I am a believer that colours affect people’s mood- Lilly Pulitzer

Have you ever seen sunlight entering a white cloud and splitting into a spectrum of colours? Or water droplets that fall on your house windows on a rainy evening. You might have seen snow that flickers on your pavement, in every winter season. All of this is white, without white nothing can be colorful and vibrant just like spectrum also needs a white cloud. The colour white generally reflects purity, positivity, cleanliness and safety. White are most of the times said as the colour of perfection. Angels are many times imagined wearing white clothes, doctors nurses hospitals white dominates the most. All the low-fat food is also white. Same goes with the design industry where things without white look dull and unattractive. Having a white colour in your default is a must especially when it’s a living room. Various things comply with a white room. Let’s just brush up what all can match a white room in decor and design. All you have to do is make the colour count. You can use various other colors like blue, green lavender, grey in your room, either as a primary or a secondary colour.

  • Most of the time warmer shades are preferred while designing a white room just like pink, yellow, blue or black.
  • In a white room, you must have white wall shelves that make it look even better.
  • Prefer having modern coffee tables and colourful wall art that attracts eyes at first.
  • Always prefer wooden flooring with white furniture
  • Comply your white sofas with multicolor cushions
  • You can use black furniture with white walls and flooring
  • At times you can also use ground-level furniture because it makes a perfect combination with white.
  • Instead of using wood, you can prefer using marble in a black and white room.
  • Always have green plants in a room
  • If you have a rustic room then always go with rustic furniture, it looks sturdy and amazing.
  • You can also prefer having golden furniture in your room
  • How can we forget the tribal décor just like an scooter or an old guitar on a wall.
  • Always have a bright corner in your room. For example in a big room, you can have a small yellow corner or a small red corner.
  • Have various lamps in your room including wall lamps, ceiling lights and table lamps.
  • Always prefer colourful ceilings in a plain white room.
  • You can divide your wall into different shapes and painted in different warm colours, this concept compliments with white amazingly.


Blending colours in a white room is not easy. All you need to remember are some of the rules including the 60-30-10 rule. This is how you can divide the colour scheme of your room. In simple words, in a room, 60% should be the main colour which includes a rug, furniture, walls and flooring. 30% colour used should be a secondary colour that can complement with your accessories. The third colour should be present at a scale of 10% or we can say 1/6 of the main colour. This helps our eyes to attract a focus point for example in a blue and white room having yellow flowers is a point of attraction.


Pink colour suits the best with white; it makes the white room look elegant. A pink colour signifies love and friendship along with passiveness and feminine qualities. It’s always advised to use lighter shades of pink and avoid using dark shades. You can use dusty pink, bubblegum pink, mauve-pink and various other things. You can have pink rugs, and amazing wall art, pink furry blankets, pink candles in your living room. Make sure that you do not overload your room with pink, this neglect the use of white in the room. You can prefer having half painted walls which look seamless and amazing. Apart from this, you can prefer having white curtains with pink polka dots. Apart from this having a pink room, you can decorate it with golden lanterns and white flowers which gives an aesthetic look. White and pink make a great combination and makes your bedroom look soothing and soft.


Have you ever seen sunlight entering your room that feels a room with happiness and joy. It also brings in a tinge of energy, stimulates your mental activity and relaxes your muscles. Yellow is the colour of honor and loyalty. So now when we talk about rooms White and yellow make a perfect combination. Instead of filling your room with yellow accessories, you can have a small little corner that dominates yellow other than white. It is preferred to use minimal yellow and keep the room majorly in white. Yellow is the colour shade that even goes well with black. You can have yellow wallpaper, brick-art, yellow roses, yellow candles, carpets rugs and mattresses, yellow dining table, play area bed stands, fireplaces and bookshelves. All of these combine yellow with white in a room. You can prefer having floral prints in a white and yellow combination that makes it look adorable. In a kitchen, you can prefer having yellow cabinets on white walls. In-home offices and meeting rooms, the office desks can be made yellow. It’s all about blending white and yellow in A perfect combination that does not dominate any of them. Moreover, you can use yellow and white along with purple in your room.


Sea, Sky, water all of this is blue because of its serenity. Blue always gives a calming effect you are mind and body. It also relates to cleanliness and intellect. Having different shades of blue and a room like Royal blue, sea blue, sky blue etc. makes your room look more comfortable and cozy. In a white and blue room, having blue domination is perfect rather than white. You can have blue walls along with white furniture that is loaded with blue accessories including blue cushions, plants, sofa covers and even rugs. Stripe patterns always look good in a blue and white room. Apart from this, you can add a tinge of yellow in your blue and white room that makes it look amazing. Having an abstract art or modern art with plenty of colours on a blue wall is again a unique idea that attracts most of the people. Always preferred to use blue which makes things look more attractive especially with striped prints or block prints.


Black and white, this is an old colour combination. Having black furniture surrounded by white walls and white Flooring makes a perfect combination. In a black and white room, blacks are dominant more than white. You can have black velvet sofas, velvet curtains and even white sculptures that enhance the look of your room.


Brown is the colour that most suits with every other colour. You can use different shades of brown like coffee brown, dark brown or a rustic brown. Brown easily compliments with white, you can have a wooden texture all over your room including the flooring. You can have laminated wooden flooring along with golden lights all over your room. Prefer having brown curtains and rustic brown furniture. Apart from this blending brown, blue and white is a perfect match with plaids. Victoria esque is another room pattern with Paisley prints. Apart from this, you can also complement brown with golden. This reflects luxury and royalty. You can have brown style walls or even brown cabinets or a brown dining table or a brown bookshelf that may complement your room


This is one of the best colour combinations; it attracts most of the people. Gray can be used as a primary colour whereas red and white can be used as secondary colours. Having abstract texture walls made up in grey, red and white enhance the glory of a room. Most of the time polka dots, grey floral prints or abstract blocks complement a room.


This makes a perfect combination and gives an elegant look to your room. All you can have is brown walls and curtains mounted with white furniture all around. You can have wooden flooring which match is perfect with this colour combination. apart from this Try to put in various small accessories made up of jute which looks amazing on a black background. Have earth colours dominating the look in terms of paintings or wall hangings.


Lavender is one of the lightest shades of purple that complies amazingly with a fight. You can have lavender as a primary colour whereas of right can remain as a secondary colour. You can put us a series of dark purple in your room which complements your lavender colour. You can have white flowers, table lamps, wooden furniture and multicolour posters on the wall that makes your room look much more adorable. It is always preferred to have wooden flooring along with rustic furniture. 


The best colour combination suitable for a bedroom, blue can be used as a primary colour, yellow as a secondary colour and there can be some shades of white to enhance the blue in your room. Are you can have is a bed, sofa sets, Buffy stalls, wall clock, carpet and few accessories including a bookshelf, vase and sculptures. Using this colour combination in a small room makes your room look bigger. You can have simple glossy white tiles in your room along with a blue wall instead of wooden flooring.


One of the most suitable options for people who like living in a dark room. You can have various variants of grey including black and white. Make sure that you have minimum accessories in your room just a bed, side tables, a bookshelf, lamp and few Other elements including block printing, abstract art and rugs. Apart from this, you can add a tinge of green in your room by planting some plans, just for a better ambience.


Another vibrant combination, suitable for a teenager’s room. All you can do is have lime green shade walls with white bookshelf and carpet flooring that is made up of pink and green colour. You can have a small compact study table which has green, pink and white drawers. To make the room more attractive at some plans especially white. All the colours are who is in the room are smooth and calming. This type of ambience creates a better studying atmosphere.


If you want to give a royal touch to your room you can you shades of purple including dark purple, light purple, violet etc. apart from this, you can have the use of silver which looks stunning with purple. You can have purple curtains mounted with silver textures. Prefer having coloured walls and carpeting on the floor. Have sturdy-looking Lamps and tables which match up to your furniture. Moreover, a low seating bed is much more suitable rather than a normal one. If you’re not willing to use silver in the room, you can comply purple shade with wooden and texture along with wooden flooring.


  • Damask fits best with a traditional room. You can complement this print with stripes and floral.
  • Floral prints are the best in a white or blue room. You can have pink floral or blue floral that matches perfectly with your white wall. You can complement floral with geometric patterns and polka dots.
  • Paisley Is another rustic pattern that looks amazing with the bohemian style room. It has various circular figures that look amazing in white
  • Herringbone is another pattern that follows Criss-cross lining/stripes. It can be made in colour combinations of two like yellow and white, blue and white, red and white. Mostly curtains pillows and rugs out of this type.
  • The plaid pattern looks amazing in blue white and grey, extremely suitable with stripes. It is made up of warm earth colours that make your room look natural.

These are some ideas given by the best interior designers in Bangalore on how you can blend patterns and colours in a white room. Make sure that no colour dominates your room more than required. You can have abstract art , modern art , graphic paint in your white room that improves the texture and makes it look stunning.