Over the years Contemporary design, as a design style has become very well-known. Every home owner today, wants to have few aspects of the same in their interior design. 

What is Contemporary Design and why is it so sought out for? 

According to a dictionary, you would learn that contemporary means “of the moment”. The picturization of this type of design in the 70’s was a little different from what it is today. In the olden times, this style was considered to be unique because it drew in inspiration from a lot of other aesthetics. A blend of modern, traditional art and decor was used to create futuristic designs. 

As times flew by, contemporary designs evolved too. Contemporary decor and architectural design as a whole , brings feeling of calmness and serenity. While modern decor on the contrary brings in a cold, minima and limiting feeling. Just like how an old watch adds a spice of sophistication to any room it is placed in. Likewise contemporary design adds an air of sophistication and warmth to the areas it is incorporated in

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Captured below are a few flawless specimens created with contemporary design.

If you were to look closely and review the living room in the picture. You would understand how decor used blends in perfectly with every inch of the room. TV unit to the furniture used, every detail sits perfectly in line with the architecture used to design the room. 

The lighting as can be seen is very subtle, not too bright, neither too low. The grain of wood used, to design the room also seamlessly blends in with the white wall decor. Contemporary design, is every evolving and never the same. It fits into any floor plan and can be customised to reflect any mood, tradition or beliefs. 

A Contemporary designed kitchen, will inspire a feeling of pride. The wall decor used to design this kitchen, as can be seen is very minimalistic, yet very classy in its look. All the cabinets, fit in perfectly with the wall floor and floor decor. Even the lighting used is truly just perfect. The finish of every cabinet as can be seen is glossy and plywood is used to design the cabinet. Plywood as a manufacturing material, blends in perfectly with any decor. It can be made to fix the requirement of any wall, floor or ceiling decor. 

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Similarly this design can be used to make state of the art bedrooms, Pooja rooms, foyer area, bathrooms and any other room you may need decor in. 

If we are on the same page, then we are sure you’d want to know how to incorporate contemporary design into your home decor. Contemporary design adds a more value to form more than function. Which means, unlike modern design form plays an important role in the floor plan of a room. While modern design channelizes you into aura such as clean and elegant. Contemporary on the other hand, presents you with a feeling of sheer class and sophistication. This design brings in these thin curved lines, yet very delicate that add a pinch of royalty to any room it is blended in with. 

If you are a fan of contemporary design, then your wall decor pallet should include neutral colours such as black, grey, tan and white. These colours easily fit in with any decor. Also, this gives you enough options in case of textures. A bag full of textures, if added in the right areas, can make any room visually interesting and unique. 

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Moreover the lighting options that can be added in this type of design is numerous. If you are on the verge of adding contemporary design to your home decor, and are in the search of an interior design firm in Bangalore who could help you out with the same. Please feel free to reach out to us on www.magnonindia.com

The study of what contemporary design is, was and will be in the future, cannot just be read and understood in words. It needs be visually viewed and studied closely.