Contemporary designs, evolved in the 1970s where interior designer in Bangalore and all over the world started reflecting modernism and pre-modernism in their house. The word ‘contemporary’ means ‘of the moment’ which make it particularly difficult to define this style. The fact that it is essentially a conglomeration of other aesthetics from the later part of the last century that can define this contemporary design. This design typically changes the decoration and furniture in a whole new way.

These designs focus on serenity and the ideology of minimal decor. This design never trends out and is just evolving since then. The significance of this design is to select materials and designs with clean lines that reflect modernism. People prefer Floral, stripes, curves and frills patterns in this contemporary design. Apart from this, the significance of these houses includes high roofs and open, windy unique designed windows. People prefer keeping less furniture in these houses. Moreover, a black and white combination perfectly suits a contemporary design layout. 

When it, comes to the architectural aspects in the eyes of interior designer in Bangalore, contemporary decor should always have a simple classic wooden flooring complied with rugs. All you can do is have showpiece, accessories and art pieces made up of opaque or clear glass, stones and metals. If you want to keep the structure raw, you can prefer brick walls and pipe structures. To enhance the décor use linen, jute, silk and cotton. Have a colourful corner in your room, with lots and lots of pillows and cushions. This will regenerate your mood. When it comes to windows, the windows of a contemporary design house should be large and flawless. Moreover, it would be interesting to know that contemporary design houses are famous for cutting-edge art.  

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Contemporary art perfectly suits a contemporary design home. Lighting plays an essential role when it comes to designing a contemporary interior, instead of having regular lights you can prefer having oversized lamps, chandeliers, table lamps and lamp poles. Moreover have candles all around your house, to bring in more natural light. The design is versatile and impressive in terms of ideas. A contemporary house is always been admired for the comfort and adorable décor. The interesting feature about contemporary design houses is that it uses stone, cider or fir.

Key elements of a Contemporary design

  • A contemporary house must include cool shades, following a colour palette of white grey and black. Apart from these shades of cream and mauve can be used to enhance the look.
  • Have many textures in your house, especially ones with metal framing. A contemporary house looks awesome with white tiles, rugs and mats.
  • Most of the contemporary designs are uncluttered, with very minimal decor or accessories. The wall should not be overloaded with paintings, lanterns, wall art and windows you can just have a single Accessory to highlight the wall.
  • You can have modern art that expresses deep meaning, along with vibrant colours and symmetric shapes. It is one of the best ways to enhance, Door and bring out different colours in your black and white room.
  • Prefer having neutral walls instead of wallpapers or textures.
  • All the decor in a contemporary house is based on a curve line pattern either it is cabinets or lamps. This can also include a small circular dining table along with curved chairs.
  • Minimal Decor is again a basic concept of contemporary design which uses geometric shapes and patterns. All the décor and furniture that is used in the house should be bold, along with stripes and close of prints.
  • Prefer having Metallic lighting in your house rather than plastic lampshades. Metallic lighting looks adorable especially when the primary colours of your house are blue, red and yellow.
  • Use wooden tones like a wooden dining table or a wooden sofa set or a simple rocking chair. You can prefer having lighter and darker tones, as per the quality of the wood. A bookshelf is another great idea when it comes to choosing wooden items.
  • Make it a smart contemporary home, nowadays every element of the house including lights and cooling system is controlled by a single remote panel. Have a smart house where you can customize and optimize every feature of your house by sitting in a small corner.
  • Have multipurpose furniture, for example, prefer having a pull-out bed instead of a whole chunk of bed, have stools that can fit below your centre table. Purchase a folding table instead of a traditional table.
  • Always have an industrial element in your contemporary design house, by adding concrete, glass windows and shades.
  • Now, especially when it comes to the bedroom, stick to decorative pillows. You can have bedsides, tables, dressers with dim shading, clean lines and classic corners.
  • Always have bold rugs in your living room with a monochromatic sofa and metallic lampshades. This is a perfect combination when it comes to choosing a contemporary design

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This is all that a contemporary house required. People mostly focus on contemporary house because of its graceful and artistic appearance. A contemporary design in houses is suitable for the long run, where you can just make changes with your decor to enhance the design/layout. It is one of the most evolving and freestyle design.

As an, interior designer in Bangalore we believe it is our responsibility to enlighten our customers and home buyers about the importance of different types of designs.