for a central attraction among the pieces. For example, if you love animals, the crafts inspired by animals and animal prints will slay the interiors like nothing. You can have an artifact that looks like an animal, an accent piece that shows animal print, your pet pictures, and everything else. You can choose a central attraction as per your interest. You can also decide according to the available pieces.  Remember, you don’t have to hang everything on the walls, and everything you hang on the walls needs to be already present in the home. You can ditch some and buy some new for a better wall. 

Select What You Want To Hang

Home Decor Now when you are done with a theme or central activation, collect all the pieces you will be going to hang on the wall. Check them all for any defaults or repairs if you are using older items. Make sure all the pieces look good and not used. If you have got some sheets, frame them, or secure them in such a way they don’t get damaged in just a few days. 

Accessories The Existing Stuff 

Home Decor Sometimes, the gallery wall we want to decorate already has a big item. The most common one is TV. Now, you can’t move the tv as it’s difficult to relocate appliances. Plus why do it when you can decorate around it. Create your gallery wall around the TV, and you will find that it adds more charm to your decoration. Even TV’s grace will be enhanced. 

Make A Layout 

Home Decor Now, when you have everything ready, and the wall is also prepared to have all the items over it. The next step is designing a layout. Make a rough layout on your floor by drawing the area of your wall with the same dimensions. Now, arrange everything the way you would like to see on the wall. It will save a lot of time and effort as it’s easy to arrange on the floor. 

Do A Trial 

Home Decor Now, it’s time for a trial. cutting cardboard pieces of the size and shape of your stuff and paste them on the wall. You can check which shape looks good in what way. How it helps is, the whole wall won’t be filled with nail marks until you are finally done with the rearrangements. Final an arrangement and do the last check by placing actual pieces over the cardboard cuttings. 

Hang It Over 

Home Decor When the final arrangement is made, it’s time to make it happen. Check the point of the hanging of all the pieces and mark the hanging point on the cardboard. Take the drill machine and dig nails in the wall to hang your lovely stuff. Remove the cardboard pieces and attach all the cute and stylish things you have collected. Your gallery wall is ready to rock the interiors. Your classic taste and interests are on display now. These were some of the cute ideas to decorate your gallery wall. You don’t have to follow the theme ideas, as mentioned in the blog. You can create as per your interest. But, don’t forget to mark down the arrangement points. You would not like to destroy the beauty of your walls, and for that, it is necessary to do several rough arrangements.